Review: TUHBzine #6

Written by Adok

Month of release: June'99
RAR-packed size: 1,247,641 bytes
Language(s): English, Dutch
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Editors: greftek, the watcher
Code: the mad maniac, the watcher
Design: bookie, greftek
Music: silence, ryo ohki, buur
Text: bookie, blackstar, darius, darkfyre, digistorm, druid, gec, joegi, mai, menig busfiguur, sappy, mental profile + editors

One of the oldest still active diskmags strikes back with a new issue after a break of half a year. Nothing much has changed in this issue: There is still the same interface, just with a new comic-style title screen by TUHB's female member Bookie showing a couple of cats in a car and an austere background by editor Greftek. Content-wise, we have more Dutch articles than in the last issue, this making the TUHBzine #6 a more local magazine.

Table of contents:

        Zine Related
                How to use the interface
                Contacting us
        Scene Related
                Interview met Aarbeien (deel 1) (Dutch)
                Interview met Aarbeien (deel 2) (Dutch)
                Interview met Aarbeien (deel 3) (Dutch)
                Interview met Aarbeien (deel 4) (Dutch)
                Waarom kot ik nog? (Dutch)
                The Scene, my future and I
                Short-sighted Sceners
                Zooming on on Silence
                The Outlaw Triad Game Project
        Party Related
                Ambience '99 report
                TP 8 - Busreport (Dutch)
                Partij-verslag: De Bustrip Heen (Dutch)
                Mijn eerste keer (Dutch)
                The Party 1998 - Dutch Party Report (Dutch)
                The Party 1998 - Party Report
        Development Corner
                Developers editorial
                Dos and Don'ts in Web Design
                256 BYTE DEMO COMPO - THE RESULTS
                Win 32 Coding 101
                Using Direct Draw
                An O.O. View to Demo System Design
                Bughunter VI - The terror from beyond
                Need to be Alone
                Schoolonder zoeken
                The hardships of a Gfx-dewd
                A weekend out with TUHB
                How to continue with windows part II
        Tanuki Studio Corner
                Hentai (or: 'GIMME NUDITY!!! YESS!!!')
                Guideline to Anthropomorphics: Part one
                Oriental Philosophy
                Tanuki Studio Report #2

The international reader gets mainly average articles in an okay English and a simple writing style with a vast usage of smilies. Nothing is really surprising, but if you need some entertainment, just read the childish-funny Manga-related Tanuki Studio Corner. Apart from that, there is some 'scene philosophy' by The Watcher who tries to find the reasons why people claim that the demoscene is dead, several hints for coders and web designers, and some more partly crappy, partly worth discussing statements about parties and the scene in general. For instance, one author presents the theory of a huge wall between the scene and the newbies which ryg heavily criticises in this Hugi issue. Too bad the probably most interesting texts, that is the long interview with the group Aardbei and the first TP8 report, have not been translated to English.

- venezueladok^hugi