Credits for Hugi issue 16


The Royal Family consists of:
King Adok of Hugi, Trebel, PAL.
No Queen atm. (Hey, wanna have a Royal Wedding?)
Prince Dendrite of Hugi.
Prince Hellfire of Haujobb.
Prince Jabberwocky of Lower Bavaria.
Prince Makke of Visuale, Hugi, Trebel.
Prince Mr. SEQ (Seekuh) of NoLogic, Hugi.
Prince Psykax of Hugi.
Prince Salami of Nothing.
Prince Street Raider of DDT. Entertainment.

These people have been knighted:
Andreas Allgeyer - for German literature
Avalanche of Trinity - for articles
Attack of WIJ - for the feedback button
Bacter of Quasars - for music and interview
Baloo of Replay - for self-description & infos on Replay
BenJam of TUM, Hypermatix - for articles
Bizze of TMB - for articles
Boris Tarasov of hugi[rd] - for Russian translations
ceniq of milk - for the milk interview
Cereal of Ooze Labs - for cliparts
CoaXCable of BNC, WIJ, PAL - for file_id.diz, ansi and articles
Cornelia Hofaichner - for German articles
crashd of Anti-social, Insomnia - for proofreading
Cyberphreak of Kibosh - for articles
Dario Phong of PhyMosys - for articles and endless letters
Dave of PhyMosys - for articles
Dentoe of Suspect - for the votesheet ascii
Digiman of Hellfire - for interview
Digital Haze of The Lost Patrol - for articles
Djam of Bomb, Nomad, et al - for Nomad news
Djinn of Ritual - for articles
Echo of Diffusion, Level-D - for music
Eggbird of Green, Unique, Trebel - for articles
Elisabeth Kollmeier - for German articles
Entropy of Teklords - for articles and the .at scene meeting
Enzymer of Avalon Design - for articles
EstEps of hugi[rd] - for Russian translations
FatCrazer of Storm - for articles
Feymour of JapoTek - for articles and basic Italian vocabulary
Flood of Noice - for title and main graphics
Flux of T-rex, Hugi[rd], PAL - for articles and Russian translations
Franky of Ex-Kolor - for articles, logs and activity
Franz Kellberger - for German articles
Frenetic of Cubic & $een - for reviewing Hugi in PC-Magazin 8/99
frenzy of LiQUiD - for articles
Gamma Wave of Alpha Millennium - for articles
Ghandy of DKG, Faith, Gods, CR - for articles
Guido - for not being credited in Hugi #15
Hamster of Trebel - for articles and proofreading
Helmut Schida - for German literature
Inopia - for articles
jcole of milk - for the milk interview
Jörg Feierabend - for German literature
KB of Purge, TOM, Smash Designs - for giving an audience and ruling in .de
klotzi of Image - for German articles
L-Boy of Replay - for self-description
Lichtschwert - for German articles
lordscarlet of cia - for interview
Lt. Dark Crusher - for the first porn story in Hugi
Masta of Vacuum - for URL redirectors
Masterboy of WIJ, Mystery - for articles and being frenzy's mail-man
Mati of Aion - for articles
Maxx of hugi[rd] - for Russian translations
Mercator of Ooze Labs - for URL redirectors
Michael Silver of hugi[rd] - for Russian translations
Morph of Trinity et al. - for articles and living
mSW of sOS - for articles
Nightbeat of Prometheus, Nebula - for the icon
Odex of Cycla, Aalto - for articles
Paniq of Vacuum and TDR - for articles
Paradox of Nothing - for articles
Phinn - for the computer math section
Psychic Symphony of Evolve - for articles and weird thoughts
Rawhed of Sensory Overload - for articles
Reverend Red of the COAS - for interview
Roger of Replay - for self-description
ryg of Teklords - for articles and logs
Sacha - for useful suggestions
Sack of Digitalis - for stories
Scamp of Vacuum and UCF - for striptease
Scaz of Pyorrhoea and Trebel - for logs
Seffren of Defacto 2 - for articles
Serun - for proofreading and articles
Sir Phase - for articles and knighting himself
Skal of Bomb - for Bomb news
Skullturkey - for proofreading
Slash of CEG - for the nfo ascii
Snejer of Deltaspace - for a weird German story
snotrag of - for providing web-space and articles
Sol of Trauma - for Trauma news
Soohy of Interror, Loaf of Brain - for articles
Starfish of Nocturnal - for articles
Steffo of Cryonics - for giving an interview
Storm of Fridge and Kolor - for sending me his favourite meals
StyX of HeadcrasH - for articles and party dates
Submissive of Cubic & $een - for PC-Magazin and articles
Surfing of RamJam, Damones, FL - for articles
Susi Schregle - for German literature
TAD - for articles and closing gfx
tCM of Hypermatrix - for German articles
The Update of CoPro - for beta-testing
Thomas Förster - for German literature
Uctumi - for articles
Virtual 303 of hugi[rd] - for Russian translations
V0id of Alpha Millennium - for articles
Wade of Scoopex - for articles
Whisker of Replay - for self-description
White of Farts Music - for articles and making kEwL MuSiC
White Shade - for American literature
whizzter of woorlic, deluxe, r. - for articles
Will Be of Theralite, Skytech - for web design
W-lord of hugi[rd] - for Russian translations
Zodiak of Cascada - for interview

Without those people, Hugi would not be a diskmag:

Street Raider of DDT. Ent. - Main Interface Code
Ian Luck - Windows sound system (BASS 0.5)
Niklas Beisert (pascal) - DOS sound system (IMS 0.6)

Thanks to all readers and supporters. God save the scene!

Hugi. Reigning over the Scene Empire since 1998.