Recently in Canada...

Written by Lt. Dark Crusher

I was on a trip to Canada to my penpal and her five sisters. Confronted with such a high number of representatives of the female sex, you of course hope to make love with one. Well, at the first instant I was disappointed. My penpal did not look as good as in the picture she had sent to me. Actually she was totally ugly. But her youngest sister, 13 years old, actually looked totally horny. She was already pretty developed; her wonderful breasts stood out clearly under her t-shirt. I would have loved to touch her, I would have loved to kiss her. Her body definitely was of an immaculate beauty. Her slightly tanned skin was only interrupted by some special openings in her body which were even more beautiful (note: I am not keen on anal sex - there are also other openings). Unfortunately, she was unreachably young.

Then, after I had almost given up all hope, I met a girl that I had already seen once, but I had thought she had a boyfriend. I was wrong - she was on her own. And she invited me to her party. I already thought that she would take me to her room where I would be able to fondle those parts of her she usually cannot touch herself. How keen I was on penetrating into her body, how keen I was on pumping my liquids into her! But as usual, I was caught by reality again. "At midnight we all want to go swim at the beach!"

There was a lake nearby, and swimming was forbidden after 10:00 pm. Breaking this ban should give us all THE kick. As soon as it was midnight, however, only two of us went to the lake - another girl and me. On our way to the lake we embraced each other. My whole body was already flattered with joy. One kiss with our tongues after another. My God, this girl was so drunk that I soon became drunk due to the kisses, too.

Then we finally arrived at the lake. She opened her trousers and pulled them down. When she removed her pullover I could see what a consummate body was hiding under the bathing clothes. I removed my trousers and my t-shirt and jumped into the water, only dressed with one of my bathing shorts. She followed me into the water. We swam a bit, approached to each other and sank our teeth firmly into one another. We came to a place in the sea where you could also stand. So we stood there. I gently fondled her skin and kissed her. Her whole body was trembling. "It's now or never," I thought and gently pulled the straps of her clothing over her arms until, well, until the end of her arms. Now, while we were still licking each other, I slowly removed her bathing clothes until her well-formed breasts appeared. Breasts as horny as those I had only seen in posters before that! They were not too big but had exactly the right size - as if they had been created for my hands.

I kneaded her breasts like I had seen in lots of porn movies. She was moaning with pleasure. I licked her nipples which were already widely standing out. She enjoyed the act a lot - just like me. My little friend longed for her cave of joy in order to pump his liquid into it. I trembled with delight just like her and already wanted to make my little friend happy and undress her even more when she said: "I'm not the girl for one-night-stands!"

I replied: "If he" - and I pointed to my now pretty big friend - "stands one night, you're good!" She laughed. Only then I noticed how cold the water actually was. "Kiss me!" she said, and I did so. "You are a crazy girl! First you make me hot and make me libidinous and then - at the hottest point you stop!" "Oh, I'm so sorry," she stated in a voice of pity. But one thing this evening had shown me: From time to time I am the girls' hero, even though a long lean period preceeded.

- Lt. Dark Crusher