Most Popular PC/Amiga Editors/Writers

01. [new] - Adok of Hugi - 105
02. [new] - Psychic Symphony of Evolve - 29
03. [new] - Baloo of Replay - 8
03. [new] - D-Lee of Exceed - 8
03. [new] - Garfield of Measure Team - 8
06. [new] - TAD - 7
07. [new] - Paranoid - 6
08. [new] - Wade of Scoopex - 4
08. [new] - Sixpack of Haujobb - 4
08. [new] - Makke of Hugi - 4
08. [new] - Rokdazone - 4
08. [new] - Ezah of Dilemma - 4

This is a weak chart. First of all, there have probably been some misunderstandings regarding the term "editor". "Editor" was meant in the Amiga diskmag scene sense - that is, someone who writes articles for one or more diskmags. Of course in real life journalism editors and writers are two completely different types of persons. Also in parts of the PC scene, the term writer for authors of diskmag articles is more common. That's why we will use this term from now on. It will hopefully also prevent that someone thinks that you have to vote for your favourite text-editor utility programs here. Yes, some people even did that. Sorry, it was our mistake that we used the term "editor".

The first five places are main editors of PC disk magazines or newsletters. Then follow some independent writers for various zines, from time to time interrupted by other PC and Amiga diskmag editors. As you can see only the two first places really got a considerable amount of votes, the others are below ten. This is quite sad because a lot of talented writers have been either underrated or just ignored. It shows though that the readers of diskmags usually do not remember the name of the author of a particular article. Only if someone has really written a lot, he can get enough attention.

Like the coders chart, this is a chart very much based on popularity rather than skills. After all, it is hard to judge for most readers whether somebody is really gifted at writing or it is just his editor who has polished up his articles. That is probably also a reason why main editors got the most points.

Also, this is rather a PC writer than a real PC+Amiga writer chart. Otherwise there would probably not be just three Amiga writers (Rokdazone, Sixpack, and Wade) in the top ten, and they would most likely have got more points.