A Journey Into Delight

Written by Prof.X

There's a little place in Aachen, a center called Theatersaal (Mensa 2) which I regularly visited the late sommer. It's a nice, quiet place, but not on these very three days: the Evoke 98 took place here. So I want to tell you what happened to me there this year.

I still went there by myself. In the morning of the 11th September I carried my PC in my car. Three hours later the journey started.

I'm 27 and still single, and decided to stay these three days at a hotel. At the hotel I search for little relaxing first, before I would go to the partyplace. And what's going on at the hotel, sauna!!!

OK, let's go there. I entered the wooden place.

At the top, a young, blonde, luscious girl about my age was sitting with not a shred of clothes on the wooden bench. Her beautiful, almond shaped azure eyes enhanced her features, her full breasts and hard nipples covered with a thin coat of water. Her delicate hands were lying on her legs.

She sat here, alone. At the noise of the creaking door she turned and faced me, her beautiful eyes meeting mine, and then dropping down to just below my waist.

It is only now I realized that the wet towel I was clutching now fell from my grasp and I now stood in the doorway buck naked, my hard cock pointing at the beautiful girl who regarded it with quiet delight. I had a feeling this could get very interesting, and stepped in, closing the door behind me. Feeling awkward and speechless I uttered:

"Hello." Rapidly I sat down on the bench, covering my riggid dick with the towel. She said: Hello, that's ok, come in please, I'm so lonely here.


Later on we sat together in the hotel bar and had some drinks. Her arms close around me, I looked into her eyes and she bent and kissed me passionately. I moaned against her mouth, she softly licked across my cheek to my earlobe, suckling it into her mouth.

Whispering against my ear: "Don't got drunk cause you can strangled on a cunt hair."

Sunday evening I went back home, without visiting Evoke 98!!! But still I think that was fun enough!

- Prof.X