Dialogos 98 Party Report

Written by Wolle

Well, just 3 hours after arriving at home from Dialogos '98, Adok caught me on #coders.ger and made me write this report. ;)

At first we (wolle/drg, gigo/no group and biff/kaki arts technologies) had problems to find the party-place, but after exploring every single dark corner (and I mean dark! :) around the "West-Bahnhof" we finally found the discotheque "Kassablanca Gleis 1".

It was quite an old building, but since it was a disco the sound-equipment had a superior quality. Also the bigscreen was good, about as big as the bigscreen at Evoke '98, but since the "party-hall" was quite small, it appeared really BIG.

As we arrived at around 7.00 pm (6 hours after the announced beginning of the party), ca. 4 (!) people were there. Well, I had expected that it would be a small party, but this was a little bit too small.

Fortunately, the party-place got filled in the next hours. Finally about 40-50 people were there.

A cafe was available (open 24h), which was giving free coffee to all sceners ... well ... it tasted not very well, but it was for free and had enough caffeine to make you stay awake.

At the party network only the usual mp3-warez-xxx stuff was available, so I played some Duke3d-multiplayer games and coded a little bit on our musicdisk-interface (after leeching "Need for Speed 3" and some other kewl games :).

On Saturday, the for me most interesting part of the party began: the multichannel compo. Tristan had composed a really nice tune and I hoped that this xm would become our first success (and it was :).

In the evening some fun-compos took place, a handdrawn-picture compo (draw a picture with a football, a turtle and a building site on a piece of paper) and a guess-the-game-from-a-played-song-compo: 3 people should come on stage and guess to which game the played song belonged. Well, after no one had stood up to go on stage, we three decided to do it. Unfortunatly, the songs all belonged to old c64 games and since no one of us owned one, we didn't recognize any single game :) (with one exception: gigo recognized "Giana Sisters").

The demo and intro compos were delayed and so some sceners tried to raise the sinking mood with funny things like "der geile horst". :) Well, then finally the demo and 64k intro compos took place, with really good entries for such a small party.

The 4k intro compo wasn't held because there were no entries, but since I don't like 4k's, I didn't mind.

After that I slept about 3-4 hours, so I can't tell you what happened then, but I don't think that I missed anything.

On Sunday morning there was the price-giving. The prices were imho very high for such a small party, for example a 4.4 gb harddisk, gfx-card, snd-card, money and so on (tristan won 64 mb sd-ram and a dialogos t-shirt). [message to e605: das nĄchste mal nehm' ich tristans ausweis mit und kleb' ein foto von mir drĀber :)].

Conclusion: Great party, I hope there will be a Dialogos '99!