Relationships With Girls vs. Coding A Program

Written by Psychic Symphony

Every time you want things to work they never do.

Whenever you rethink your strategy, it wonders what you are doing and decides to do the opposite just to piss you off.

You can promise many things. It still won't work.

Sometimes things work marvellously and you have no idea what you just did.

After a bad fight it still won't work.

You think something is wrong when things are running slow.

Going out for a beer won't solve the problem.

You can smoke as many cigars as you want, you will only really appreciate one when you're done.

You need to invest a lot of time on it.

Most of the time the problem is with YOU.

If you write weird things to it, it'll think you're crazy and things won't work out.

If you say the wrong things you'll get some errors when it's running.

If you say many wrong things it won't run at all!!!

You can optimize it but you do not always feel like doing so...

It takes LOTS of patience to make it work.

Sometimes when when things work out you finally understand why you have been trying so hard.

It's not the size that matters. It's what you do with it that counts.

You are reluctant to show it off to your friends afraid of what others think.

When you've made it work you run around telling everyone.

Your dog is jealous of the time you waste on it.

Sometimes it makes you burn a lot of money on telephone bills.

No matter how fast you want to do things, you always end up having to do them slow.

Sometimes it surprises you and wants to go faster than you imagined.

No matter how many times you beg it to tell you what's wrong you will always get the same answer over and over again.

You love it when it works!!!

- Psychic Symphony / Evolve / Frequency