Life is a pig, a clean pig

Written by Cremax

pu(r/k)e twisted mind. how will one die if there is no peace in his. friends i wish i had a friend who cared, she loves me, i love her not, there is peace between the edge of both worlds()

i hope i can get you down, this is my day, this is my place, my place of misery, understanding, i just simply don't mind what you plant and what grows in you now, is it mine or His, no matter i won't be meeting (H)him anyway...

this is adok, a dock, a duck, what does it matter, it's all a matter of what it is.

i am dying, love in my mind, hate just simply likes me. my birth becomes my pleasure. lying in a room... what would he say. "time has come, vic". i can see the light already in that big black hole. it's coming to me. bang!

"life is a pig, a clean pig"