Written by Psychic Symphony

I guess this is a response to Adok's article. Actually not only one but two of his articles. Adok on his attempt to do the best diskmag ever and finally kick the Imphobia phobia out of sceners writes more than he should. He doesn't do it on purpose, or rather, he does but it's in his nature. He actually enjoys structuring and developing articles. Unlike 90% of humans that totally hate to write down something.

Well, let's put that aside for now and focus on the reason why I am writing this. His Hugi #15 fake editorial. Inside that pseudo-editorial he states that in his head, editorials should be developed along with the rest of the mag and not done in the final as in an introduction. To contradict him is very easy. Editorials are meant as a SHORT and SYNTATIC way of INTRODUCING the overall feeling of the mag. It should be a SHORT article, talking about the main news, alterations and other aspects of the mag itself.

At this stage I could write that an editorial shouldn't have personal points of view, but I think that is incorrect. Like a proper editor, you are biased by the fact that it is YOUR creation you are talking about and like this you can never remain neutral on its quality. A way of going around this is guest editorials! You can ask a person to evaluate your job and write a small editorial for it. Many book-writers do that, they send a friend a preview of his work and ask him to write a so called prelude. In my eyes a prelude is the same as an editorial.

Slightly changing the topic, another thing Adok writes about that I would like to reply to is the structure in articles. Instead of writing it all down, carefully thinking about an introduction, development and conclusion, he says most people don't think about that and end up writing about a completely different subject. That has happened to me for certain like I bet it has happened to him lots of times. But for me, it's hard to delete the things I have just written as it goes against the creative process. For me writing is a way of letting go of what I have in my head. I need to let it out before I forget about all of the ideas I have. I prefer to write a lot and then write two new articles about each of the ideas seperatly than to destroy an idea because it doesn't fit well on the remaining article.

Let me demonstrate how easy it is to change the subject...

As well as writing down all that is in the mind, you must publish it. Keeping it for yourself might be good if it's personal but I would rather see it published under a pseudonym then to suffer realizing it is lost for good and never being able to read it back again. My grievances to my friend Morph who knows very well what I'm speaking of, more than he wished he knew.

See? I'm completly off the topic of editorials right now... And no one noticed. To complete this article I would just like to say that spontaneous things sometimes are more fun and easy to read than the carefully written FAQ or speech. And this is the main reason why I write spontaneously. When I am reading it back I don't want to fall asleep. I have my physics, hydraulics and mechanics books for that.

- Psychic Symphony / Evolve / Frequency