Scene Statistics: Final Results

Written by Adok and Street Raider

After publishing the preliminary results in the previous Hugi issue, we collected about 100 more votesheets in order to publish more accurate final results now. In fact these final results hardly differ from the preliminary results, which show that the 116 answers we had counted for Hugi #15 were already pretty representative. We now only want to point out the few slight differences. The answers had already been extensively interpreted in Hugi #15, so go to this issue if you are interested in the interpretation.

With this issue's vote.txt, new polls start. Please fill them in and send your vote.txt to!

In what year were you born?
1% : 1969 or earlier
3% : 1970-1971
4% : 1972-1973
6% : 1974-1975
13% : 1976-1977
25% : 1978-1979
33% : 1980-1981
13% : 1982-1983
3% : 1984 or later

The new answers brought us a shift to the younger ages. The percentage of people born before 1980 decreased, while the one of those born in 1980 or later increased. While the 19-21 year olds were the strongest group in the pre-results, it is now the 17-19 year olds. In fact the younger sceners who still attend school or left it only a short while ago have recently started to become more active.

Do you consider yourself active in the demoscene?
78% : Yes
22% : No

Exactly the same as in the pre-results.

What is your skill in the demoscene?
54% : Coder
26% : Graphician (pixel, raytrace,...)
26% : Musician
34% : Designer
28% : Organizer (group organizer, party organizer,...)
5% : Mailswapper
19% : SysOp, Archive Maintainer or Webmaster
8% : Ansi-/Ascii Artist
13% : Editor
11% : Other
2% : None

Almost no change. The share of designers, mailswappers, ansi/ascii artists and "others" (such as "boozers" or "hardware suppliers") increased, the one of coders remained the same, and the share of the other skills diminished.

Have you ever visited a demoparty?
74% : Yes, I have.
22% : No, but I plan to do so.
4% : No, and I do not think I will do so in the near future.

Another quite stable chart. The share of people who visited a party decreased by 2% while the number of those who plan to visit one increased by the same percentage. This has certainly to do with the age shift, as younger sceners have less opportunities to visit parties since most of them have no cars of their own and depend on their parents.

Have you, or your group, ever taken part in a compo at a demoparty?
77% : Yes, I have.
13% : No, but I plan to do so.
10% : No, and I do not think I will do so in the near future.

No change here either. As you do not have to be present at a party if a production of your group takes part in a competition there since it is enough if one member of your group is present, there are more people whose group has taken part in a demoparty compo than such who have attended a party.

Total votes counted: 224

- adok^hugi