Hugi Logo Compo Announcement

Written by Sh'ar

What you've got to do is draw either a title or a closing picture.


To be accepted the picture has to comply with the following specs:
- title or closing picture for HUGI diskmag
- 640x480
- 256 colours
- preferrably some not too weird format


The winner obviously gets his picture to be in one of the upcoming issues of HUGI diskmag and his name mentioned in the credits! The 2nd and 3rd places get to be shown on this site ( ;)


Mail to a zip file with the picture and info.txt that contains yout handle/group, e-mail and any additional info. Please put 'HUGI Logo Compo entry' in topic.


January 1st, 1999

For updates of the rules check out:

- Sh'ar