The End Of My Amiga Career

Written by Surfing

I have now left the Amiga scene. I haven't done lotsa things on Amiga, I have just made music for a TechnoBrains 1991 intro and for Zero Defects 1992, I swapped a lot with some (now almost all disappeared) dudes and so on, but I think I can say that being a part of the Amiga scene in 1999 is worthless.

A lot of Amiga sceners are too hypocritical in my opinion, and I hate the "amiga is better" attitude that still reigns under the sign of the lies. Why do I need to be a part of this scene? I don't think that the Amiga scene of today is better than the PC one. I admit that 80% of the PC demos are boring, that's true... But what about the Amiga ones? They're always trying to catch up with the latest PC routines. In fact if you see the compo machine in those last years you'll notice the change (020, 030, 060, etc.), and now with PPC, they're doing the same thing that the PC scene has been doing since its beginning (that is, upgrading), the same thing that Amiga sceners hated.

The Amiga scene once kicked. My favourite demos are on the miggy. But those times are over. I'm bored of flaming the Amiga dudes. I started working for the amy scene in 1989. Quite a lot of the late 80's dudes are now retired from the scene business, and the same thing goes for the first 90's ones.

I don't wanna be sentimental and nostalgic, it's clear: Nowadays PC is ruling the demoscene... The programs are better. Concerning 3d gfx for example, does Amiga have things like Soft Image? Same goes for music, bruteless cpu power... Who the fuck cares about coding difficulties? And if I do care I go watch the c64 scene (which still rules).

I don't like wussies (the PC scene is full of them), but I must admit that I've got lots of PC-wussie friends (maybe I'm a wuz too), and at least they aren't frustrated (ahahah), and they can drink, fuck, and breathe....

Addio Amiga.

- Surfing/RamJam/Damones/Fairlight

PS: I would like to thank ANTIBYTE for his good backstabbing skill finished, do you like it?