Having a look at XMPLAY v1.3

Written by Makke

The main problem with many module players is that they don't fully understand the XI format's PING-PONG loop option, and therefore play the songs totally wrong. The best thing with Windows players is that you can get a cleaner sound than in DOS.

The new version of XMPLAY does understand the ping-pong loop (at last). XMPLAY has always clamed to play XMs as nature wanted it to play them. Well, if nature meant for XMs to be played wrongly the previous version succeeded. If nature meant for XMs to be played like in FastTracker this new version has succeeded.

What's new with this version then?

Well, it now supports IT format. Thank you! This one I've been waiting for! Though it's supposed to be an XM-player there's nothing wrong with supporting IT. I don't know enough about how the IT format works, so I can't say all that much about how good the replay is. But it sounds pretty good in my ears, though I'm sure there's something to be fixed. No player is perfect in the first release.

Another nice feature is the "mini on top"-mode. Which makes it look very nice while playing. The fact that XM-play looks rather ugly is quite known so if you can get it down in size on the screen you'll be happy. ;)

Info 'n Stuff is also a new feature where you can read info about the song. How many channels, patterns, samples and instruments.

Hmm - I guess I don't have anymore to say about this for now.

I do recommend this player. It's good, and it's getting better!

- Makke / Comic Pirates / Hugi