Trauma Status Report

Written by Sol

As Assembly '99 is approaching, everybody is curious who will be present at that party with what contributions. Especially interesting to know is the plans of the Finnish group Trauma, who, after all, won last year's Assembly demo competition with "Gateways". In the following news special, Sol informs the Hugi readers on Trauma's current projects, the actions inside the group and the members' real lives.

As I wrote in Gateways' infofile, we have less time than usual. But yes, we're making a demo for Asm '99, for the accelerated compo. That's what I'm going to work on from the next week onwards till Assembly. Some things are already underway but due to lack of time (and no lack of lazyness) most things aren't. Naturally our musicians will be doing some compo tunes as well.

Nothing much is really happening inside the group... also due to lack of time and 'better things to do'. As the BBS scene in Finland is now just about dead (excepting some brave heroes like distance of whatever group he's in nowadays) our BBSes are not much alive anymore. (TRK for instance is up randomly - it's unplugged at the moment I'm writing this due to a possible lightning damage).

So, what are we doing?

!Cube - working for the summer (RTS networks), then going back to study and possibly continuing at work as part-time worker.

Nitro - working (nurse, several hospitals), and doing stuff to n+1 demo projects I'm not completely aware of. He's doing most if not all of the 3d modelling for our Asm demo.

Sol (that's me) - working full-time (viherjuuren verkkoviestinta), will be doing most of the demo code for the Asm demo (DX stuff etc.).

Spector - just entered army, will be back in 6 to 12 months. Spector, as far as I know, finished a recreation Asm '99 demo before leaving.

Teque - working all the time (Remedy Entertainment). Will be doing the soundtrack to the Asm '99 demo with !cube.

Tonic - working for the summer (sonera), doing multiple demo projects for Asm '99 as far as I know.

Tremor - working, I guess (dunno where), will hopefully find some time to do something for the Asm '99 demo, but not certain.

void - working and studying. Studying and working. (Can't remember where.)

I'm not entirely sure what Assassin and Excel are doing, but they also have "better things to do" (like military and girlfriends and working and stuff).

We will probably continue making demos for some time, but this demofactory thing is getting really, really old. Maybe it's time to try something else. Of course it's just me talking here - Tonic will probably keep doing demos until the end of the world... but on the other hand void and Tremor aren't all that interested anymore.

After reading that, you have probably started pondering on what will be done about graphics. We have some outside help in that department, but I'll leave that as a surprise..

That about covers it, I suppose. See you at Asm '99!

Trauma's web-site is located at

- Sol/Trauma