The King of the Scene

Written by Adok

June 19th, 1999. On this day, Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones got married in Windsor. Although it was mainly the sceners' mothers who watched this exciting event live on TV, it made a big impression on the scene. Adok decided that he wanted to have a royal wedding one day, too, and therefore renamed himself to "Sir Adok". In order to emphasize this beginning of a new era, he also declared Hugi the "Royal Magazine" and dubbed the other Hugi Crew members knights. But the impact was even bigger on Frenzy, a subject of Queen Elizabeth II. In a one-second-coup d'etat, he took over the power in the PC demoscene by making himself the "King of the Scene". Since Frenzy had a very democratic nature, however, nothing much changed for the sceners themselves except that they had to greet Frenzy, wherever they met him, with "Hail thee, majesty" for the next few weeks. Later they stopped that, and almost everybody forgot that Frenzy was the scene's king, including the emperor himself.

Several years later, a tragic event occured. Queen Elizabeth II. died. Since Prince Charles' son William was already at a mature age, he became the new King of England. During the coronation ceremony, the song "God save the King" was sung for the first time after more than fifty years of female rule, and it became the national anthem of the United Kingdom again. Loads of mothers of sceners watched the event and almost started to cry of joy when William delivered his first speech as the new ruler of the British Empire.

The only one who did not enjoy this event was Prince Charles. For more than ten years, he had been regarded as the next king. And now he would not become the king. He would just remain the Prince of Wales for all his life. That was not enough for the ambitious royal. If he did not become the King of England, he would have to become the king of another place in this world at least.

Many weeks Charles spent in his mansion pondering on the question where that place could be. Papua New Guinea? Afghanistan? San Marino? Nunavut? After several long, exhausting discussions with his royal counselors, he suddenly found a niche: the demo scene. So in a ceremonial act, Charles' servants made him the King of the Scene. Finally Charles had a title that suited his person, and the licence fees the TV programs had paid him in order to get the rights to broadcast the ceremony ensured that his luxurious life would continue for many years.

While Frenzy's mother was watching the coronation on TV, her son suddenly entered her living room frantically searching for a DVD with some code he desparately needed in order to finish his latest demo. When Frenzy looked at the TV screen, he suddenly stopped. Spellbound he watched what was going on in Windsor. He started remembering something. Hadn't he declared himself King of the Scene one day? Even though it had then been meant rather as a joke than something serious, he knew that he now could make profit of it. Frenzy started a lawsuit against the Royal Family.

Learning about this news, Prince Charles was shocked. A mere British civilian, a subject of his family dared to challenge him by claiming that the throne belonged to him? Charles hired his best advocats in order to keep it.

Nevertheless Frenzy won the lawsuit. The IRC logs which thousands of sceners from all over the world had stored proved that the ex-Tesko coder was the true owner of the title "King of the Scene". Prince Charles had to hand all the money he had earned by collecting licence fees from TV companies to Frenzy. Happy due to his new wealth, Frenzy in return decided to donate his provisional throne, which he had built using parts of his old WC, to the now pretty poor Charles. The Prince of Wales gratefully accepted and realized that Frenzy was actually a generous, friendly person.

Frenzy himself moved his residence to the Bahamas, from which he could easily reign over the whole demoscene. He proved to be a wise and fair emperor.

Disclaimer: This story is 100% fictional and was written for fun. The author respects the Royal Family, and he did not intend to harm their or one of their members' reputation with this story.

- sir adok von hugi