Feedback to Hugi #15

Written by Adok

It is almost a year ago that we had a feedback corner in Hugi for the last time. Now we received the letter of a puzzled writer who wanted to know whether we had got not no feedback at all. If this was the case, it would be an alarming development.

Don't worry, the Hugi Staff gets lots of feedback indeed, but unfortunately, most of it is only one-liners like "Hugi rules" and general statements about the magazine.

Especially the writers are, however, interested in more detailed remarks about their articles and the readers' opinion on the discussed issue.

To increase the number of extensive reactions, we decided to re-open the feedback corner. In this issue you will find some of the most interesting statements regarding Hugi #15. In the future, please keep on writing feedback and write more details about the articles. Best do that by clicking the feedback button at the end of every article when you have finished reading it. Also, tell us whether your reaction shall be published in this corner or if it is only intended for the the author of the article and the Hugi Staff.

A long time has passed without writing to you.

I have just looked at Hugi15, and I'm sad, so sad. I can't do better.

When I'm reading a mag, I always find things I don't like, and then I have in my mind to do better by not doing these things (this doesn't mean I succeed but I try to). But about Hugi15, everything is great, gfx, music, the interface is well coded, lots of text in English... I couldn't find anything I don't like.

I'm always honest when someone asks me for my opinion. But, it's the first time I give it spontaneously. Be sure, I love Hugi, more than every other mag, even more than Defcon.

Keep this way man, you're the best. I love you.
And again, congratulations.

(Arrakis/K!Prod/Arf!Studios, Defcon main editor)

I DEMAND (!!!) a top5 on every charts category, especially demos! Most ppl might not know five musicians or gfxers or intros so that's understandable but not with demos! I already find a top5 LITTLE! Don't force me to vote like this...

A category "Most friendly scener" would be nice as well...

And about the polls... Regarding the question "Do you consider yourself active in the scene?", there should have been a "Yes, but it was very long ago" option... Inactive sceners probably don't know what to answer in your polls...

(Psychic Symphony/Evolve/Frequency)

Heh... I've read something. I want to write this in order not to forget to mention everything later...

The "Addictorial" is a pretty-unuseful article, the main editorial is cool enough. But I haven't found any hidden part in the mag. Can I know where I can find them as soon as the "hidden compo" is finished?

I was the editor of a Russian diskmag called "Rising". There were two issues. The last one had two hidden parts (simply articles) with an amazing storm of emotions... As far as I know no one found it. You can write in your mag that the hidden articles can be found by pressing alt+ctrl+left/rightshift. I'll try to find your hidden part.

Speaking about the whole diskmag... It seems to be the best diskmag now. I won't read all articles, because I'm not interested in all of them, but I've read a lot of them. I like it very much. Go along this way! And... One last thing, I'd like to see more "text-art" related articles.


Yes, I read the editorial. I even like it. :)

The introduction to the demoscene is the best I've ever seen. Just two remarks: with the current explanation of "oldskool", a newbie can easily think the word has a derogatory meaning. Maybe you should stress that this is, for a lot of people, a term of respect. And the groups-you-should-know-section will have to be updated regulary, otherwise it will become outdated. (E.g. INF has also made Yume2000.)

Please update that HUGI15.NFO! hugi12d.exe = DOS-interface, hugi12w.exe =... Unless you mean we can recycle the exe-files. ;)


In the name of shiva^kolor and myself I want to thank you very much for your respects you have mentioned in your last issue. It really was a big surprise for us and we enjoyed it! :)

(BTW it was simple speech synthesis, no samples, the sentences were never spoken in reality!!!)


Hugi #16 was great. I really liked the song made by Dawnstar, articles were great as usually etc. The graphics were also great but were too much like in issue #15.


Support the ansi scene a little more, it's not dead, but it's not exactly thriving. There is a lot of talent out there, but people need to be made aware of ansi.


If Hugi was just smaller... It would be downloaded faster!


Lovely mag, and I'm happy you're starting charts. But: Voting just the top 3 is absolutely not enough! When people only vote top 3, it leads to rather silly vote distribution, as the lower positions are filled with people who get random votes from friends. So please, change it to at least top 5 or preferably to a "top 10 but you only have to vote top 4" system.


Hi, Adok!

Fishwave's typing here, the dude from Seenpoint. I've lately downloaded Hugi #15 and wanted to congratulate you for releasing another well-done issue. I think there is no better mag on PC. ;)

Ok, many articles were of no importance for me, and as mentioned in my last mail, more articles concerning groups and individual persons would be necessary. For instance, I'd be interested in what PC top-teams like Bomb are doing. You could also introduce groups, etc. As an Amiga scener, I'd get some really useful information then. But okay, we've already discussed this.

Apart from that, I like this general "scene-touch". For example the "Interscenial" article about scene mags is well done. I also have the impression that Hugi does not really want to flame anybody, it rather connects everything that belongs to the demoscene. If you had one or two strong competitors, this would probably be different, because then your superior target would be the readers' goodwill (I really enjoy these magwars, and they are an element of the Amiga scene).

It's just a pity that the code isn't that good. I think that even five-year-old Amiga mags like ROM make a better impression. I guess that you could do much more on a PC.

Ok, that was a few thoughts to your mag. I hope you'll continue.



(Fishwave/Scoopex, Seenpoint Main Editor - roughly translated from German)

Really wonderful e-mag! We, in Russia, get our local e-mags very rarely and they have extremely few articles. But Hugi is really cewl! It is made often, and has lots of articles.

But there are some bugs. :( I use non-standard mouse-pointers, and the mouse cursor bugs in the e-mag. I see a big messy rectangle instead of a cute fluffy mouse. :)

Also if I have a DOS-application running in the background sound becomes extremely noisy. And also I have strange multicolored lines on the bottom of the screen sometimes. These bugs appear in the Windows version. In the DOS-version I can mention only one fact - mouse is too slow. I compare it to Hacker for example - it uses the same code by Street Raider.

(FatCrazer/Storm - ed.: Most bugs have been fixed by now!)

Hoy tenemos para comer _currucas_...
Que son currucas?
Huevos con pelucas XD (Spanish joke!).


* Better keyboard support when choosing articles. I hate using TAB. Just arrows, ESC and Enter would be fine.

* How about charts for *active* coders and groups?


Why don't you put a picture of Earth instead of the American flag for the "international part" in Hugi? =)


The very last image shown when you quit #15 was funky shit. I liked it. It's just a shame there wasn't much interesting stuff to read this time. :) I mean, if I want to read people bitching about things, I'll sit here on #coders for an hour. :) Quantity doesn't replace quality.


Some people already think Hugi is too professional and that it's not so good.


Hey, what can I say? Great mag, guys, keep up the GREAT work.. Just one problem though: The sound system.. It sounds nothing but awful on my 16-bit.. Yeah, I know I'm supposed to have a GUS or Live! or whatever.. But I had to put off the music and play it through WinAmp.. MAJOR sound improvement..


By the way, the 15th issue was the best. Very nice music (second one) and design. My congratulations.

And my suggestion. A simple way to make Hugi more popular: make t-shirts with a Hugi logo and sell them on the demo-parties. Its nice design (I think it will be so) and Hugi's current popularity will lead to a wide spreading of them.

(Street Raider // DDT Ent.)

I got an idea for the next Hugi issue's design... What about making it look like old Amiga/PC mags? 640x240x32 colours for example? Back to roots etc. :)

BTW: Tell Hellfire, that I like his intro picture in Hugi #15 a lot too.


How about making an all girl issue.. Dunno if you can find enough girls to do the art and music for it though. :) Ah well.. I think you could find a female coder if you wanted to..


Hmm.. there are less articles than in the previous issue I guess, most of them are quite interesting, but if I were you I would probably delete alle articles about MP3, they are really boring at this moment. Well I know, all the time there are new hot topics and many guys just write about what's on top, but.. hmm.. it's horrible to see when a big part of a magazine is dominated by one subject.

Installing the Tech Talk corner had good and bad sides, as you probably noticed. :))) Anyway.. I have some ideas about your magazine from some Polish sceners.. I heard, and also stated that Hugi is designed by inspiration of Imphobia, isn't it? I don't have much against that, but hmm.. many guys didn't like Imphobia's outfit, and design, you know panels changed only once in a couple of issues, other stuff... On the other hand the last Hugi issue had suprisingly cool oldskool music :), it was a big plus :), hmm.. Try to make some changes to Hugi, don't release it as it is all the time, why? Because it's boring :), add scrolling, change the panel's outlook etc..

(Szum/Cryogen, Dragon main editor, Fleur co-editor)

I can at least say I found the article about radial blur way too little detailed/not so well explained. Maybe it's just me but I didn't get a lot out of it which I didn't know already (and I've still not written a radial blur routine :)).


Hello people from Hugi.

Last night I was thinking... if you are a newbie and you have a stupid problem you can't fix then it could be that you will be stuck with it for a very long time. Why? 'Cause you think if you ask for help about it that people might laugh at you 'cause it's such a stupid thing. So they never ask for help, some can fix it themselves but others don't. To solve this problem I was thinking about a newbie section in Hugi where they can ask all the questions they want no matter how stupid they are. But to really help them the response on the questions should be an explanation and really well understandable pseudo code (since we're dealing with newbies). Not something like "here's my code". So that also means that questions like "can someone give me the code for..." should be banned. I think this way we can really help new coders.

Let me know what you think. :)


I downloaded and read it. I especially liked the quotes part taken from IRC.. I also downloaded hugi13.

There's only one thing I can think of that is still a bit wrong with your mag.. When I start the Windows version, sometimes the animation (scrolling, mouse cursor) goes a little bit jerky.. But that's only sometimes.. When I reboot it's ok again.. really weird. But most of the time I just start the DOS-version then.. :)


Hey... I read an issue of your mag... great articles.... All you need is an Amiga Scene style interface and it would be PERFECT! ;)

The links and stuff are cool. You just need a more mouse driven interface, with perhaps better design (colours, clipart, etc.). I just wish you could see an issue of ROM or Generation....

(Alive, former Generation co-editor)

Because the HUGI issues are quite big and there is a 1 or 2 month gaps between issues, would it be better to release smaller, more regular issues instead?

This way more muzak and quicker feedback could be got. I think you previously said about the amount of muzak/MODs you received. Personally I would like more than 2 mods OR more regular issues.

This is only a suggestion, but Hugi is still the best mag by far!


Hiya Adok!!

First off.. great work as always in Hugi (I've read almost all the articles now), I really enjoyed it, and thought the articles were very interesting this issue! The music was very cool and I loved the starting/background and ending pic (especially the background/ending). Your writing style is getting excellent.. impossible to tell that you're not a native English speaker! I just had a really enjoyable read of it! (Especially my articles! ;)) So good work again!


Hope you get lots of polls for your next Hugi. I love your work. Mags connect the people in the scene so they can get up-to-date information.


Hugi is great. I read Imphobia, Cream and Image, but Hugi is the best. And unlike Imphobia and Cream it's active, that's really good. Thanks to Adok for finding a new way to spend hours, which were boring before. :)


Hugi is a great magazine! For some while ago I knew that Hugi existed, but I didn't have time to download it. After a while I figured out where to find your sites and downloaded Hugi. I've never stopped reading it since.

Keep working on this. This is great mag!


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