Closing Words

Written by Adok

Is it over? Yes, it is! You have reached the end of Hugi #13! Be proud of yourself if you have managed to read all the articles! And if you have not done so yet, do it now!

If you have really read everything, well - then you have to wait for the next issue. There is no fixed releasedate for it. Hugi #14 will come out as soon as we have enough articles. So:

Stay active and support Hugi! Simply check out support.txt, which is attached to this issue, fill it in and send it to the Hugi staff! In case you are a graphician, also take part in the Hugi Logo Compo by the #pixel IRC channel! Check out

The more articles we gather in a short time, the earlier will the mag be released. So if you want to hold Hugi in your hands soon, you know what to do!

- adok^hugi