Message Corner

These messages were submitted through the support.sheets. They are only roughly edited, because it's funnier this way. :)

Adok from Barog/Tesko^Napalm^Nothing
Brilliant work! The hard work seems to be worth it! :)

Adok from EChO/Diffusion^Level-D
Hello man! Great work!

Adok^Hugi from The D.
Die Hugi #12 ist wirklich gut! Ich wunder mich echt, woher du die ganze Zeit nimmst, um die Hugi-issues fertigzustellen. Bei so viel Text muss das ja mächtig viel Zeit kosten. Respekt!

all from snifFA^sK
someone out there who wants to support a diskmag with articles, gfx, msx or a music-disk with gfx and msx? then contact us:

all from ..__--[tHe-pRoDiGy]--__..
a new German Diskmag! IMAgE is his name - Watch iT!

All from RadXcell
finally started my www page. isn't any cute (yet!), but be aware it already exists..

all my friends from Rappid/Suspend
stay cool! :)))

All people on all over da world! from Wodniak
Write to me! I'm still looking for new contacts!!! Adress in adverts :)

aron/contract from hager/profuse
thanks a lot for your help. please make phenomena 2 =)

coctail /obnoxious from dentoe /sdi

Digimind from Picard
have you found the 3byte solution for abs(ax)? :)

ezah/dilemma from hager/profuse
your boxes of cigarettes are coming soon...

Jace/The Black Lotus from Zippy/Hugi^The Utopians
Long time no mail.. Why? Got a new addy or something? Well, if you get this, send some mail, eh?

Jaw/Desion from Tiyo/Centrum Super Design^Flow^Desion
Yo pal! Your ascii is great!

|Geo| from Barog/Tesko^Napalm^Nothing
If your out there.. Mail me!

hellfire of haujobb from d-lee of haujobb this time
Warpig is workin' on some 3d scenes, don't fear! And i think we can wait a little with our intro. Maybe for Jumper 1998? Who knows? Greets to all other hjb members too, ya know, we are family.

we rule, you suck

Mati from LordB
Jak tam leci zycie w "wielkim" miescie? ;)

picard of rhyme from exceed.kruu.and d-lee
So, still in that Rhyme? =) What is that? =) So pal, i hope we will kick some ass at TP8! Rhyme vs. Exceed... Well i think a lot of hungarian sceners are waiting for the results. Good work people! Gimme some Cola! =)

szum/cryogen from hager/profuse
i'm still waiting for your reply.

tig2 from Barog/Tesko^Napalm^Nothing
Mail me! I've lost your addy again!!

xcene/dance from xcene/dance
stop fiddling with enlightenment themes and start coding!!

You! from PJ Dynamix / Comic Pirates
Thanks for wishes and comments on Network and for being with us the first month. Now Network got a new face, a production on your needs and requests.

Zero from Blackman
Yo muchacho! :)

zippy /sdi+nochvielemehr from dentoe /sdi
hey! wo zum teufel bleibt eigentlich meine zip-disk? ;)