Miscellaneous Scene News

Edited and Commented by Adok/Hugi

#CODERS - Get pictures from #coders regulars at http://www.coders.blerk.org.

#PIXEL - Iron Maze has opened a web-based photo gallery of IRCNet #pixel regulars at http://www.nic.fi/~ironmaze/pixelppl.

3 - If you are keen on seeing a female scener, check out Special K's webcam at http://www.spaeschl.de/cam.jpg.

AARDBEI - has a new member! It is Oyise, the Swedish graphician who is also active for Quad. One of his main interests is cat-ball (don't ask). [ile/Aardbei]

ACID RAIN - The group now has a new (currently still beta) homepage located at http://www.saunalahti.fi/~melwyn/acidrain/. Melwyn has finished his service with the Finnish Royal Army, which increases his and the groups' activities a bit. [Melwyn/Acid Rain]

AION - Bontro "WHY?" was shown at Rush Hours '99. Beniu placed 4th in the Astrosyn '99 mchannel compo. Mi$ placed 9th in the Astrosyn '99 gfx compo. Mati, Mi$ and Beniu are working on new demo called AIRBORN for Win32 with 3dfx support (to be released in October). Chemik (code) and Snappy (swap) joined. Chemik, Kazun, and Lordb are working on a new demo for DOS. Aion's new homepage will open soon. The group is still searching for talented pixelers. Contact Mati by snailmail or LordB via e-mail: aion@friko3.onet.pl [Mati/Aion]

AMPHIBIC - are looking for scene-stories, party reports, graphics, music, etc. for the new diskmag "Cucumber Times". Contact bigbrother@amphibic.com or visit http://www.amphibic.com. Also, Amphibic are currently hosting the invite intro compo for their party Regal '99. You can earn up to 60$. Download the infofile at the Regal '99 web-site (http://regal.amphibic.com). The deadline is set to August 20. [www.scene-central.com]

ANAKATA - Snarling joined as coder, Liv joined as musician, Grass (Hungary) joined as graphician. At Bush Party 6 Anakata's 512k intro was placed 5th (the 512k compo was merged with the demo compo). Some people were kicked out because of inactivity. [demojournal]

APOLLO-X DEMO RESOURCES - is a web-site dedicated to getting people into the scene and helping them to learn to code, make music and so on. The site is located at http://www.defacto2.net/apollo-x. [biXen/apX]

BEST AVAILABLE SOUND SYSTEM - BASS 0.5. was released. It now works with Win NT too. Hugi uses this soundsystem. http://www.icl.ndirect.co.uk/music/bass05.zip

BJORN LYNNE - will over the next few months work on a new CD featuring re-made versions of old favourites from the Amiga MOD period. These will not be "conversions" converted by some kind of software, but completely new versions painstakingly created from scratch in studio. http://www.lynnemusic.com [Bjorn Lynne newsletter]

BLACK MAIDEN (Germany) - art pack #20 ("the end of an area") has been released and is available at http://privat.schlund.de/blackmaiden/files/bmbook20.zip. Photos from Takeover'99: http://kaoz.org/pic-to99.html [www.scene-central.com]

BOMB - Web-site moved to http://www.we-have-explosive.com.

BPM - Beryl joined. http://www.beats-per-minute.net [Beryl/Drg/BPM]

CALODOX - opened a scene review page at http://moneo.capyork.com/cde/. The idea is: everybody can report about stuff he downloaded that he liked there, and everybody can also delete reviews he does not like from that page.

CHURCH OF ANTISCENE - Mit der Kraft unseres Glaubens werden wir Elitegroup den Marsch blasen! [anonymous]

CRYOGEN - are in need of modellers, good graphicians, and musicians. Contact Szum at szum@dr.pl or szum@amber.bti.pl. [www.scene-central.com]

CRYONICS - Java, who won the Remedy'99 handdrawn-graphics compo, was suspected of cheating. An anonymous artist pointed the party organizers to a site containing a picture of an actress called Gail Porter, which looks very similar to Java's compo graphic. As it later turned out Java has not cheated. He indeed used a picture of Gail Porter as the motif but pixeled it himself not using a scanner. This is proved by the steps which are now available at the Remedy web-site: http://www.remedy.nu/index-scene.html

CULT OF THE DEAD COW - released Back Orifice 2000. AVP (http://www.avp.com) can already detect it and clean infected files. However, Back Orifice 2000 is open source, so there will probably be numerous variants out soon. Still BO2k is not only dangerous but can also provide a lot of fun. Take a look at http://altern.org/bo2kfun/best.html for the very best screenshot and webcam shot of a Back Orifice victim. [Avatar]

DE BRASSERIE - Bassie plans to make a "SHITload" of coops this year (1999). So if you are familiar with his music and want to make a cooperation, he is ready for you!

DELTASPACE - This group consists of Zokk, Snejer and Entom. They are working on a 2d shoot 'em up game. It will be called "Illustrator". The first level will probably be released at Evoke. http://www.xenoux.com/deltaspace [Snejer]

DIRTY MINDS - released Ovation #5, a CPC diskmag PC users can be read with an emulator. http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1410/d-minds.htm

DRAGON - hope to release the fifth issue of their Polish-language diskmag at the end of July. The new main editor is Szum/Cryogen. [Szum/Cryogen]

EICHEL - is a new group formed by some former members of Diabolic Force (d4z). These are Q (design), Skull (modelling), Honk (gfx), Captain Eisenarsch (music, also in Yedi Records) and T.C.P. (code). Eichel is busy with assembling a demo at the moment, and results are not expected before 2k. A web place might open soon at http://eichel.virtualave.net. [T.C.P./Eichel]

ENDZEIT - Rokdazone, main editor of the Amiga diskmag Generation, has left. Rumour has it that he will stop his scene career completely, which also means that he will give up his main editing job for Generation. The logical sucessors are The Ripper and Alvin. However, Alvin is said to have joined the staff of Devotion, another new Amiga/HTML scenzine. Is Generation dead? The web-site has not been updated for months. http://www.ssmedion.de/generation

EVOKE (party) - If you are from Southern Germany and you are looking for a way to get to Evoke '99, contact Snotrag (snotrag@neithernor.org). He will drive from Coburg to Langerwehe with his Opel Corsa. There is only space left for one person and one computer. You will have to pay some of the expenses for the gas.

EVOLVE - Psychic Symphony released most of his code all explained and ready to run and compile. It's the result of three years of coffeine addiction and struggling against an unknown and outdated coding language called Pascal. A total of three demos, four intros, one greetro and several other small projects (unfinished games, effects research,...). Five megs available at scene.org or demo.cat.hu. Look for codeinfo.zip. [demojournal]

EXCEED - want to found a label called Exceed Light or Exceed OEM for smaller projects while the original Exceed focuses on big projects such as the Berlin megademo. [D-Lee/Exceed/Haujobb]

EXCITE - Sid, Sweeper and Spell have left. [Sweeper/Vantage]

EX-KOLOR - franky passed his A-levels, commenting it with "School suxx!", and since July 5th he has been doing his military service in Saalfelden, Austria. This will last until around March 2k. If you want to give him mental support during this hard time, send nice e-mails to franky@scene.at (girls prefered). Currently he is working on an intro-system for a planned 64k intro, for dos/windows. He also started coding for Windows using pure Assembler (NASM, ALINK). Also, he finally created "void 1" final version, and is working on a Windows port for "void drei". http://franky.scene.at redone!

EXPULSION - New URL: http://www.8op.com/Expulsion [Mozaic/Expulsion]

FAITH - Get funny photos from various LOS ENDOS meetings at Faith's web-site (http://official.faithweb.com). LOS ENDOS is an illegal BBS system in Germany and their meetings are an attempt to bring the German cracking scene together again. [www.scene-central.com]

FIVE MUSICIANS - Hunz completed a massive update of his homepage that has a back log of all his tunes. http://www.globec.com.au/~hunz/ [Hunz/FM]

FIZZ - Ghost and Bzykoo left. Erlend (code) and Jow joined. A new demo might come out soon. [Kazun/Fizz/Aion/Anakata]

FLEUR (Diskmag) - Coctail left the staff. http://fleur.scene-hu.com

FOOD! - The Sacred!Grounds BBS will get back online. [www.scene-central.com]

FRIDGE - New members: mr.smile and the dumb52 kru. The web-site has moved to http://www.ssmedion.de/fridge.

GENETIX - are working on their first demo. Members: Guru/Code, Activator/Code, Tripex/Music, Spectral/Music, OdDe/Graphics. [Activator/Genetix]

GO64! - Starting with issue 8/99, the last commercial German C64 paper magazine will be available in English as well. http://www.go64.c64.org

GODS - released revision 29 of their scene e-mail/web/ftp database SCENET. Ghandy's new e-mail addy: ghandy@mail.isis.de. http://www.hackerland.de/scenet

HALCYON - was interviewed in mmmag, a finnish multimedia papermag (their pages are on http://www.mmag.fi), just like mono211+monotonik. [distance/tpolm]

HAUJOBB - Nytrik (3d graphician, texture maker and picture maker, known from Shad 1 and Shad 2) joined. [D-Lee/Exceed/Haujobb]

HEADCRASH - will show their new demo "Day On A Lonely Island" at Asm '99. Furthermore, they are still searching for pixelers, musicians, and talented young coders (Pascal/ASM)! If you were able to code a music player (XM), it would rock. If you were from Germany, it would rule. Interested people please mail to andreas.schilling@z.zgs.de. [ThUmB/HeadcrasH, StyX/HeadcrasH]

HUGI - Psykax joined as a proofreader. He lives in Australia. A Russian division of Hugi was formed, currently consisting of Flux, Boris Tarasov, EstEps, Maxx, Michael Silver, Virtual 303, and W-lord. Their task is to create a Russian-language edition of Hugi, consisting of a translation of the international section and a local part. The Russian edition is to be released at the party Paradox '99 in Kazan/Russia (August 7-8, 1999). Hugi Size Coding Competition #7 is over, and the eight compo started. The target is to code the smallest possible morse encoder/decoder for x86 CPUs. Several issues of Hugi were reviewed in the French computer magazine PC-Team and the German magazine PC-Magazin. Hugi released a photopack of the Austrian Scene Meeting 2k-1 which is available at scene.org. http://hugi.home.pages.de can now also be accessed using http://hugi.untergrund.net and http://hugi.rockz.org. Hugi will soon get its own domain: http://www.hugi.de. Salami/Nothing paid the expenses for a year in advance, for which the Hugi Staff thanks him a lot.

ICE - redesigned their site. http://www.ice.org

IMAGE - are desperately looking for articles for issue 5 of their diskmag (German language). New URL: http://www.image-zine.de.cx

IMPULSE - started working on a Fast Tracker clone for Windows called "Weezer". They promise to support the XM format without any restrictions. Other features will be a full skinable 640x480 interface, support for saving as WAV and MP3, and sample size optimization. XM Play will be used for playing XM files. Send suggestions to impulse@citeweb.net. http://www.error-404.com/tracking/weezer/

IPL - TeHaCe joined. [demojournal]

JUNE - Don't you know June? Take a look at the June web-site! Just visit: http://jump.to/June [BenV/June]

KAINAI - A preview of their homepage is now online. http://www.kainai.de

KELLERKIND - is a new site dealing with game development. Its maintainer is looking for docs and tutorials in German language. http://www.kellerkind.de

KOLOR - Shiva wrote a better packer with which he compressed the Void 3 intro down to 2900 bytes. [franky/Ex-Kolor]

LAZUR (graphician) - E-mail address changed to admin@termet.com.pl. [csipd]

LIME - Kida plans to start a project with the Bayerischer Rundfunk (a TV channel in Germany) program SpaceNight. He searches for people who are interested in creating an 1h video with graphics, effects, animations, and ambient or electronic music. The topic of the video should be "space travelling". All people who contribute will get the first version of the video and a copy of the video-tape. If interested contact kida@scene.de. SpaceNight online: http://www.spacenight.de. uC3d party pics: http://www.scene.de/uc3d

LOAF OF BRAIN - A music disk called "The Private Abyss" has been relased. It's mainly ambient, goa and some industrial stuff. Get it at ftp://amber.bti.pl. [Soohy/Load of Brain]

MALC (coder) - released sourcecodes related to SALSA ("System for Animating Lifelike Synthetic Actors"), which had been originally invented by Origin for their game Bioforge. http://www.enlight.ru/files/salsa.zip

MELCOM - The music from "The Dark Trooper Symphony 4" is now available to buy on CD at http://www.mp3.com. It contains 13 tracks: eight Dark Trooper tracks and five bonus tracks. The 5th track ("Happy Bloodbath") can also be obtained as an MP3 from http://www.mp3.com/melcom/. The IT-based DT4 soundtrack and the Dark Troopers online story are due in August. http://www.melcom.cjb.net

METAPHOR - new web-site: http://free.net.pl/~metaphor. For Polish-speaking persons only! [futotta/metaphor]

MILK - has got two new releases by Tiger and Distance. http://milk.sgic.fi

MONO211 - released their last musicdisk, see http://www.mono211.com/end.html. From now on they will release their music in MP3 instead of mod-based formats. [demojournal]

MONOTONIK RECORDS - http://www.mono211.com/monotonik/cd1.html announces a CDR distance/tpolm made under the name of lackluster. It is sold for 12$ and there are about 70 copies left. [distance/tpolm]

MOONHUNTERS - The Israeli scene center, the Coders F/X BBS, has closed.

MUSHROOM BROTHERS - still exist, but the pages are unreachable right now. This is because Relic replaced them with new pages: "Relic vs. E. Craig." Relic's first release on Vinyl (12 inch) on iT Records appeared in the Netherlands. So he finally made it to the "real" scene. http://surf.to/mushroom [Relic]

NAH-KOLOR - announced a "great" PC demo for Asm '99. [Magic/Nah-kolor]

NECROMANIAX - Psy-kick joined as musician. Leviter's musicdisk is to be released soon. http://free.net.pl/~nmaniax/ [Choman/Necromaniax]

NOIR - are making a demo for Gravity '99. [demojournal]

NOFX - released a COMA '99 report. http://members.xoom.com/_nofx/coma99rp.zip [demojournal]

NOICE - The final version of their Remedy '99 winner demo Goatage is out. It works with 64 MB RAM and supports 640x480 fullscreen. [www.scene-central.com]

NOLOGIC - plan to continue the Croco Disk series (a collection of scene stuff and various Freeware, Shareware and Public Domain programs distributed via snailmail). http://nologic.home.pages.de [Bytekeeper/NoLogic]

NOMAD - released new versions of their demos Squeezed (1st at the LTP2), Moai (1st at The Party 1998), Past (1st at the Volcanic Party 5), and No Exit (1st at Takeover '99). All those demos are available on their new web-site at: http://www.nomad-medialab.com/ [csipd]

NORDIC PARTY CALENDAR - can be found at http://nordicpc.cjb.net.

NORWEGIAN SCENE SITE - A new Norwegian scene resource has recently opened at http://home.telia.no/nss. Everyone start adding groups etc. now! The webmasters are Cap and Voyager, former members of Polar Dreams. This is the third attempt to create a central web hideout for the Norwegian demoscene after scene.no by Nocturnal, which was founded two years ago and regularly updated for about six months, and noscene started by Luminos several months ago and not having been updated since. [Cap]

NOTHING - Cremax is back in the scene! Already working on a demo project, he is looking for a skilled 3d modeller for 3dsmax and a graphician. Contact Adok to get Cremax' e-mail address. [Cremax/Nothing]

NUMB - Coctail left. He also left the Fleur staff and will probably quit the scene. Five years of scening are enough for him. Now he has to concentrate on studying. http://www.numb.de

OFFICIUM - Quartz ponders on organizing an Italo-Austrian party in Linz, Austria, during the Prix Ars Electronica 2000. Its probable name will be TripTrap.

OPENCP - The Open Cubic Player 2.6.0 is coming soon. Preliminary features: completely new, ultra high quality FPU mixer, IT filter support, and realtime effects engine. http://www.cubic.org/player [ryg/Teklords]

OPENPTC - OpenPTC Win32 1.0.15 was released. It now supports more platforms, namely Visual C++ 4.x, Visual C++ 5.0, Visual C++ 6.0, Watcom C++ 10.x, Watcom C++ 11.0, Cygnus GNU-Win32 / Cygwin, and LCC-Win32 (C Only). Download it at http://www.gaffer.org/ptc/download/distributions/Win32.

ORANGE JUICE - Inspired by Hugi, they launched an icon contest on May 23rd. http://ojuice.citeweb.net

PENGO - is still living! Memberstatus: Fremen - code, Carnac - gfx, Blaze - msx, Blackman - swap. [Blackman/Pengo/Scream]

PEON - will make a demo for Fiasko '99. [flash/peon]

PHYMOSYS - Dario Phong got webspace at Dr. Ross' compression site! The URL is http://www.ross.net/dp.

POLAR DREAMS - are now sealed down. http://home.sol.no/~voyage writes about the matter: "PolarDreams is now dead. This is something we did not really want, but it's as if we have forced ourselves up in a corner where this was the only way out. The founders (Voyager&Cap) have now sealed down PolarDreams for a while, but it may open again... Some day." [Voyager]

PRISM OF XTIGMA - new music group formed by CoaXCable and members of other groups. They are looking for new trackers who do DNB, Trance and other styles.

PYORRHOEA - [C]lef released his first musicdisk called Perciano, featuring six classic/atmospheric tracks. http://members.xoom.com/bubblesoft/perciano.zip

QB (musician) - released an MP3 called sun_island-qb, available at scene.de.

QUAD - Sagacity left. Impact texture studio and Darkxceed's softsynth out now. http://www.quad98.net

RAMJAM - Macaw is out of RJ due to lack of booze. [Surfing/RamJam]

RAZOR 1911 - are reforming their Demo Division. If you are a talented Coder (especially Win32), 3D Artist or Modeller, then we want to haer from you. For more info go to http://you.genie.co.uk/rzr.demos/. [Graffik/Razor 1911 D.D.]

REMDY - released Mr Boom 3.0, an IPX network compatible Bomberman clone. Get it at http://www.mygale.org/08/remdy/.

REPLAY - L-Boy bought a new shirt. It is filled with candies and candydrop- logotypes. It cost 2$. Goofy changed his handle to Roger. Piglet got stoned and drunk and hurt his head and both his knees. Whisker is a farmer. Shine #5 will be released a week after this Hugi issue. It will feature graphics by Warpig/Exceed. Send articles to balo@home.se. http://shine.scene.org/replay/ [L-Boy/Replay, Baloo/Replay]

SCIENIDE - updated their homepage (http://members.xoom.com/scienideART/). It now contains a link to the Hugi web-site, too.

SCOOPEX - Large parts of Seenpoint #9 (the leading Amiga diskmag) have been converted to HTML. In the future all issues shall be made available as HTML on http://www.seenpoint.de. Seenpoint can also be read using WinUAE. According to Magic/Nah-kolor Optima (Danish Amiga coder, winner of the Amiga 4k intro compo at MS'99) is currently serving his military duties as a part of the KFOR in Kosovo. Scoopex will release a PC 64k intro at Asm '99.

SCREAM - is looking for new snail swappers (more than 50 ctx needed!). Fazi, Frey, and Coolphone have joined. The other members are: Blackman, Insect, Adek, Binar. [Blackman/Pengo/Scream]

SMASH DESIGNS - Fashion's new homepage can be accessed at http://www.fash.de. KB coded a Windows screensaver for all fans of the movie "Matrix".

SOLID - New web-site: http://www.solid.cc [tHIJS/Solid]

SOS - will attend Asm '99 (ed.: should that be a threat?). The Utopia BBS (+48-22-6692785) has become new Polish HQ. If you are a good cracker, sysop, coder, musician, artworker or hacker and want to join SOS then mail to SOS_LEADERZ@GMX.NET. SOS stands for Sons Of Satan and is not religious, not a sect. They are just a group of 29 people (3 Leaders, 6 Seniors, 20 Members!) [Jester/FT/SOS]

SPANTOBI FAMILY - This Swedish demo group with currently eight members is in need of one coder and one graphician. Contact them at spantobi@mail.spray.se. http://spantobi.tsx.org [www.scene-central.com]

SPINNING KIDS - They won Trip '99 64kb intro competition with an entry called "Taint", and they reached top positions in the main personal compos. They are now planning to release Taint2 at Asm '99. Black joined. [Dixan/SK, Black/ONE]

STORM STUDIOS - is a young Russian demogroup. Actually it joined the scene in the end of 1998, although the group had been founded in 1995. The debut work was the megademo "Realm of the inside" from ByteFall '99. The authors didn't have enough time to fix some bugs, so this demo fucked up everything. Now the group started working on a brand-new kickass megademo that will be presented at a summer or autumn demoparty. This group is not PC-only, it has ZX-Spectrum and Amiga divisions too, but at this moment only STORM-PC is active. Official homepage: http://come.to/stormstudios. The first issue of their Russian e-mag COOLer will be released soon. [FatCrazer/Storm]

SUBLOGIC - Dreamer was kicked once again. [home.telia.no/nss]

SUKKAZ - snifFA plans to organize a music-mailing-list and diskussion-forum for everybody who is interested in music. It neither matters what platform you use nor if you do it with external hardware or only with your computer. If enough people want to take part it won't need a week to install the mailing-list. You'll get news and reports all around music. If you want to know more or if you are interested send snifFA a note: sniffa@gmx.net

TEKLORDS - Lonestar, a Linux coder and musican, and CP, a graphican, joined. Current demo projects: "deine mutter", "M.U.T.T.E.R.", and a secret project for Evoke. Teklords is in war with Elitegroup. Red wanted to leave the scene as a result of psychical problems and quarrels with other scenes, but in the end his friends could convince him to remain. http://www.teklords.org [ryg]

THEKOOL - have lately opened an online sex-shop at scene.de and, according to Ambient Move, will "kick ass" at Evoke '99. Be prepared for an "outstanding" music entry!

THE BLACK LOTUS - Rumour has it that Saffron moved to Denmark and nows plays around with the nick "Seffren", thinking that the others do not recognise him. This is of course totally wrong as Saffron and Seffren are two different persons. The same applies to Peach and Peachy.

THERALITE - Smash is doing a musicdisk. It will feature gfx by TMK/Inferiors. http://pigforce.warande.net/theralite [ukscene]

THE SOLAR GROUP - released bugfixed + Win32 versions of their demo Nicotine. http://travel.to/solar/ [www.scene-central.com]

TPOLM - RAVEN of tpolm has changed his handle to MARTIN BRUNDLE of tpolm. "kk & the kks album" is on http://www.tpolm.com. [fthr/tpolm, distance]

TRINITY - Web-site got redesigned and updated: http://trinity.ihn.org. Twinsen changed his handle to Plek. Luminos left to concentrate on his real life. Sweex joined as a coder.

TRIP! (diskmag) - The Trip! staff stopped working on the diskmag due to lack of support. Even requesting articles directly from people did not help. If you are interested to take over Trip!, you can get the sources of the Trip! interface from Fairway (fairway@gmx.net).

TUM - Searching good modules to listen to? Come to BenJam's Soundarchive. Over 116 modules he composed from 1994 till today. And if you want to know more about him and his work, visit his homepage. URL: http://listen.to/BenJam or http://BenJam.home.pages.de. Delta9 joined TUM. TUM released the first uC3d party report. [TCM/Hypermatix]

TWILIGHT - Their Takeover '99 entry was disqualified because the organizers could not run it. They typed "c" instead of "C". Black joined ONE and Spinning Kids. [Black/ONE]

TWO-HEADED SQUIRREL (online magazine) - added new tracker pages with detailed information on musicians such as Lluvia/Bomb and Necros with lots of music to download. http://demo.cat.hu/~squirrel/ths.html [www.scene-central.com]

UNIK - The guys from unik claim to be about to save the scene. Unik is: tomic - gfx, mash - music, markus - code. Meet them at http://www.unik.de (lots of scene groups have a link there!). Unik's slogan: "unik - you can change so much if you're ready to fight!!" [markus/unik]

UNIVERSE - Web-site moved to http://universe.planet-d.net. Programmer's new e-mail address is universe@planet-d.net. [Programmer/UniVerse]

USELESS - freddyV has released USMPlay 1.1 final. [ojuice.citeweb.net]

VACUUM - The "hearing aid" of the German demoscene will open in the Internet. http://www.untergrund.net will, among other things, feature a biweekly scene scene comic. The picture that is currently placed at this site was drawn by Cobalt and shows Scamp with one of his favourite hobbies. [Scamp/Vacuum/UCF]

VIRTUAL ILLUSIONS - are not dead yet. But at the edge. Action has a team with which he might make a new demo soon. [Action/Virtual Illusions]

VISUALE - is a new group that is currently being founded by Sulphur/TESKO, Crystal'99, SimonJay, Trid, and Makke. The first release will probably be a musicdisk with music by Makke and a basic interface with gfx by Crystal'99. Visuale are looking for good coders. They will not fire up the group for real until fall, when Tesko drops dead. [Makke/Visuale/Hugi/Trebel]

WINTER IN JULY - are looking for a good designer to work on a major project related to the year 2000. Contact MasterBoy at cobra11@netvision.net.il.

- adok^hugi