Quotes, Quarrels and Quips

Written by Adok

And now, ladies and gentlemen... once again the most embarrassing, shocking and funny statements ever heard. By sceners, that is. The column that reveals all the pure, naked truth. The column that cannot be taken seriously enough. The column that... oh, my fingers hurt, I've typed too much lately. Anyway, prepare your aspirins, viagra or whatever and have a good laugh.

Oh, and if you haven't done it yet, fill in your votesheet and send it to hugi@netway.at... now! Business before pleasure. Done? Now flip pages and n-joy.


 MM-3o3 of October Labs Rendering Corp.:
   "(Dick Compo) Results For Duncan^: [---------X] 430/30cm!
    Very long Dick detected!"
 Crazy of TRSI:
   "(Rate Of Lameness) For MM^Bnx^rV: [----------]----X 15/10!
    Level Of Theoretic Full Lameness Well Passed! Wow!"

 (About the debate whether girls should get in to demoparties for free)
 Da CCSW of CoPro:
   "I always wondered...  What if I appear dressed like a girl?  Is it gonna be
    half the price? Or am I gonna win the stupid-dress compo?"
 ViGe of gasp:
   "That's why most parties don't have that old girls-for-free policy any more;
    too many coders dressed like girls... =)"
 Dbug of Next:
   "I think you mean 'free-for-girls'.... If not, you should have said: 'That's
    why  most  parties don't have that  old girls-for-free-policy any more; too
    many coders take the girls and leave... =)'"

 Psychic Symphony of Evolve and Frequency:
   "Diskmags suck!!!!"

   "Female scene coders is a rare species."
   "I don't think women can progran anything other than washing machines."
 MinMax of Septic:
   "frenzy: Hehe... true, true... Even washing machines are too much for them."
 Thor`n of QVC:
   "They want a role exchange,  but I haven't seen  that many woman programmers

 (Adok was collecting news for Hugi)
 Thorsten of Purple:
   "Adok, write:  Thorsten will leave Purple  unless the rest of Purple changes
    their sex too."
 Adok of Hugi:
   "Thorsten: Have you changed your sex?"
 Thorsten of Purple:
   "Adok, yes.  Multiple times. Oh...  And don't forget, my drug abuse isn't as
    bad as it used to be. :)"
 Adok of Hugi:
   "Thorsten: Fine. Any more news send to hugi@netway.at."

   "Ravian,  I've  met  several  women of  all  races  over  Internet, on three
    continents.  :) Then I mistakenly ended up in the same room with a gay that
    liked  me.  I had to sleep dressed and  zipped  up in a sleeping bag and he
    would still be making comments. :)"

 Kombat of Immortals:
   "Has anybody seen StarWarz 1?"
 Adok of Hugi:
   "Kombat: No, but I saw SarWaz / MRY. :)"

 Entropy of Teklords:
   "BTW.: Did I mention that live sucks?! Life even."
 Franky, former member of Kolor:
   "Well, girls suck best! Hehehehe."
   "Hm. Seems that lame girls suck like hell. Imagine: Lamers (like you all ...
    to get some flame in here ;)) suck.  Girls suck.  Lame girls suck suck suck
    ...... oh God. They must be real sex machines. ;))"

 (To Paranoid's posting "You're all lamers!" in comp.sys.ibm.pc.demos)
 Phoenix of DC5:
   "Here's a tip:  To be a successful mag editor,  one should not  start out by
    making enemies."
 Franky, former member of Kolor:
   "And here's another one: To be a successful editor join the Hugi team. :-)"
 Distance of TPOLM:
   "To be a succesful editor forget about mags and go plant gardens and eat the
    fruit of them."

 Legend of CNCD and Parallax:
   "The  motivation of doing demos [is] to  win money from parties(tm) [...] to
    buy love."

 DJ Hoagie  announced that  he would release  a demo called "Megablast".  There
 had already been a demo from Orange with the same name, though. Several people
 were now  inventing new names.  Psychic Symphony's  suggestion:  "Even better.
 Megablast, we still have  some explosives left... Although that might give you
 problems with the Bomb guys! :P"

 Topic on #c-64, set by igor^acr: "Only Trash Can Join Smash"

 (Following a thread in new.scene.org/scene.flame)
 Makke of Visuale and Hugi:
   "Maybe  I  should  cut and paste all  this  sucking shit into an article for
 Cockroach of Wire Maniacs, Pain main editor:
   "You wanted to say 'into an article for Pain', didn't you?"
   "I don't know - which mag sucks the most? :-)"
 Cockroach of Wire Maniacs, Pain main editor:
   "OK, you DID want to say 'Hugi'. :)"
 Franky, former member of Kolor:
   "Hugi rules.  Or do you think all  those  people who contribute to Hugi  are
    that stupid? Lots of them are leading/well-known demo-sceners."
 Cockroach of Wire Maniacs, Pain main editor:
   "OK, in fact I only read one Hugi issue, and didn't really like it...  But I
    guess I have to read another one."

 LeeDooper (D-Lee) of Exceed and Haujobb announces at #pixel:
   "* LeeDooper goes to eat chicken, and watchout for new chicks ..."

 Psychic Symphony of Evolve and Frequency:

 Psychic Symphony of Evolve and Frequency:

 Dake of Calodox:
   "Adok: What does Hugi mean?"
 Adok of Hugi:
   "Dake, it is the name of an old giant in the Germanic mythology who defeated
    Thor in a running competition."
 Thorsten of Purple:
   "I bet Hugi couldn't defeat Thor in a pixeling contest tho. :)"

 Antony of Pulse:
   "I would like designers like girls with big tits...  But unfortunately, most
   of the time the most talented ones are boys without tits..."

 Mads of Purple, quoted by Psychic Symphony of Evolve and Frequency:
   "Adok: I've never read Hugi - should I?"

 Adok of Hugi:
   "The  USA  have  the  4th of July  because  they  signed  the Declaration of
    Independence. Why does Sweden have the 6th of June?"
 Morph of Trinity:
   "Hmm...  good question... 'cause we, eh... We probably won some soccer game,
    who knows? :)"
   "Adok: No idea  where it came from tho...  The only thing  that differs this
    one from another day is that some phonecalls are free today

 Moondog of POD (ex-Undercover MagaScene Main Editor) has joined #pixel.
 Adok of Hugi:
   "Hotdog666, Underwear MagaScene!"
 Moondog of POD:
   "Oh man, abnerv, the mega hyper elitist... bla"
 Moondog of POD has left #pixel.

 Thorsten of Purple:
   "Adok of Hugi."
 Adok of Hugi:
   "Thorsten of Pink."
 Thorsten of Purple:

 NoPeX announces at #coders:
  "* NoPeX is looking for More members  are you and assembler/C coder then mail
   you intrest to NOPEX@TELIA.COM"
   "NoPeX: We all code in VB and HTML here."
   "And COBOL. I like picbasic, too."
   "* NoPeX are looking for AMOS coders.  AMOS HTML CODERS.  I want to make the
    biggest demo ever in AMOS, HTML."
 Adok of Hugi:
   "NoPeX: Write a demo in LISP and you're kewl."

   "My ear hurts. Wonder what I did with my dick yesterday *grin*."

 Id of VRT:
   "We are no more  the knights  who say 'ni'.  We are the knights who say 'eki
    eki eki pi-kaaang-ouuu...ni'!"

Sources: #coders, #thescene, #pixel, #c-64, csipd, news.scene.org.

- allodok^hugi