Evoke Photo Pack - Short Review

Written by Adok

A week after the end of Evoke '98, to be exact on September 20th, 1998, SDI released an Evoke-photo pack. This 3.2-MByte large pack contains 38 high-resolution (mostly 1024x786, 16M colours) .jpg photos, which were all taken by e605/sdi with a Canon Powershot A5. Most photos are labeled, and sometimes there are comments, however mostly in German.

In the individual photos, you can see:

01 - Overview of the party place. In the front you can see Beryl and Wolle of Deranged.

02 - The party place from another angle.

03 - A big picture of Mr. SEQ of NoLogic^Hugi. Nice hair-style!

04 - Another party-place overview. In the bottom-right corner you can spot a Sonic-the-Hedgehog doll.

05 - Again there are Beryl and Wolle of Deranged, doing something with their cables (the picture says "working"). You can see the big screen in the background, too.

06 - The face of dipswitch/ddb/100%. In the background you can see a screen with an early version of Zippy's ansi, which made the 2nd place.

07 - A large picture of zippy/sdi/sr?/circe/bm with some of his (many) beer cans. Behind zippy, there are soundrunner/sdi/sr? and vedder ("our nt man").

08 - Again zippy. The comment on the top of this picture says (translated): "Zippy has bought beer! (Unfortunately he has also drunken it ;)"

09 - "Power off - computers off." You can see some computers and in the background again the Deranged guys.

10 - Some Obnoxious members standing in front of a guy (probably tpm/sdi) kneeling in front of their PCs.

11 - tpm/sdi, unfortunately in a bad quality.

12 - Kyp of Black Maiden beside his group-mate Pandur, who is typing on some keyboard. In the background: Yamato / NoLogic.

13 - Large picture of Magic van Lam / sr? / Ex-Diabolic Force from a weird angle.

14 - Overview of the party place.

15 - Another party place overview. The large guy in the front is Entropy of Singularity.

16 - Another corner of the party place.

17 - The second photo of dipswitch, sitting on his chair next to the window writing something on a conventional sheet of paper while his notebook, food and drinks are lying on the window-sill.

18 - Large picture of C-StORm/Obnoxious from his head to his feet, with the remark "He doesn't always look like that".

19 - Large picture of TCP, former member of Diablic Force.

20 - Another overview picture. This time the room is dark, and the big screen shows the MS-DOS editor.

21 - Root of Obnoxious "working on his gfx entry". You hardly see his face as the main part of this picture is covered by the screen of root's computer.

22 - Large picture of Beryl's and zippy's heads. They seem to be very concentrated on looking somewhere (probably the big screen).

23 - Coctail/Obnoxious, right to him root, in the background another Obnoxious member (the picture says "hawke/obn (or?)").

24 - A part of the party place near the exit without any further description.

25 - A photo from a slightly more distant (from the exit) point that shows zippy, vedder, soundrunner, Acryl/ACME/Abyss/Scoopex and Black Weasle of Black Maiden.

26 - Kyp again, leaning on a desk.

27 - The description says "tomac/suburban/dialogos 1998 organiser (not sure)". In fact this dude wears his headphones on his throat.

28 - A "very angry" zippy and behind him soundrunner from the usual position.

29 - Party place overview number 7. This time you can see the big screen very well though apparently it wasn't used at that moment.

30 - The "organiser bar" with Avatar/SNET and Faxe, whom you can hardly see because several computer screens block the view.

31 - Party place, now from the other direction (photographed near the big screen).

32 - Coctail/Obnoxious sitting with his head lying on the desk after taking a look at Cream/X (the Linux/X-Window version) under Windows 95.

33 - Vedder after waking up, "still half-asleep".

34 - The Evoke contribution sheet for sr?'s tune "industrial erotic", stating that the organizers should not preselect it. How cute.

35 - doj of Cubic Team and on the right Yamato/NoLogic with his long hair.

36 - "the master himself - e605/sdi/sr?/tojs!x = dermona". Large picture, very pale. Compared to Mekka '98, at least his hair has grown.

37 - The last party place overview.

38 - Yamato on his way home, looking quite tired.

This photo-pack is a good collection for those many of you who didn't attend Evoke '98 and a nice memento for those who did. Available at SDI's homepage (http://www.demo.org/sdi/).

Brewman also has some photos from Evoke '98 on his homepage, which mainly show the Austrians at the party (members of Singularity and Riot and their friends). They are located at http://www.brewman.com/evoke98.

- adok^hugi