Most Popular PC Coders

01. [new] - Statix - 112
02. [new] - Unreal of CNCD - 85
03. [new] - Skal of Bomb - 27
04. [new] - Mr. Sex of Byterapers - 22
05. [new] - Digisnap of Matrix - 20
06. [new] - Picard of Exceed - 16
07. [new] - Echo of Fudge - 12
07. [new] - MRI of Doomsday - 12
09. [new] - Mrock of Hellcore - 11
09. [new] - Jmagic of Komplex - 11

This chart looks very much like most international coders charts in the last two years. Again Statix and Unreal are leading, followed by producers of recent smash-hit demos, like Skal and Digisnap. Also Picard and Jmagic get rewarded for their achievements in the areas of 4k intros and Java intros respectively - Jmagic might have profited from an oldskool bonus though, since he has been in the business in a long time and was already present in old Imphobia charts.

Coders charts in general are very much based on popularity. Even for coders it is impossible to rate a person's democoding skills nowadays unless you have the opportunity to watch him while he is doing his work. Many voters apparently voted to already existing coders charts or to how they liked their productions. That a production looks good, however, does not necessarily have to do with its makers' vast coding skills: you can hardly know what libraries and freely available sourcecodes they have made use of.