Most Popular PC Demos

01. [new] - State of mind by Bomb - 92
02. [ * ] - The Fulcrum by Matrix - 49
03. [  ] - Sunflower by Pulse - 41
04. [  ] - Square by Pulse - 30
04. [  ] - Second Reality by Future Crew - 30
06. [  ] - Hyperventilation by Byterapers - 26
06. [  ] - 303 by ACME - 26
08. [  ] - Tribes by Pulse - 25
09. [  ] - Robotnik by Rage - 15
09. [new] - Event Horizon by Smash Designs - 15

Many old demos have been voted for. Only two demos which were released after Hugi #12 have made it to the top ten. This leaves a rather bad judgement for the second half of 1998 and the first half of 1999.

Interestingly, the new first place is one of the newcomers: State of mind, which placed second in the demo competition at The Party 1998. The fact that this demo contains ripped music apparently did not prevent many people from voting for it. Actually the first reactions that State of mind had deserved to win TP8 due to its superior design to Nomad's first-placed MOAI came short after The Party. Some people felt it was the second best designed demo after Future Crew's legendary Second Reality. This chart now proves how far ahead of MOAI and actually all the other demos ever released State of mind is in the opinion of the worldwide demoscene. This shows parallels to Sunflower and H-Plus, which both got ranked second at parties and were much higher rated in charts, too.

Yes, the classic Second Reality from 1993 is not missing in this issue's demo chart either. Not only is it present, it also moved up from the sixth to the fourth place. Why is that? Perhaps to express the sceners' longing for more design-based demos, after we were flooded with loads of 3d worlds in the last year.

Another quite funny thing: Event Horizon by Smash Designs, the winner of the Mekka & Symposium 2k-1, is in the top ten. Even its makers say this demo is not the same class as, for instance, The Fulcrum, and it was embarrassing for them that they won the compo with this production which they were not happy with at all. In addition, Event Horizon is a pure-3d demo with little design, which is quite the opposite to all the other demos appearing in this chart. Perhaps Event Horizon's high place just comes from the rather high number of German voters and Smash Design's popularity in Germany.