Scene Journalism - What is this section all about?

Written by Adok

A year ago, one of our superior aims was to re-establish the acceptance of diskmags in the demoscene. We have succeeded. Everywhere in the scene, diskmags are considered an important and entertaining way to share news and thoughts again.

Now the purpose of this section has slightly changed. Instead of giving an overview on the currently available international diskmags, we mainly want to give you and diskmag editors hints related to writing and managing mag projects in order to improve the quality of our scenzines, as there is still a pretty big gap between the niveau of most PC diskmags and Amiga mags such as ROM, Seenpoint and Generation. Therefore we decided to rename this section, once called "Disk Magazines", to "Scene Journalism".

The regular list of new diskmags and the reviews of the most interesting ones, however, remain.

- adok^hugi