Review: Undercover Magascene #15 (Atari)

Written by Adok

Month of release: June'99
ZIP-packed size: 522,586 bytes
Language(s): English, German
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Main editor: stsurvivor/loud!/lunatic asylum
Code: earx/fun
Design: rectum/the blue boys, havoc/fun
Music: 505/checkpoint, mc laser/pod, tao/cream
Text: moondog, paranoid, mc laser, grey, daniel, steffen, nut, ghandy, mr xy, mod, berserker

This is a diskmag for Atari ST and Falcon. PC users can read it comfortably with the PaCiFiST emulator available at

UCM's former main editor Moondog of the Poets of Decay has now retired from the Atari scene. His sucessor is STsurvivor, who used to edit many issues of the French-language Toxic Magazine which was now stopped due to lack of support. This already led to significant changes in the style of the magazine: It is more friendly now, and there is less emotional, simple-minded ranting than before. Still the main concept of the magazine remained the same. Also this issue contains about 800 kbyte of texts being mainly news about the Atari demoscene, party reports, and most of all reviews to give an overview about everything that is going on in the Atari scene. Various song lyrics, simple poems and only half-funny anti-PC slogans like "Intel outside, Friendship inside!" introduce some variety into the endless flow of white, hardly readable letters.

Apart from the main editor change the writer team has stayed pretty much the same. Nevertheless the mag has a completely new feeling. For a change even the graphics and the music look and sound satisfactory in a spoilt PC scener's eyes and ears when considering the limited abilities of a ST.

I am glad to see that such a nice magazine can survive in such a stuck up and almost dead scene. Long life to UCM!

- armeniadok^hugi