The Adventures of Hercules

Written by Lichtschwert

Hercules was wandering through the woods of Attica. He was on his way to Athens in order to search for a birthday present for his mother at the market place. It was a warm spring afternoon, the trees were in a bright green, the birds were tweeting, and he felt incredibly good and enjoyed nature.

When he arrived at a small stream, he drank some water and rested a little. Afterwards he resumed his journey which now led him around the stream. He had already been wandering for about a quarter of an hour when he heard cries. He started running, and when he reached the end of the forest, he could clearly hear two young women that were being chased by a group of centaurs cry for help.

When the first centaur noticed Hercules, he quickly informed the others and shot an arrow at Hercules with his crossbow. But Hercules dodged it with a magical wristband so that it stuck in a tree.

"It's Hercules!" the centaurs' leader yelled, turned around and rushed away. The rest of his gang followed him. They soon disappeared somewhere in the wood.

The two women dashed to Hercules.

"You have saved us, Hercules!" the younger of the two shouted. She was thin, had long brown hair, brown eyes, was nice to look at and later introduced herself as Mara.

"The centaurs wanted to kidnap us," the other, Kallia, said, a dainty, also pretty woman with dark fair hair reaching to her shoulders.

After the two thanked Hercules they invited him to accompany them on their way home and to join them for dinner. He accepted gratefully, and on the way home into their village they started telling about their lives. Both of them were married but while Kallia's husband, a sailor, had been missing with his ship for two years, Mara's man, a trader, was only at home two months a year. The rest of the time the two childless friends lived at Kallia's place near the lake, which was located close to the border of the village.

In the meantime they had reached the lake and were already approaching Kallia's house. When they arrived, Kallia and Hercules entered the living room while Mara went shopping a little. Kallia gave Hercules a glass of strong red wine. Soon Mara returned with a bunny, and the women started cooking. They, however, did not forget to consistently top up his glass with wine.

When the wonderful meal was ready, they ate it together and drank happily. They wanted to hear Hercules' adventures, and since wine had loosened his tongue, he told them everything they wanted to know.

With time, it got to late evening. The women gave Hercules some fruits and sweet, heavy liqueur.

So close to this famous hero, Kallia was getting hotter and hotter. She had already had to do without her husband for a long time and now could not restrain herself. So she pulled off her clothes. Then she sat down on Hercules' knees and kissed him long and intensely. He, affected by both the wine and the image of this beautiful naked young woman, could not resist long. The two of them helped to tear down his clothes. Then he stood straight, grabbed her hips, kissed her vaginal lips and let his tongue glide down in her hot cave while she built up his spear of love with her mouth until it was big enough for combat.

This did not leave Mara indifferent. She also dropped her clothes and stimulated herself with her finger. In the meantime Hercules had allowed Kallila to glide down from her head first position and carried her to her bed. He caressed her flat firm breasts, and her nipples stretched themselves steeply. Before the combat began, he strengthened himself by swallowing a bit of the sweet heavy wine.

Quickly Mara glided down on Kallia, and in the 69er-position one could see their experience at licking each other. Hercules intruded in Mara's vulva, and Kallia licked alternately Mara's clit and Hercules' legs. Short before Hercules entered the seventh heaven, he changed the accommodation of his sceptre of love and exploded in Kallia's mouth that greedily sucked the juice of love.

It was already late at night when Mara suggested that everyone should take a bath in the lake. Although the water was very cool, the other two of them agreed. They swam and dived, kissed and laughed, splashed about and sprayed each other until the lake was too cold. After drying each other they got to bed immediately in order to warm up and embrace each other under a large blanket.

But by rubbing their bodies they soon became very hot again, and now Kallia wanted to demand her rights. With supple fingers she massafed Hercules' bolt until it showed its entire beauty, moistened it extensively with her tongue and then sat down on her hero's sceptre of love.

When Kallia started her wild riding, Mara also knelt down left and right of Hercules' head and offered her hot vulva to him for licking it. Her sensual dark eyes glance at Kallia. Then the two friends embraced and kissed eachother fervently. Hercules became hotter and hotter...


Peter Neumeier's sweetest dreams were suddenly interrupted by his alarm clock. Yesterday he had seen his favourite TV program "Hercules", and like it had often been the case it inspired him to fantastic adventures in his dreams. But none of his dreams had been as erotic like that one. How should he now protect himself from the two female colleagues at his working-place who made his blood boil whenever he saw them and whom he had now made love with in his dream. Being a man is really a burden!

- Lichtschwert