Review of the Music-Disk Strange Customs by Exiles

Written by Makke


The disk consists of three XMs and three ITs. I downloaded it from HORNET - yadda yadda - let's get to the review.

A few months ago I downloaded and reviewed Exiles' first musicdisk called BANISHMENT and I said that we should give them a little more time and experience and then have a look again.

Well, Strange Customs is their third musicdisk, and I though I'd take a look at it, and as I always scream while playing StarCraft: 'All right! Bring it on!!!'

Now THIS is what I talked about in my review of BANISHMENT!

Some time and experience, and they'll be ALL THAT!

Ok - it's not like they rule the scene or anything but they've gotten a lot more experience, and that is reflected in this disk.

'Wings of the Fallen' by Broam (bro_wotf.xm)

Broam! Hope you didn't get pissed by my last review. ;-) I didn't like your other tunes that much, but this song really got me by the balls! As I've been feeling down for a while (stomach problems, maybe I'll be the next Curt Kobain) this song really got to me. Though the melody sometimes doesn't seem to know where it's going, but that just makes it better. Makes you feel the loneliness and loss of goals that the people this song is dedicated to feel. Nice work! A lot better than your older songs.

'Vacaverde' by RS3 (

Most of the songs I've heard from RS3 are slow songs, and very synthish kind of style, but in this one he attempts house. And - yes he does it very well. RS3 states in the comments to this song that this is his first ever house track, and that makes me like his song even more.

It starts off with rather basic, but well mixed drums and synths, and it kind of stays in the same basic rhythm and beat the whole song. But that's house for ya.

I still say however that RS3's songs sound like 80's synth no matter what others say. And that's not a bad thing! I think it's time to fall back to the simple, yet catchy 80's beats - but please - don't make me spray my hair and wear stupid gloves and stuff!

'#' by Deezay (

Yes, it's actually called #.

Starts slow and nice, then it turns into a very cool style! What is that style? Very unique! Sounds like a combination of Mellow-D and some form of Acid. And synth.

This song really gets to you, especially at one part when some distorted lead-pad kicks in, sounding like a guitar, and plays a few notes - THAT part really gets to your brain, and sticks there for a while.

One thing I find a little too basic, is the bass-line. You might want it that way, but I think it would sound way cool if you threw a little slap-bass on it. Know what I mean?

And hey! It plays backwards too! Cool!

'Fuzzy Logic' by Blacknova (f-logic.xm)

Blacknova is a guest star. This song is very cool.

It sounds like an old Amiga song, kind of Captain like, yet a little too 90's. Amiga foxxing rock!!!

Way way way way cool!

Starts with a slowly raised comp-synth which then get some support from the bass, and the drum beat. Soon the lead follows, and from time to time a vocal voice helps - sings something like - 'SOOOO LOOOOooooWW!'. This song really feels like an Amiga song. At least it reminds me of my early years of tracking, and I hope it will bring you back a few years too.

'Flying Away With Time' by Lizard (

Lizard, guest star again - I've never heard anything by Lizard before, so I have nothing to compare with. But I'm a great fan of chip-songs and there for I like the chippy lead that this song carries.

There's a part when the song kind of goes reggae (or what ever, when some samba like drums kick in) reminds me of the music to the Amiga game - eh - what was it called? You were this red dot that surfed and stuff. Cool Spotty I think was called. The game was crap, but the music was great!

This song is very chip like, with some enhanced sound. You know that Hunz-kind-of sound.

Oh, one more thing. Lizard, if you're going to use vocals in the future don't put so many effects on them. The little lyrics this song had almost sounded like comedy in my ears. Sorry, but it's true.

'Let us alone'

Sad song. It's not as sing along friendly as If life, but I like this song much anyway.

Feels very real! It's quite simply made, but as I like Kraftwerk's simple style I also like this simple track, with small melodies all over, and sad feeling.

Sorry if this review seemed a little distant, but I'm kind of low on inspiration at this point. I promise to do better in the future. Later dudes!

- Makke / Comic Pirates / Hugi