The Huge Hugi Newscorner

Written by Adok

Based on several reactions, I decided to compress the news corner and listen only the facts in short words. That is why this news corner appears to be smaller than last issue's one, but in reality it has about the same amount of real information.

256 BYTE DEMO COMPO - The Christmas 1998 annual 256 byte demo compo has started. For information on the compo, go and have a quick look at Deadline is December 20th. [bushy]

ACTION FORMS - The demo version of their game Carnivores is out. It includes software and 3DFX renderers, one hunting area, several types of dinosaurs an weapons. Download it at [Action]

ACTIVE FUEL - is a new Portuguese demogroup that was founded by Programmed, a 15-year-old motivated coder. Some other members are Sulphurik and Darkie. Psychic Symphony left. [Psychic Symphony in demojournal]

AION - This Polish PC group is searching new members. There is no matter what are you doing, you can always try! If you are interested in joining write an e-mail to [Lord B/Aion]

AMBER (diskmag) - Dj. Regal (editor of Tankard), Radi/Interror, and Mancer plan to make a new Polish diskmag in English language, which will probably be called Amber. It "has to improve the situation relating quantity of magazines with greater than local range." Also they "want to show the world that that Polish Scene are not only folks which create interesting intros, demos, music, but also writing curious people, which across this fact inform the world about the situation 'on one's own ground'". The help of sceners from other countries than Poland is needed, for example for writing articles about one's country's demoscene and expressing other opinions. They want to release the first edition in December (before The Party). The GFX will probably come from Lucky. An official announcement of this project will soon be available at [Szum/Cryogen in demojournal, Radi/Interror]

ANAKATA - Gardner joined. Dj. Regal, belial, szatin, and ironman left. So the memberlist is now: BiZaRRe - Coder (Norway), Dethar - Coder (Poland), Felix - Musician (Norway), Gardner - Organiser^swapper (Poland), Lodlun - Coder^3d (France), Nuttah - Coder (Norway). They are looking for gfx and music makers. If you want in just write to [Gardner in demojournal]

ANDROID'S DREAM - Legend #1, a diskmag fully in English, made by Andoid's Dream group should be ready till the end of this year. Pajo was kicked from Android's Dream. Snap joined Andoid's Dream as an azki/ansi maker and musician. Graphicians are needed for joining or just helping in making Legend magazine. Variat is looking for a third group to join. Address: Variat, Radek Stuba, Bzowa 5/21, 81-092 Gdynia, POLAND. [Variat/AD/Shz]

ASTROIDEA - released Mutha 2 at Antiq. Orome and ward (both gfx) joined. Myrel joined from Contract. He is a tracer and keyframer and won every trace compo in Hungary from Jumper 1997 to Antiq 1998. [ezah/dilemma and D-Lee/Exceed in demojournal]

AXIA (game) - is a space-shooter developed by Dark Avenger, Pure Evil, Windsinger from DDD Tran Mesonyx, Mot, and Amusic from Iceland and Greece. Check out their homepage at [pyromaniac/beyond at]

BEACH BOYZ - This new musicgroup has already released tons of tunes (most of them can be downloaded from They have kicked nana out of the band because of inactivity. The members (dj miska, dj petee, fecosz, mc d'yurie) are always waiting for fanmails from cute girls to their common address, They often have live acts at the local disco, and are waiting for more invitations from any other clubs. []

BIONIX - The identity of the lame 'hacker'-group ARF, who took over the German scene IRC channel #coders.ger, has partially been revealed! According to MMiD6, friedbits is HyPE^ZORO. Since he wants to leave ZORO, he will be active under Ken Guru^Bionix. MMiD6 himself is also called Blazer^Bionix. [MMiD6/October Labs]

BLACK MAIDEN (Germany) - released their 18th book (artpack) and the diskmag Beam #2., [poti/bm]

BLACK RAINBOW - A new demo is forthcoming under the name e- (Electron). It will have a 3D feeling. Parrot is coding a 4K intro. It will contain fractal terrain, bilinear filtering and so on. [Aries/Black Rainbow in demojournal]

BLASPHEMY - Morphine of Blasphemy has now officially changed his handle to pukmaxi. Meet him on #dk-scene. [byter/blasphemy on]

BYTEWAY - ByteWay borntro is done and available at Current memberstatus: Alpha - ascii-maker/coder, Arson - musician (*new*), Azure - 2d graphician, Banshik - coder/graphician, Behemot - main-organizer/net-swapper, Doctor_Q - mail-swapper, Fugaz - coder/musician, Hyde - musician, Khamoon - coder (*new*), Mash - coder, Nytrik - 2d graphician (*new*), Rastan - coder/designer, Tremens - raytracer. Upcoming productions: Multichannel module called 'Mystic Ganja' composed by Arson, Photo report from Rush Hours '98 (code: Fugaz; gfx: Azure; photos: Behemot; msx: Falcon, Decibel/Stones), Fugaz's music disk (code: Fugaz; gfx: Azure; msx: Fugaz), Intro 64 kB for Astrosyn '99 (code: Mash & Khamoon, gfx: Azure & Nytrik, msx: Hyde, ascii/ansii: Alpha), Intro 4 kB for Astrosyn '99 (code: Alpha), Intro 4 kB for Astrosyn '99) (code: Mash), Picture drawn by Azure (Astrosyn '99), Picture drawn by Nytrik (Astrosyn '99), Trace rendered by Tremens (Astrosyn '99), Multichannel module composed by Hyde (Astrosyn '99), Multichannel module composed by Arson (Astrosyn '99). [Behemot/Byteway in demojournal]

CALODOX - will be releasing a musicdisk called exhale. According to rumours, they are also working on demo called FuildII. [Rodex/Calodox]

CASTRUM DOLORIS - is a new group that was founded by Leaderc and Morhith for madness. Current members are: Morhith - music, Leaderc - music, Aries - ansi/swap, The Doominator - trace/code, Pe3 - trace, Gullotine - trace. They are looking for gifted graphicians and coders! You can write to [Aries/Black Rainbow in demojournal]

CHLORIDE - is a new artgroup. They are looking for musicians, graphicians, raytracers and ascii makers. They don't need coders because they want to release pure art packs. If you are interested in joining write to BINAR@KKI.NET.PL. [Binar/Chloride in demojournal]

CHROME - finally finished their demo called moon but will release it only next year at the Contest party. Besides, they are planning to release a wilddemo. Its title is going to be Metropolis ("that'll be somekind of artistic movie featuring some deep thoughts" - atx/chrome). Expect it at Scenest/Rage(?) '99. Members are atx, enok, kci and net. []

COLORFAST - might release a party report of Evoke '98. Besides, Tronical is working on a Unix/Linux interface for Hugi running under the K Desktop Environment ( called KHugi. It will feature complete HTML-Export of a whole Hugi issue, inline image support, URL support, can read Hugi issue #12 and #13 (plus upcoming issues) and is highly configurable KHugi will be released after the official KDE 1.1 release (since it depends on KDE 1.1 features like configurable key/mouse-bindings). As soon as it's out, you will be able to download it from the Hugi Homepage at as well as from the KHugi Homepage at (or for a direct download at [Tronical/Colorfast]

COMIC PIRATES - Network v2 was launched. A total redesigned interface with lots of new features guarantees faster NETWORKing. Network is located at Coders and Designers are wanted for Comic Pirates demo-projects. Akabu left. TRID joined as a designer and FORNAX joined as PC-coder. Buccaneers in Comic Pirates are: Abomp - Danzig - Flim Flam - Fornax - Grobi - Harcoonan - Looza - Makke - PJ Dynamix - Sid Blit - Tommy - Tonic - Trid - Vincent - Wolk. [PJ Dynamix/Comic Pirates]

CONTRACT - Laud/emperor and sb/remal joined Contract. Both of them are coders. Myrel left Contract and joined Astroidea. [, D-Lee/Exceed in demojournal]

CRACK DOT COM (game company) - released the source code of their not yet released game Golgotha. Download it at [bitblazer]

CRAZY PINHEADS - is a new Polish group. Members: Plazma - Main designer/editor/3D graphican, Dick Tracy - Coder, Sokołek - Coder, Mihcio - Gfx-gadget maker, Hamster - Msx/text writer, Focus - Swapper/text writer, MiKe - Msx/text writer, Gardner - Swapper, Tetno - Graphican, UkI - Swapper. They are working on a demo called "Insecure Corpse" and the first issue of the diskmag "Amphydia". [SimonKing]

CRYOGEN - is still looking for 3d object makers (3DSR4 or MAX). Sayonara 64kb intro is coming soon. Johnko took the 5th place at Demobit'98 with his tune Princess of Persia. [Szum/Cryogen in demojournal]

CRYSTAL - The Crystal Page is online again. It's still under construction and will be ready in 1999 or earlier. Crystal are working on the game "Pinball 3D" and will probably be ready in January 1998. Melcom left. Remaining members: Alien, Dynamite!, Rave-O-Tek. [melcom]

DANCE - will in cooperation with TPF work on AnotherMAG #2: "Hype". What makes AnotherMAG different from other mags is that it will be a totally self-contained, bootable *DISK*-mag, totally Amiga-style, driven by a more-or-less modified version of the current Linux development kernels. More info at [xcene/dance]

DEFECT - released a new issue of the Total Disaster diskmag in cooperation with Tatanka and Bora. Member status: Polish section: mAx - 3D/group organizer, CoolPhonE - swapper/co-organizer, MiSHa - gfx-artist/3D, Diablo - 3D, Lary - gfx-artist, Riven - swapper/azkee^ansee, Wodniak - swapper/azkee^ansee, bLADE - text-writer, Graff - musician, Nobbie - musician, Asm - main coder, DiGriz - coder, Fallow - coder, x0r - coder, Hungarian section: Zola - coder/hungarian section organizer, Gitane - coder. Addy : CoolPhonE of defect, Pawel Tykwinski, ul. Broniewskiego 6, PL-06-300 Przasnysz. Contact him for joining, swapping and supporting Total Disaster. [CooLPhonE/Defect]

DEJA VU (party) - A picture gallery of this small UK Scene Event is located at

DERANGED - Wolle coded a little bbstro for the Badlands BBS. Beryl tried to improve the homepage a little bit. They got 2 new BBSes and now have an Austrian HQ: amb (+43-316-696763, analog/isdn). Furthermore, they have a new distro: koda bbs (+43-3337-2512). The announced musicdisc is still in progress. Deranged does not set a date, but they will release it when it is ready. Nor renamed to Picasso. Tristan won the multichannel music compo at Dialogos '98. [beryl/deranged]

DESIRE - A list of #coders.ger people is on It's maintained by grza. [grza/Desire]

DIFFUSION - Syntax Error #2 (Polish diskmag) will be released very soon. Diffusion's first intro (borntro?) will be released on Astrosyn '99. [EChO/Diffusion/Level-D]

DOOMSDAY - brought out a last demo at Dreamhack called Off. The group quits the scene because of lack of time and interest. MRI got married, Dice is creating a career as a professional wrestler, and Wode is struggling against his heroin addiction. [MRI/Doomsday on]

DRAGON - Dragon #4 (Polish/English diskmag) was released. Available at Aborygen left the scene. Kenji took over the group, and it seems that Dragon #5 will be released in two months. [Szum/Cryogen in demojournal]

EMPATHY - Empathy Group Compo part 1 is coming up, for more info go to [MasMus on]

ETHOS9 - finally released the long-awaited musicdisk Emissions #4 in cooperation with Exceed and Tokyo Dawn Records. It features more than 100 tracks by many composers and a nice-looking interface. Available at This will be the last Ethos9 release for a while. [assign/TDR]

EVOLVE - is the name of the recently founded group by Psychic Symphony, shock, and idiotboy. Nephoo joined. All members are either coders or wanna-be coders. [Psychic Symphony in demojournal]

EXCEED - They are the new hope in Hungary now. They won the Flag '98 intro compo with Pina (it means Pussy =)), then they made the first place again with Rip-Rap at Antiq '98 in the demo competition, and "naturally" (?) won with Freefall at Evoke '98, held in Germany. And fear my brother, they are working hard on a demo for TP8. The current memberlist: Ts (pixel, ansi), Baste (pixel, photoshop), Warpig (pixel, photoshop, keyframe-trace), Imode (musician), Deansdale (musician), Shaman (musician), NNS (coder), React (coder) and D-Lee (organiser). [D-Lee/Exceed]

EXCITE - The BuenZli #7 Report has been released. It was coded by Fairway with some help from Bastel^Vantage for the JPEF libraries. The GFX were made by Sweeper, and the music is by Picard. All Pictures were shot by Sweeper and Unlock^Vantage. Get it on the Swiss Scene FTP server ( or on the totally redesigned excite-homepage ( Trip #10 was released. Sweeper plans to do a Swiss Scene CDRom called Tilted Project. If you got some older stuff by you which you would like to have finally released, just drop Sweeper a note, and he will most probably include it. If anyone is against seeing his homepage / releases put on this CD, please drop him a note, too, so that he can remove it. When the CDs are finished, he will need some volunteers to help him copy them. Contact him at [Sweeper/Excite,]

EXPULSION - The Essence group was renamed to Expulsion because there was already a group called Essence on Amiga. MR.HD (gfx) and Entopy (code) joined. Current member status: Mozaic - leader/organizing/grafix/music, Adiktor - courier/party animal/support, Loolarge - co-leader/music/grafix, Data wizzard - coding, Myrlochar - coding, Loxley - music, Winlynx - courier/party animal/servissss, Zippy - music/ANSI^ASCII, Mr.HD - grafix, Entropy - coding. They want to make a diskmag called Essential in German and English language. []

FADE STUDIOS - is a new music group. Not the standard scene group. They only use 16-bit samples and a lot of software making music, not just the tracker. The current musicians are: djzip (, ragOOn (, zila ( They release mellow commercial techno music. Dance, Club, House and stuff like that. [djzip/fade.kosmic on]

FLEUR (diskmag) - Issue 2 was released only some days before the release of this Hugi issue. [Psychic Symphony in demojournal]

FLOW - was founded in September 1998. Repanse (musician) and Gardner (swapper) joined in October. Members are: Tiyo - organizer/musician/ascii maker, Zinn - coder, Mantra - 3d-gfx/ascii maker, Gardner - swapper, Repanse - musician. They are currently working on a slideshow and a musicdisk. [Gardner in demojournal, SimonKing]

FOOD - New homepage is located at [gyr/food]

FUSE - Iron Maze (gfx) joined just at the right time: Two days after his joining, their 64k intro "lullaby" got placed 1st at the dot '98 party. [IronMaze/xact/pdg/fuse]

GFX ZONE - The page moved. New URL: GFX Zone interviewed Lazur and hosts a gallery with 100 of his best pics. [Orange Juice, GFX Zone]

GROTESQUE - A new Dutch demogroup has entered the PC scene. Their homepage is located at Members: Chezzo - code/design, Emerge - music, Spike - graphics, Rolo - 3d, Huut - music, T.I.M - advertisement (don't ask me how), Nam'keh - code/design/webmaster. [Nam'keh/Grotesque]

HAUJOBB - are working on an intro for The Party 8. [hellfire/haujobb]

HEADCRASH - is a new German demogroup with a French musician. They are finishing their first demo called MecroNomE. Members list: StyX - main coder, ThUmB - coder/sysop, Ctulhu - coder, N.r.t.h. - musician. They are still looking for a gfx-man. Write to (StyX) or to The homepage is located at N.r.t.h. has also opened his personal homepage, which is located at [N.r.t.h./HeadCrash/The Utopians]

HIBERNATED - Blackmain left and joined Vision as a swapper. [Variat/AD/Shz]

HOAX ARTS - Melcom left. Hoax Arts is dead. [melcom]

HORNET - The Hornet Archive is shutting down. All files are being transferred to At the moment Hornet is still reachable but does not take any more uploads. As soon as the transfer is finished, will be an alias for The final Hornet Charts was put on the web in October. No more votes will be taken. The commented results are at

HUGI - AMB (Austria) and Coders F/X (Israel) became Hugi distsites. Zippy, Makke and Dendrite joined. Mr.M!ke was removed from the member list because we lost contact. The #pixel IRC channel is organizing a Hugi Logo Competition. The winners will be used as the title and closing pictures in Hugi #14. The deadline is January 1st, 1999. Send your entries (640x480x256) to Sh'ar ( Up-to-date information is available at or Hugi Size Coding Compo #4 is over, and compo #5 has started. This time you have to code a SORT program. Check out The official Hugi homepage is

HUNGARIAN SCENE - More news about Hungarian demo groups can be found in the Hungarian Scene Report in this very Hugi issue.

IMMORTALS - released a preview of their Movement '98 invitation intro for Win32 and DOS. Available at [Kombat/Immortals]

IMPHOBIA - Rumours were going through the scene that Imphobia #13 would be released on The Party 1998 as a paper mag. However, those rumours are probably false.

KAINAI - is a professional game developing group that is still searching for programmers. More info available at: or [Michael Strelecki/KAiNAi]

K!PROD - have opened a mailinglist for their diskmag DefCoN. [ArraKiS/K!Prod]

KVARK - The new group Kvark from Norway does now have a homepage. You can find it at Afro/kvark+npb changed his handle to slem because "evil sceners" ruthlessly stole his handle for their own demented purposes. Hezze joined Kvark as a coder and gfx-dude. [Ttn/Kvark and slem/kvark/npb on and]

LABEL - is dead. Psychic Symphony decided to give up this group and concentrate on his two other groups Evolve and ActiveFuel. [Psychic Symphony in demojournal]

LABEL ZERO - released an audio CD called Label Zero Audiocollection - The Unreleased Specials on October 26, 1998. It contains 16 tracks, costs 999 HUF and is already sold out, as there were only 9 pieces in stocks. []

LEVEL-D - Once again, 3 new releases: Fairy Wedding by Salomon, I Wish by Prob and Human Beam by Alexey 'nexus' Zolotukhin (mp3, 6.5mb). The first two tunes are guest releases. Echo joined. [virago/level-d, EChO/Diffusion/Level-D]

LIME - is a new group that is looking for people who can program in C++ or Visual Basic and writers because they want to make some 'cool' demos an a monthly e-zine. Current memberlist: lulu - gfx, punk - gfx/programming, kida - snd/html, sonic - szn nws/html, tomp - writing. Their homepage is located at

LOOKAIN - LoOKain FanZ #4 will be released in some weeks. [NiaKoOL/LoOKain]

LOST PATROL - Dynamite! released his game 'Commando Enhanced version 1.42'. Downloadable at The Lost Patrol Homepage: [melcom]

MELANCHOLY - Nemus left. [Variat/AD/Shz]

MELCOM (musician) - left all his groups in order to work with Typhoon Software. He will be back to the scene as a solo artist. Melcom released the tune "Hell to Hell" written for the game Hell to Hell (c) 1998 Team X. He is working on The Dark Trooper Online-Book, which will be released in March '99 together with the Dark Trooper Symphony 4 soundtrack. In March '99 he will start another project with four people from the USA. They want to make music for games. On Sunday, November 22nd, he was interviewed by the German games-magazine Power Play. You will find the interview on the Power Play website ( in the next weeks. (new URL!) [melcom]

METAPHOR - Karatti changed his nick to Kat. [Kat/Metaphor in demojournal]

MOON BBS - (SysOp: SimonKing) was closed. [SimonKing]

MOPPI - released the international version of Hannu & Kerttu 2000 (the Finnish version got the 2nd place at Assembly '98). Now you can enjoy the demo in English, German, and Japanese. This version does not fix the sound system problem someone seems to have, but now PTC is initialized correctly so that it works without UniVBE. [memon/moppi on]

MORDRED (coder) - released a new game called Overruled: pure 3D arcade. Requires DX2 processor, 2MB RAM and VGA. Runs under DOS/Win95. Available at His next work will be an overhead perspective action-arcade game with professional artwork that runs under Win95, 640x480x16bps. [Mordred]

MUSHROOM BROTHERS - The second Mushroom Brothers release is out now. MethoD & Relic remixed Celebrate by Fiocco. So, a commercial club track it is what you will get at [Relic/Mushroom Brothers/Trinity on]

NAH-KOLOR - The famous Amiga group started on PC, too. All Prism members and Visualize (gfx) joined Nah-kolor. Also the coder Hedgehog went PC, his first demo will be in April '99. [MaGiC/Nah-kolor]

NOLOGIC - radically redesigned and updated their homepage. Q-Fladen released a XM called U.R.B.XM. Echo Off was kicked. Black Shadow and Mr. SEQ released another fake-demo called WORST. [Black Shadow/NoLogic]

NOOON - A gallery with pics by RA is at [#pixel]

NOTHING - Cremax' e-mail address has changed to Nothing are working on a big project which will be revealed soon. [Cremax/Nothing]

NUMB - won the Quast '98 gfx compo with a picture by m.O.d (which means master of dynamite) and the Dialogos '98 demo compo with their entry 'mirror children'. A bugfix for their demo will still be released in 1998. [Coctail/obn/NUMB]

OBNOXIOUS - released a Linux interface for Cream #3 and #4, a trace by Hawke and a pic by root on Evoke '98 and another trace by Hawke at Dialogos '98 (1st place). Cream #5 (German diskmag) will come out some day in 1998, including a Linux version. C-StORm changed his handle to StORm. Several members were kicked. The remaining dudes are: Coctail - orga/txt, Hawke - code/gfx, Jolly - inet/txt, dtc - gfx, reFear - txt, root - code, StORm - txt/music. [Coctail/obn/NUMB]

PAIN - The next pain issue will be released in December. The engine should have less bugs and even more features. [fred/calodox]

PANDEMIA - Several new releases by Awesome, Sanches, Floppi and Frenzy are at Also Awesome's MC6 entry "News-o-tronik" (placed 2nd in the veteran category) is now online. [swag/pandemia/bamboo prods/aalto on]

PARENTHESIS - eZ joined and released the IT tune Outdated, available at [It-Alien/.parenthesis. on]

PHYMOSYS - Dave composed two tunes, which are available at his homepage ( Booplague joined. Now PhyMosys is composed by the following people: Navi - Coder, Liyak - Coder, Osucaru - GFX, U-Raver - Music, Dave - Coder, Booplague - Music. The groups is still looking for new members, in special musicians and gfx artists. Contact Dave at PhyMosys #8 (Spanish diskmag) was released on November 25th. [Dave/PhyMosys]

PULSE - The Polish section of Pulse is dead. In October, Falcon, KeyG, Yoghurt, Spy, Lucky and fame were removed from Pulse, and Lazur was kicked. The only remaining members were Unreal, Scorpik and Camel. At first they planned to make one more demo and then leave Pulse for good, but according to Unreal, does not even exist anymore, they quit already. However, that does not mean that Unreal has quit the scene. [Unreal/CNCD]

QUAD - was restyled by Unreal/CNCD and G-Day/Quad. Deadline left because his code and ideas fit better in another group. Working with Quad and their libs/systems did not make him or them more productive. In other groups he can be a real main coder were he can put his ideas and code to a higher level. Breed was removed from Quad's memberlist because he lost contact to the others. [Skin/Quad]

RAMJAM - Since 1999 will be 10 years of scene, RamJam are planning a lot of demos for Amiga, PC, and Java, for The Party 1998. Surfing hopes that the first PC issue of their diskmag Showtime will be released at Easter '99. P-rat has quit the scene. [Surfing/RamJam]

RENAME.NET (service) - is a URL Rename Service. You can get up to three new URLs like or for free. 28 different domain names are available. Check it out at [Mercator/Ooze Labs]

REPLAY - The Replay homepage is up at Replay released the third and last issue of their diskmag Shine. Furtermore, a demo called "baker selection" came out at Evoke '98, reaching the 3rd place. [Baloo/Blocc/Replay]

SCENE.ORG - A newsfeed between and usenet was installed for and comp.graphic.algorithms. A web interface for is planned. GD/Hornet joined the staff. [trigon, Redhound /]

SDI - released an Evoke photo pack. The official Neithernor homepage will soon be online at as well as the SDI and the raven97 page. SDI want to release Artpack #3 at the end of this year. A Dialogos '98 photo-pack is coming soon. [e605/sdi, dentoe/sdi]

SINGULARITY - Their Boulder Dash Revival is almost finished: all 100 original Amiga levels with the original graphics. The level builder will soon be completed, too. Now only the original sound is missing. Entropy, grza/desire, melcom and snejer are working on an R-Type-like 2d action game called Dark Root. [Entropy/Singularity, snejer]

STONED BRAIN RECORDS - tF released a tune called Darin. [mc/SBR/NoLogic]

SUKKAZ - still plan to release a mainly German diskmag but it will take some more time till it will be released. Actually snifFA is coding a music-disk and he will be supported by gillemot, kritix, melcom, storm, wayfinder and Mr. SEQ (gfx). They could need some additional support for their projects. Contact them if you want to write some articles, paint some gfx or compose some msx at Homepage: [snifFA/sukKAZ]

SUPREME IMMORTAL ART - pos wants to found a new group that will exclusively deal with people who are active in the board or fido scene. Neither will it be officially represented on the Internet nor it will allow people who are active on the Internet only to join. For more info log on the Black Arts BBS (via ISDN or 28k8: +49/030/66709090) or write a fido netmail to 2:2411/548. [Data SUN]

SUSPECT RECORDS - Zippy left suspect records. As a consequence, sound-runner took over the group. Graphicians are needed. Magic van Lam released his first music-disk and is working on the next one. He wants to make the best music-disk of the world. Furthermore, he founded a new demogroup. Suspect Records released three new tunes at Dialogos '98. [zippy/bm, dentoe/sdi]

SUSPEND - won the 1st place at the 64k intro compo with FRONTPAGE and the 1st place at the 4k intro compo at Satellite '98 with TRACE YOUR MIND 2. In September '98 Soulless joined as a 3D graphician, in October'98 BaldM, Bear, Dan and Inikep were kicked out, in November '98 Rav joined as a musician. Current members: carson - trader/organizer, insect - azki/swap, drawer - musician, raiden - musician, rav - musician, motzel - coder, pointman - coder, toaster - coder, rappid - graphician/co-organizer/ftp&www, soulless - 3D graphician, yasi - 3D graphician. Future plans: 64k intro called BACKPAGE, 4k intro called TRACE YOUR MIND 3, demo for win95/98 with 3d accelerator support. Distro:, WWW: [Rappid/Suspend/Appendix]

TATANKA - released their diskmag Total Disaster #Black in November. Available at [Misha/Tatanka/Defect/Nothing]

TESKO - Smash has left Tesko and quit the demo scene due to university. He will still release in the music scene, but he is not sure when that will be. At their 5-year-anniversaire meeting in October, Tesko released the PC remix of their demo "2 Blokes & An Armchair", which they had firstly released on Amiga at the beginning of 1998. Silver Fox renamed to Lone Swordsman. A UK artist called Mark, formerly known as Sarex and Effex, and Diesel joined. [Majic Mushroom/Tesko]

THEDAMNED - This Finnish group broke up. Some members formed a new group called Mirage. [Rodex/Calodox]

THE LOST SOULS - Cyberfish created some pages about his engine. Read and mail him your comments: The TLS homepage can be accessed at [Cyberfish/TLS on]

THE PARTY - A Dutch bustrip to The Party 1998 is organized by Mux. More info on his homepage: The Party web page is hosting a scene banner exchange program. Submit your banner to The Party webmasters and put a link to the banner CGI to your homepage, and your banner will appear at many other PC and Amiga sceners' homepages. [,]

THERALITE - Will Be released several new tunes: "Will At The Club" 3:54 - 175K - West coast hip-hop, ranked #4 at Heatseeker's Flame Compo, "Match" 3:42 - 384K - Hip-Hop/d'n'b, ranked 1st at Phume's Bamboo compo #2, "Funkster" 3:46 - 81K - Hip-Hop, ranked #3 at Fulcrum's Eidolon compo #5. Check out his brand-new redesigned homepage at [Will Be/Theralite/Skytech]

THE UTOPIANS - Zippy wants put a few things straight about The Utopians. They do not intend to buy all the tickets for TG'99. That was a joke. He hopes he will not have to tell this any more people. [Zippy/Hugi/The Utopians]

TOKYO DOWN RECORDS - released another bunch of tunes. They are available at An interview with assign about TDR and Vinyl can be read at [assign/TDR]

TPOLM - opened their homepage at At the moment it only contains a poll question, which is as weird as TPOLM are, but the typical fan of TPOLM is probably so weird that he will like the page anyway. [#coders]

TRAUMA - The Trauma pages were redesigned. Since only three entries were submitted to Text Mode Demo Compo 3 in time, the deadline was first extended to November 24th, then extended to the end of 1998. Check out the rules at The Windows version of Gateways is out. [Sol/Trauma]

TREBEL - is a new archive website for the scene that will open soon. It should even be ready while you are reading this news, so check or, if the things went right, People involved in this project are Tonic/Comic Pirates, Makke/Comic Pirates/Hugi, N.r.t.h./HeadCrash, the Quad group and others. They are still looking for some firm mirrors in Asia, Australia and Europe. Of course people with a small 24h connection can be part of the trebel mirrors. So if you want to set up a mirror for your country or continent, contact the staff at Trebel wants to be a home for the whole scene. It will provide space for the famous and the beginning groups. Together with several others the staff will try to set up a rating system like Hornet did in the good old days. Demonews headlines and rumours of the will be a part of trebel. You can also become a member of the rating jury. [N.r.t.h./HeadCrash,]

TRINITY - is a relatively new demo/music group from Holland. At the moment they are working on a demo for TP8. Their music can be found at (a new webdesign will be there soon). Members are: Avalanche - Organizer/Music/Gfx, Relic - Music, Method - Music, Twinsen - Code/Gfx, Ryo-Ohki - Code/Music, ICS - Code, D'Spayre - Music, Sparc - Music, 720 - Gfx. [Avalanche/Trinity]

TUHB - TUHBzine #5 (Dutch diskmag mostly in English language) was released on November 22nd. The Watcher organized a scene-get-together in a pub called Nederkomst '98. About 120 people attended. [The Watcher/TUHB]

TWILIGHT - Black finished his "codepage". It can be reached under the URL [Black/Twilight]

UNITED TRACKERS - is going to make an Audio Magazine for trackers. This monthly radio show broadcasted in Real Audio will feature current news and events, interviews with famous trackers and developers, compo winners, music reviews, up-and-coming artists, tons of music and much more. A preview broadcast is at []

UNIVERSE - are working on their diskmag Armor of Gods #5. Warhawk recoded the interface, Acryl/Scoopex is doing a picture, Greenpix7 is finishing the interface gfx, and their friends write the music. Several interesting articles are planned. They also started making a new 64kb intro called Funtro-2. If you have not seen the first part yet, get it from their page: [Programmer/UniVerse]

UTOPIA - does not exist any longer. All the previous members are in TUIDC (The Utopians International Demo Crew), except one who will join shortly. [Zippy/Hugi/The Utopians]

VIBRANTS - A new design has been introduced at the official homepage of the now more than 10 years old Danish music-group Vibrants. On the homepage you'll find all the things you need to know about Vibrants and 90% of all the music ever released under the Vibrants label (including C64-collections and all the EdLib-tunes). [Metal/Vibrant/fudGe on]

WAY-X - Mr.M!ke took over the organization of WAY-X' game-project PoM and is porting it to Win95. Beta 15 will probably be released in December. Meanwhile Peter Dobrovka takes care of 3DTT (another strategy game). [Peter Dobrovka/WAY-X]

XOGRAPHY - Tryx is working on an intro for The Party 1998. [tryx/xography]

- adok^hugi