Most Popular PC/Amiga Graphicians

01. [new] - Lazur - 110
02. [new] - Made of Bomb - 101
03. [new] - Visualize of Pulse - 41
04. [new] - Danny of The Black Lotus - 38
05. [new] - TMK of INF - 22
06. [new] - Hellfire of Haujobb - 14
06. [new] - Antony of Pulse - 14
08. [new] - Pixel of Future Crew - 13
09. [new] - Ra of Nooon - 12
10. [new] - Haplo of Pulse - 11

Two people in this top ten never appeared in a scene graphician chart before: TMK of INF and Hellfire of Haujobb. A few words about them.

TMK, who is half-Norwegian and half-Japanese, has been an active pixel graphician for quite a while. Some of his early works include the manga-styled backgrounds of INF's diskmag Daskmig that was released in 1995. Here he shows what nice pictures can be done in only four colours. Also it was always fun to try to read the little comments he used to place in his pictures in black on purple and other weird colour combinations while the Daskmig interface was fading out to display the next article. Real fame TMK has gained since INF's resurrection in the end of 1998, when Kravitz, formerly a member of Sublogic, took over the coding department of INF and produced some demos with TMK's design. 90% of TMK's late pictures show young Japanese women with a nice smile on their face, entirely handdrawn. According to an interview in demojournal, TMK might soon go to Japan and spend some time there in order to "get back to his roots". His fans already wonder whether he will now start painting European women.

One graphician who is already known for painting European women is Hellfire. His scene career also started some time ago, around 1994. Until 1998, however, he was only known as a coder of successful 64k intros such as Licht. Then he started drawing with Photoshop and Fractal Composer. First it was for pure fun, but when he started getting his work published in Hugi, the interest in his pictures increased. Hellfire participated in several graphic competitions at parties, at which he earned good places. At Evoke '98, for instance, he placed first. The sixth place in this Hugi issue's graphician charts is the climax of his career as an artist for now. By the way, he released a new intro called Ethik at the recently held Summer Encounter '99. It became first in the 64k intro competition.

The other artists are all very well known. Again, the first two places resemble most international graphician charts. Interesting to see is the high ranking of the Finnish Pulse member Visualize as well as "Picasso junior" Antony. Finally, no 3d-only artist has made it to the top ten.

By the way: Rumour has it that Lazur is now working with Anadune. This however has yet to be proven.