Music Groups. Why are there so many?

Written by Erik Lyden

I think this is a result from the increasing number of scene musicians. It's easy to start using a tracker, much easier than learning to code or to draw. It's not nice to make modules to a desk drawer, and therefore a music group is born, with a help of a few friends. Specialization should always create better releases, which are dedicated to the genre of art - the releases should therefore be exceptionally good. A sad fact is that this doesn't come true in the tracker scene anymore.

My wish would be that music groups for example would merge and specialize a bit to create just a few good labels - and release their stuff regularly, like 1 or 2 times per month, not almost daily. It's nice to listen to good music, which represents its genre proudly with high quality.

If you want to find a music group nowadays, it's not difficult. Type <InsertMGNameHere> to your web browser. It's a big chance to end to some music group homepage, that doesn't offer you anything new. Internet makes this possible.

The threshold should be lifted up a bit, so a release from a music group would always be worth waiting, downloading and listening.

I never download music group releases anymore (except from some very rare exceptions which I know to have earned their existence), just because there are too many modules around, and they're almost all advertised too much. (X) Music Groups, (X x 1000) competition. And the question is - is this competition desirable.

No, I don't want to be hostile to the newcomers. People misunderstand me a lot in this matter. All I would want is to return a bit of quality to the tracker scene... so people would be patient enough and practice, and get to a group when they can do something good enough and most important - ORIGINAL.

Erik Lyden . Komplex . Artist previously known as Carebear/Orange