My Opinion On Politics

Written by Uctumi

After reading Warlock's article: "The Politics Of the Scene" in Hugi's 15th issue, I've been thinking about it and decided to state my own opinions.

As I think, the politic business is way too screwed for thinking about it in terms of "capitalism" and "communism" only and apart from that, I think politics are often a mixture between an economical system (that's what they are mainly, especially capitalism) and a philosophical doctrine. Let's talk about them in terms of economy. If you think about communism, you'll find some failures in it, for example, the inability people have for choosing their own career and working area. In this way, communism is not a doctrine which "takes care of the other, tries to take you away from the need of consumption, and assures richness for everyone through the division of the earnings" as it claims, but in practice it's just a way of manipulation from people who fucked up in the others and wants to get rich from them, just the same as capitalism!

Capitalism is just another way of making the same, a group of people or one only person starts an enterprise, he buys everything he needs (maybe with borrowed capital), and employs some workers, for example, for his factory. His/Their workers make an 8 hours/day journal and thus they deserve 8hs/day payment, for the full job they make, but, what happens; the owner of the factory was the one who put in the money for the thing to go, so he deserves something for that, so, he pays for example only 5 hours/day to the worker and stays with the earnings of the three other hours. In this system, whether the demand of employees is high and the number of them is low salaries remain high; if the demand is low and there are a lot of employees then employers begin to raise the plusvaly (the numbers of working hours' earning they take). That's such a tricky thing, because, as Marx says, this system is bound to fall with time; because the employers class has TOO MUCH power.

Socialism nowadays is a kind of capitalism with the State aiding people in need. I think this system is nice, but as far as I'm concerned, some people prefer not going to work, for example, because all their needs are covered by the State and remain lazing while others earn money for them.

So, in these three systems we have failures, which derive, not from the doctrine, as I think, but from the mentality of people. My conclusion is that any system is good whenever people respect the other and are not afraid of each other stealing what they have.

About consumerism, I think it's not that bad, I find it joyful to be able to choose between Coke (tm) or Pepsi (tm) for example, or Carribean Cola or whatever I wanna drink, as an example. Even though, I agree with the idea which says that money is just an object of exchange and not a final pursuit. That's why I condemn big capitalists such as Billy G. for accumulating money from people by selling shit. Money he won't be able to spend in his whole damn life while thousands of children are suffering and dying everyday in Africa...

But, as I said before, it's just a way of thinking which deals with the intimaty of the person, with his interior feelings; as I'm optimistic I think these people will realize someday that what they do takes them to nowhere.

Finally, I'd like to end this up with a phrase taken from a music group called A.N.I.M.A.L.: (surprisingly and by chance, this group is a heavy one, of the same style as State of Mind's music)

"Hear the voice of those people who say 'Nothing in life belongs to us'" (Escucha la voz de esa gente que dice 'Nada de la vida nos pertenece')


Be Free.

- Uctumi