Foreword to the Charts

Written by Adok

Welcome to a new charts section in Hugi.
The first after nearly a year of break.

A total of 113 votesheets has been collected this time. Not enough for my taste. Still as there are voters from many different countries with no country really dominating the voters list, it could be enough to give you a representative overview of what the international demoscene likes today.

The symbols next to the place indicate the change compared to the charts in Hugi #12, that is, whether the group has moved up some places, moved down, kept the same place or had not been in the top ten before.

Every first place in a votesheet added three points to the votee's score. Two points were given for second places, and one point for third places.

All charts come together with an interpretation and comment written by me in behalf of the Hugi Staff.

As we would like to make vote collecting more efficient and the charts more extensive and representative, we are looking for people who want to help us with the spreading of the votesheets. Write to if you are interested.

- statadok^hugi