Most Popular PC/Amiga Musicians

01. [new] - Falcon of Tokyo Dawn Records - 34
02. [new] - Necros of Five Musicians - 30
02. [new] - Purple Motion of Future Crew - 30
02. [new] - Scorpik - 30
05. [new] - Brothomstates (Dune) of - 29
05. [new] - Radix of TPOLM - 29
07. [new] - Hunz of Five Musicians - 24
07. [new] - Mellow-D of Five Musicians, TPOLM - 24
09. [new] - Skaven of Future Crew - 15
10. [new] - Jogeir of Pulse - 14
10. [new] - Muffler of CNCD - 14

For a long time, it looked like Necros would be the winner again. In the end it suddenly turned out that Falcon, an ex-member of Pulse, won. In general, as you can see, there are many musicians sharing the same place. Due to the fact that there are many different musicians out there in the scene who do different kind of music and everybody has a different taste, many different persons were voted for. Therefore nobody got really many points, as it is the case in most other sections. A few votes more could have changed the picture radically.

Also nice to see that the no.1 Amiga musician, Muffler, has made it to the top ten. On Amiga, his music has been used in almost every winning production since 1998. On PC he is mainly known from some Haujobb intros.