Stardust - Chapter 1

Written by Psychic Symphony

 The  day  has long since ended! Still long  and  recent memories haunt me as I
 stare  at the stars. Lots of them, 1,  2, 3... 10... 30... 100... Some seem to
 be  just  white dots, others just small  particles hardly noticed, all of them
 shine from far away places. Better move the position.

 This is better, more hidden.
 Better send the message!

 'Stardate:  Shit!  Where's  my  watch? The  kid  this  afternoon! Damn you! No
 matter, conventions keep on changing with new star-systems discovered.

 Location: somewhere in Barnka, Tau-Ceti star system.

 Report:  No  one  was  expecting me on  arrival,  our  contact  must have been
 intercepted!  Better  this than a fake one  like  an arrival at Morzk. Request

 OK,  sending...  Come  on... Hurry... I don't  want  to  get my signal traced!
 Done... Damn... The lights... Shit...

 - There he goes... Stop him!
 - Shock him! Shock him!
   Shock the signal aswell! It should jam the message!

 As JC runs away, the sniper aims... Where? To the legs? To the head? Maybe his

 - HAHA! Zap...

 JC  sees the image of the building in front of him fade to white and collapses
 to the ground!

 - You and you, go finish him, let's go back!


 - He's gone? What do you mean, he's gone?
 - Sir, we only got a partial message:


 - Damn those Akopellers...
 - Sir... What are we going to do now?
 - I don't know... Leave me alone... I need to think!


 - He's gone? What do you mean he's gone?
 - Sir, we only got a partial message:

   'Stardate: Shit! Whe...'

 - Damn those stupid fools...
 - Sir... What are we going to do now?
 - I don't know... Leave me alone... I need to think!


 - Tha... thank you!
 - Just doing my job!
 - ??? You're my contact?
 - Yes!  I couldn't get to you sooner, sorry I had to shock you on the back but
   I couldn't take the chance of killing or disabling you!
 - So now I can't sit!
 - Well... I wouldn't advise you too... You won't have many chances to sit down
   as well so...
 - We have work to do, brief me.


 - What has happened? Why doesn't he reply?
 - Sir, his wife is here and demands to speak with you!
 - Damn... Let her in...
 - This way please, the comissionary will see you now!
 - Thank you... Comissionary, where is he? What happened?
 - I... I can't tell you.
 - What do you mean? I'm his wife, I have the right to know!
 - I... I can't tell you. I'm sorry!
 - Sorry for what? Is he dead?
 - I... I can't tell you.


 - Forget  about  that,  they are intercepted  instantly!  Don't  even dream of
   trying  that  again, they would trace your  location and be there very fast!
   You're  lucky  if your stardate is sent,  even  so, the receiver can't trace
   back  the location! So you're with your hands tied! There has to be a way...
   Things can't remain the same!


 - Don't worry ma'am, we have sent a contact to meet him. Nothing can go wrong!
 - A contact?!? Damn you!
 - I'm sorry but that's all we can let you know at this moment!
 - You  expect  to win a war like  this? Sending spies to enemy's territory and
   not even being able to tell their wives where they are?
 - What are you talking about? We are working on a peace treatment!
 - Yeah right! And I'm supposed to believe that right?


 - You'll love it, the first time is always a blast!
 - Are... are you sure?
 - Just hold on... We'll be there in no time!


 - Can't  we expose the situation from here? Jam into some broadcasting network
   and send a communication?
 - No  way, they control the media, and  besides, even if we succeded, it would
   only result in chaos and the Akopellers would take advantage and start a war
   winning  it easily, they would just get  more man-power and weapons from the
 - We  need  to  find  a way to make them  fight!  This  war has to be long and
 - But how JC? How?
 - Maybe  someone  is already doing it for us...  Why  don't we just get out of
   this damn system?
 - That's  partly impossible, now we are being hunted down by the Barknas! They
   will shoot us on sight! I lost my cover because of you!


 The  trick is not to emerge into a war! Let others do the fighting, but how to
 make them fight without exposing ourselves?

 What's that? A shooting star...