Review of the Music-Disk MATE by the greatFox

Written by Makke


MATE is a music-disk by the greatFox of Exiles and contains four XM modules. Downloaded from HORNET.

I was surfing late at night one Thursday evening, when I came got a great idea! Let's check what's new in the music section on Hornet. So I navigated my browser to Hornet, and took a look at what was new. And WOW! A new music-disk from the greatFox! Cool! As I like greatFox's songs I didn't hesitate one minute to download it. So I started the download the quite big music-disk. But the Fox's songs contain lyrics, and lyrics get big. Nothing to do about that.

Done with the download I disconnected and unzipped it. And - what?! Oh man!!! I already have these songs! Except one. Damn.

A little disappointed, yes, but on the other hand is this disk a great download for people who doesn't have any greatFox songs at home. Let's get down to it!

'Syndrome' (1synd.xm)

The disk's first track is 'Syndrome', which is a really sad song. If I understand it the lyrics right they are about a handicapped or sick person. It makes one think about how there's always someone who has it worse than you, and that you shouldn't complain about all your little troubles and worries.

The track is not all that great tracked, but enough. It's the lyrics that are important. It's very synthetic, and does only deal with synthsamples. No 'real' piano or guitars here.

There is one small difference with this version and the original release, and that is that the intro of the song has been redone, which really just does good. The old intro wasn't all that great.

'Let us alone' (2letus.xm)

Starts with synthetic drums (bassdrum, snare, and congas) and a bass. At the same time as the lyrics starts a synthetic piano starts to play accords. And while the lyrics goes on small melodies play all around in a very nice way. The lyrics are about how wrong society is looking at things, and how that can effect peoples love for one another. This song sounds really professional, and I think it's because of those small melodies all over that give that impression.

'If life' (3iflife.xm)

This one's the first song I ever heard by greatFox, and is also my favorite. Why? Because the chorus is so sing-along friendly. Even though this is no happy song in anyway. GreatFox seems to be a very mellow guy. :)

Really great song that feels like some combination of the simple melodies of Kraftwerk, and the 80's styled synth like A-ha.

'Devil's Arms' (4devils.xm)

This one starts out really bad, with drums and a far too simple bass-line. But as it moves on it turns better and better, with more and more small melodies all around that makes synth-music so good.

Ok. So what about the overall impression?

I'd say that the greatFox isn't the best tracker when it comes to technical stuff. I think he uses effects in a clumsy and kind of newbie sort of manners. But who cares! He makes great songs! The technique will come in time, he's got his own style. It's not many trackers who uses lyrics the way greatFox does, and the bad thing with it is the file-size you end up with. But the good thing is the joy you get while listening. If you haven't got this disk already, I recommend you to check it out!

- Makke / Comic Pirates / Hugi