Most Popular PC 4k/64k Intros

01. [ * ] - Stash by The Black Lotus - 64
02. [new] - Hplus by Halcyon - 45
03. [  ] - Paper by Psychic Link - 44
04. [  ] - Jizz by The Black Lotus - 36
05. [new] - Mesha by Rhyme - 27
06. [new] - Void 3 by Kolor - 25
06. [  ] - Clone meets Clone by ACME - 25
08. [new] - G-Cube by Matrix - 23
09. [  ] - Omniscent by Sanction - 22
10. [new] - Alien Sex Clone by Fudge - 21

Half the intros are either pretty new or did not make it to the top ten one year ago. The latter is the case with Mesha, which was released only a month before the release of Hugi #12. This is a nice development and shows that in this category the scene of today really offers quality productions. Also pleasant to see is that apart from all the 64k intros one 4k intro has made it to the top five. It is Mesha, coded by Picard, who was then a member of Rhyme. The other two 4k intros appearing here are Void 3 and Omniscent. These three 4096 byte masterpieces are really the best examples of their art. If Mesha had music, it could even compete against many 64k intros.

A high place also goes to Halcyon's Hplus. It is one of these productions that beat other productions in the charts that were released at the same party and got a higher place there. In this case it is Alien Sex Clone, placed 10th here.