Trinity & Friends Party Report: Evoke '98 - Germany

Written by Avalanche and other members of Trinity


Avalanche / Trinity ^ Fungi
Twinsen / Trinity ^ Infuse

Pre-Party Report

I still need to get those German currencies in order, damn. Evoke shall be a great party. Too bad we couldn't get the Trinity T-Shirts in order before this friday. (DAMN IT Twinsen! Why did your printer have to break!) Ok, so here's a summary of the things we will bring:

1 - P2 233MMX, 32SD RAM, 6xCDROM, 16 Soundblaster ASP, 2x240 Watt TRUST Speakers, 300 Watt TYCOON Subwoover with 2x75 Watt TYCOON Speaker System, 180 Watt Stereo Amplifier with 2x80 Watt Speakers (large set)
2 - 486DXSomething, 1200 Watt Subwoover - ????
3 - Disco lights
4 - Foots
5 - Cola
6 - Food
7 - More Food
8 - Disks (Plenty of 'em!)
9 - One Turntable and some records
10 - Auxilary Power Source - Nah, just kidding

Okay, so we're off, actually I'm just writing this coz I have nothing to do. And when I have nothing to do, I'm bored, so I start tracking, or writing, and well, this time I started writing. Okay, so I DEMAND that every Dutch person at Evoke writes in this party report at least ONCE. And I sincerely hope a lot of Germans write aswell.

16.00 CET time (very punctual as always!?!?)

Twinsen will arrive soon, actually, my PC should be packed, which... wait, I'm writing this before 16.00, so, maybe we'll just make a timeschedule:

16.00 Packing of car, we move.
19.00 Arrival at Evoke, paying, loading out the car, we move.
19.45 Setup complete, blow away the house
20.00 Avoid fight.
20.05 Grab some beer
20.10 Grab another beer
20.30 Deliver Music Compo Entry. (DMCE)
21.00 Party report moment.
22.00 Attend Opening Ceremony.
23.00 Friday - 13.00 Sunday Party!
14.00 Sunday - Packing car, we leave.

Avalanche -

Okay, we finally arrived, pissed, and then drank. We now have our complete setup. Uhmz, while on transit to Germany, Twinsen panicked coz he thought he had lost his power cable. He didn't, but he spilled some soda on his keyboard, so things went right after all. Ermz, almost immediately after we had secured our spot (which was then stolen, so we had to steal someone's else's) we spotted Thunderstrike / Logic, and Ventilator / Pandamonium. So, Thunderstrike showed us his really cool sound setup. Blammo, all of a sudden the entire room (I say room, not hall) was looking at us, and motioning us to turn the sound down. We did, but, we would have our revenge. =) Well, at least that's what we hope to be doing this party. Btw, when we first had our PCs up and standing on one limb, we noticed the power was down. We asked some Germans, they bitched too. About the power that is. So, we talked with Thunderstrike and Ventilator, and grabbed ourselves some food. Ok, now, let me describe the party place to you. Well, it's small, I estimate there are about 80-100 people in here... Dunno, but it's small, that's for sure. Hell, the screen is in the party hall/room. But who cares? It's cool that way. So ehm, thunderstrike is already talking a LOT about ambience'99 (he is the main organizer). Well, not that we mind, it's cool, even though he estimates that there will be 1000 people. Which won't happen, 500-600 maybe? I'm coming for sure.

Argh, ThunderStrike here. I seem to have been so stupid to go to this PC, and suddenly I have to write in the report. And that on a SHITTY splitted keyboard with a half-broken SPACE. Sux. Anyways, the party is quite okay, but the network will only arrive tomorrow morning, so till now there isn't really much to do now.

Wow! Am I seeing that right? There is a GIRL(!) here at Evoke (and she isn't even ugly :))). Think I'm going to 'speak' with her later :)))))...


Weird people around here. Most have long hear (hippies???). Ehmz. We just came to the conclusion that we surely have to look for a supermarket around here. Like BEER enzo? Well, one thing is for sure, it's quite small here. The smallest 'sections' we'll have at Ambience99 will be at least 3 times as big as this hall.

Ehmz... what's left? Left? On the left of me is Ventilator, who will be writing the next part of this report.

eej zovan eumzz kanietzogoeddiez engelz z naj geeftniks nja vage edit hier langs mij zegge ze.. nja eumz nja ik ga maar weres SUPAPLEX spelen dat is egt verslavend man.. zovan ik d8 vanne f-kus spele nouw .,. ik zit nu al een paar weken te spelen ..nja ik ben pleite .. mzzls fsow ..

Avalanche here again. Ehmz, the Trinity 4k intro is already on its way, ehmz, Twinsen wants to write now.

Twinsen now:

Aaargh.. coding suxx (this keyboard too) ... it's an M$ natural shitblaster oruhh... (actually it's a trust you ficker - avl)

Geez I don't feel like writing something right now, I guess I'll have to write loads 'astuff... (Wait, I'll put an electric wire in Avalanche's drink... That'll make it a JOLT cola. :))))

Blaat blaatblaat... uhwm... I gotta code soon.. I'm hungry but no food stores were open... And there you are with your dmarks... :(

Gotta run now.. You'll hear of me later.. Suckahhs...


Avalanche: Hmmmz, is everyone anti-writing or something? We do not enjoy people who don't write much. Well, just kidding of course. As I was saying, the Trinity 4k intro will rule, well, Twinsen doesn't think so, but I think it has some very cool parts in it, so it will rule, and anyone, including the coder of the damned thing, will love it! The party place is becoming a bit more crowded, yeah, like it can't be crowded in such a small place. =) Oh well, I see the screen behind just lit up. Can't say that anything will happen yet. So, don't really have anything to say really. Uhmz, except that I can't understand any German, so, that is making it kinda hard on me. :) Anywayz, ehmz, well, I'll be focusing my mind towards other matters no, so no more fun having party report fun from me. Oh wait, the screen just showed some drunken people... from last year? Don't know, organizer isn't too clear :), anyways, they announced that the opening ceremony won't be on schedule, damn LATE :), Thunderstrike, Ventilator, me, and Twinsen will be going out to get some drinks, out in the town, all alone, in the cold dark night. Blaat. Hey, we just met some other Dutch sceners, who call themselves sub97. Sorry guys, but I haven't heard of your group, maybe I will, seems cool. Maybe you could write something in our party report.

Thunderstrike, me and Ventilator just went out to get some beer in the city centre. It was very hard to find some cheap beer at this time of night... uhm... midnight? Yeah, something like that anyway. So, we had some fun, just a small supply of half a litre a bottle beer. We'll get cheap canned beer in the morning, I just swallowed half my supply of whiskey, or more. And I'm beginning to feel dizzy. :) Seriously, I just talked to Assign about my music entry, and he was really cool, one of the few Germans who can actually talk English, but no offense to you German guys of course. I'll give him my disk later on. God, it was a mistake to bring that whiskey... Damn, I'm bored, let's go over to Thunderstrike. But first, another zip of my whiskey. Damn, that was the last one, if I take one other drink from it, I'll puke. Damn, that foots drinks relieve the drunkness. Bye.


WOW.. IT sounds... uhmn..... terrible. :)


DIT Zuigt!!! (this suxx)...


The guys are screaming like pigs who are about to be electrocuted... :)


I'd rather code now... and wear ear-protections...

Avalanche: Schuld hauptsache..... WHAT? Girls can't sing, guys CAN sing, what de neuk is diz? Suddenly... there's a shadow... wait, that wasn't the correct lyrics... Why did she go.... she didn't say... damn... drunken idiots. =) God, when will the hurting stop. =)

Wow, all the Dutch people (including your local Avalanche!! :)) just went on to stage to sing a Dutch borsato song aswell as potje met vet! 10 ppl on stage. Hehe, no preparation, and we didn't win! :-) Hehe, but we had a good time, Holland rules the airwaves as always. :-)

Avalanche... AGAIN!. Grrr. Well, we just had a power failure for an hour and a half at our table... Fortunately, we were smart enough to borrow extension cords, so no there are 2 new lights in the hall. What de neuk, c64 demos? Well, very coool.

(Hans Speijer, Software evangelist Be Europe aka Kender at the keys:)

Okay I got draggen in here by some Dutch dude to type into this silly text. The best demo on the show is the BeOS running on a hot (too hot) dual Pentium II 300. Anyway the crowd is good and the C64 is still hanging in there. Lotsa noise lotsa people...

Avalanche: (youuu know the drill... the only one writinnng) And that concludes our professional report... professional? He melted one of his internal cables. That bites. I'm feeling a little bit dragged to earth, which basically means the forces of grAvity are working on my body. That bites.

4k Intro will definitely be entered, we're really not so sure about a 64k intro, since Twinsen wants to incorporate most of the effects in the intro for the joint Trinity/iMAGE! Demo. iMAGE! rules, but so does Trinity, god, life is beatifull.


Uhm... I'm coding a tuinslang right now... A tuinslang? Yeah a 4k... Well the demo I'll start coding it tomorrow... Uhh.

                    no I am not tired
                    I am mad
                    they disconnected me
                    and I disagreed
                    I had no power
                    for almost an hour


        kakixounkakixounkakixoun - klown!

        okee. ava heb je hem weer trug..@!

        nee geen ascii.. dat komt later :)

        watch the grooverider.. coming at the democompo
        (and keep an eye on the beOS demo.. maybe twinsen stuff :)

        flep per de pep

Avalancheee aan de telefoon:

The toilets smell. So I didn't went to pee after all, well, actually I did, but I was more consumed by the intruiging aroma. So, some greets here:

 Epidemic&Cloak: You guys should've come, you dorritos! :)
 TwistedMC     : You WILL come to Emission'99 =)
 Method        : We shall prevail at The Party 8
 Relic         : Birdie?

And of course the people who wrote, and will write in this party report. Ok, so now some scene news... Method's influence:

 Trinity shall release: 4k intro: Tuinslang (1st!!!!! :=))))
                        Trinity/iMAGE Demo: Groove Rider
                        (after all... NOT!)
                        Music compo entry (Cornholio Styled)
                        Together with Logic, and erhmzzzz, lotsa others
                        groups: The... WiLD! compo entry. Aaarhz. :)

Well, as for other people:

Logic: Rhyo-Ohki (who isn't here) will be releasing a great music entry. But of course demo-styled. :)

Ehmz, hmm, there are people sleeping in the toilet... No, this is no bull, it's true, some people locked themselves up in the toilets, and went to sleep! Now I can't take a shit, well, perhaps in the urinoir. Urinoir? Christ ugly name, but hey, it's Dutch, or something. French prolly. There also was a guy asleep on the floor downstairs with no blankets and a bottle of booze in his right hand. Visions of Amsterdam'97 rolled into my eyes.

Oh well, I have nothing really interesting so say, but I will anyway. :) I'm bored, I'm writing a party report, wich makes me even more bored, this is my life story, I am alone in my quest for more lines. What time is it? 3.00. At night Saturday? Friday, the night that's in between anyway. Damn, this party is the most sleepy concerning me, maybe that large quantities of whiskey in my bloodstream made me sleepy. No network... booh. But it's a very cool party anyhow, especially the Karaoke Dutch Compo... Talking shit in Dutch for 10 minutes, on a German party. Cool music coming from the party sound setup. And now it crashes... the sound? Or is that supposed to happen? Dunno.

Ehmz, 256 lines... 256 lines, and half of that is Avalanche. Not much, but I'm over representatedtedete(???????????) here. Oh yeah, my cable just collapsed, uhmz, let me explain: I no longer have stereo sound, just mono, or, well, just the right channel. I always have my subwoover. Let's sub things better.

                     Hey ava? Did you buy your SUB in 1997?
                     Then it's a SUB97. :)

They are going to play Emotive's "Poisoned". For those of you unfamiliar with emotive, this is basicly Twinsen in disguise, well, it used to be a group. But it isn't anymore, so they will play that, plus inferior shit. :) Oh, a tin can of some sort falls of the podium, how nostalgic. What? Shit, just remembered I do not understand German, except... danke, and ich bin eine Wiener Wurst. :) No offense Germans (who incendentally outnumber Dutch ppl by about a 100 to 10, so, ehm, I can't get too rough otherwise they'll beat us up :)). Twinsen just needed to steal my speakers, which btw no longer have a stereo problem. I should be grateful, no, you blistering idiot, I DID put the cables in right, it was prolly something standing on the cables... Hmmz, I'm not clear of mind anymore.

Avalanche - Mind you, my mind is unclear.
-= My new personal slogan! =-

Ok, what else do we have, ah yes. Next to me is a guy from Be(soft?) anyway, for those ignorant ones under you, they have been working on the ultimate OS for about 7 years now (yeah, delays :)). Anyway, I have just seen the beta-BETA :) version in action, 3 times faster than win98. REAL multi-tasking, that means you can play doom, descent, an mp3, another mp3, a desktop game all at the same time! It's so much cooler than win, but it features a win type interface, so well, it's great for everyody! For the ignorant one, for the scener, we are all happy! Well, I'm sure that B.E will manage to create some unwanted bugs. :)

Twinsen & Nooze (german fellow) are beginning to code on the Trinity demo... (Wasn't iMAGE! supposed to be involved in that? They will arrive tomorrow, so, if they feel up to join us on our holy demo coding session, they are free to do so.) I just took a pee. (LEAK.) The sleepy people were gone. This pleased me.

Damn you Twinsen, playing commercial hardcore on MY speakers! =) Nah, can't really care about all of this, especially since my subwoover isn't on, MY SUBWOOVER. Yeah, as you can see from the contents of this report, you can see that I talk alot about SUB97WOOVERS, especially if they're MINE. :) Don't pay any attention to it. Commercial crap! (The music Twinsen's playing that is.) Hmmz, Thunderstrike & Ventilator are taking.... a nap!? Yeah, I can't see very clearly anymore, this is not something I said just to fill up the report (although it was a consideration). It's true, everything is all fuzzy and stuff. I can still read the letters on my screen, but not very clearly. Damn, I'm staying of that alcohol on parties from now on... Not. Not... Isn't that like an American saying? Yeah, I think that's right. Germans make for lousy English speaking people, well, not all of them of course, and certainly not the ones sitting around me and who are taller than me and who have hard pointed objects in their vincinity. I'm supposed to be co-designing the demo, but, ehmz, err, well, I can't design while they code. Twinsen's keyboard, by the way, is now officially broken, yeah, his space doesn't work anymore, and it's not stuck either, he'll buy a new keyboard (he borrowed one for now, no, not mine) first thing in the morning. He already decided he will be smashing his keyboard on the podium, I don't believe you, it will hurt the floor.

I have to fill this party report, and if you don't like it, then don't read this, it's one sided, masochist, pigstyled one man conversation. And you might get bored, but anyway, I'm funny, I think, you think, well, I mean, if you didn't like this, why are still reading this? Isn't that like a cliche? Damn, I cannot lift my arm without some VERY serious strains on energy. Ok, I guess this is a minute-up-to-date coverage of evoke'98. Minute one after last sentence: Just wrote: Minute one after last sentence: Oh wait, that wasn't supposed to happen. Twinsen and Nooze. Nooze? Nooze???? Anyway, Twinsen and this nose type of character :) are searching for a graphician, which will hopefully be a Dutch graphician, prolly. Uhmz, I hope, I can see them talking. I think I will be taking a nap on my keyboard in a few minutes. Or maybe not, damn, not having IRC is irritating me, that's why I'm writing about 300 lines all by meee here, all alone. Oh wait, I just discovered Twinsen no longer has my speakers plugged in his discman... Party time...

Well, here I am again, bored. And silly. Or was that something else? I'm fucking bored! I want a network, nah, I DEMAND a network, no, wait, damn! :) Hey TM: Couldn't you use pan swing instead of just the same panning pos. on each channel in Jilted Senseless? I mean, makes for a much more nicer! :) ...version of the song.

Nooze just read the party report... He didn't understand it.

Having a microphone on a loud system like ours really rulez... We can yell ppl to come to our place. We can announce wet-t-shirt compos, we are it. =) Unfortunately those sub97 people cannot hear us yelling at them until they wake up because of our screaming. :) Hee! Hierkomen sub97! NUU!!! =)

Avalanchee, again, this time just awake, I spent an entire hour on the cold hard floor, I feel onfris, I AM onfris.

Okee, avalanchee again, with some party report stuff, ehmz, our wildcompo entry will be cool... Ehmz, Thunderstrike shall write the sky down with thunder.

Waargh. Me again (scary huh?). ThunderStrike that is. Since i'm waiting for my External ZIP drive to stop (he's copying my hd), I have not much to do, so here I am again. I'm still waiting for the guy who should be next to us with his Be-OS system. I really want to talk to him (he also seems to be Dutch, so that's quite easy). Avalanche is sitting next to me, and he's waiting too on the zipdrive, because my pc should encode the Mp3 (from the WAVe file) we made for the wildcompo.

I btw surely hope that i'm not typing this report for nothing, but that this one (this time) is to be released. (I wrote in so many reports which never saw daylight.) Waaargh. This space surely keeps sucking bugtime. No wonder noone wants to write in this report. :))

Anyway, our wild compo entry (isn't that maybe a big word for it?) will surely rule, when these Germans dare to play it anyway, since it's all Dutch nonsense.

And YES. We have more text than Mph's Biz98 Surprise Music Entry! Yippie!

Avalanche again, I'm going to check the zipdrive.

Ok, so much for our lovely, but not that much entertaining.........

Thunderstrike vogeltjespoep report dieet (c) :)

Well, the Trinity/Image demo is now more of a Trinity/Logic demo, which means we have Cosmic Trance / Logic for music, ThunderStrike / Logic for testing and design, Trinity for code & design, and, uhm, sub97 = grfx? Dunno, and ofcourse... Nooze! But I'm not sure what he does. :) Hard at work at the demo... demo, DEMO! Yeah, we just went out to get some pizza, which sucked, since it tasted like plastic, but it also ruled, because Twinsen got a 130DM change. :) We had fun with miscommunication between us (4 Dutch guys and 2 Germans). Twinsen threw the salt all the way into the ashtray and threw beer thingies troughout the cafe, I managed to destroy my pizza coz it was unslicable. Thunderstrike managed NOT to throw up since he hates pizza. Ventilator managed to seperate the vegetables from the eatable part of his pizza, and the waitress managed to get pissed at us for making a mess.

I just delivered my music entry on a disk to the organizers, and ehmz, we have some problems with converting our wildcompo entry to mp3, somehow it gets distorted, well, we have lots of time still, so. Ok, Thunderstrike is getting a new mp3encoder to run on my system. Ventilator laat een windje. Ermz, bye bye.



Ehmz, well, this is after the party itself. And I'm totally fresh now. Ok, so what happened? Only one 64k intro entry, Windans'98 by Thunderstrike,

Thatbelgianfueldudewhosenameiforgotsoyoullhavetomentionittomenexttime :) and myself (terriblechipmusicfunkupdahouse). So we won: Parfume, and one t-shirt, after the party we tried to get 2 more t-shirts, but there weren't any. And Thunderstrike gave me the t-shirt, coz he said: Well, ehmz, here. :) Rhyo-Ohki / Logic ^ Tuhb ^ Somemoregroupsaswell (not present) got, ehm, 2nd, 3rd? ell, high up in the prices anyway. Twinsen's last minute 4k intro Tuinslang was the only serious 4k intro, so he won a scene cd with lots of scene stuff on it. Well, the party ruled. Especially the ficken demo. :) Unfortunately, this party report was mostly written by me, myself, and I. So, there you have it.

Greets to sub97, dutchguyfromtdrwhosenameiforgotbutwhonevertelessiscool :), iMAGE, Nooze, theothergermanwithusonourpizzatour, thunderstrike and ventilator, Assign, BeOSguy, ThepeoplefromtheFicken!demo, Poti-mainorganizer- whoidontreallyknowbutiguesshewasmainorgso. :)

- Avalanche