Review: Totem #1 chartsmag

Written by Adok

Month of release: Jul'99
RAR-packed size: 188,446 bytes
Language(s): English
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Code: cleaner/jff
Design: exocet/jff, bat/jff
Music: benji/jff
Votes count: benji, exocet

This is going to be a short review due to the fact that the whole chartsmag is not much longer. It only consists of an editorial and the charts results. In total there have been 67 voters, mainly from France, the country of the mags' makers (the group Just For Fun), and Poland. Most votesheets were collected more than a year ago, so the charts are not what you can call fresh. Still not much is different from the preferences of today's sceners. Pulse is leading the demo group charts, too, for instance. Apart from the scene charts, the best utilities, operating systems, computers, boygroups, movies, food and the worst public enemies were rated too.

The whole thing is presented in a simple interface accompanied by strange music. After a tunnel intro with the group logo you select one of the categories with your mouse and can read them. Just like in every diskmag but with a weird font and some animated, dancing flowers on the bottom of the screen.

This is the first and last issue of Totem. Due to a lack of motivation Just for Fun will not continue the chartsmag. Instead they ask the readers to fill in the votesheet for Heroin #2 by Beyond.

- almosedok^hugi