Quotes and Puns

Written by Adok

We had an article with quotes from IRC in the German Section of Hugi #12. People loved it (and laughed). So, why not extend this to the whole world? Here are some quotes from Scene IRC Channels and newsgroups, such as #coders, #pixel or comp.sys.ibm.pc.demos.

 <adok^hugi> famefear-gamegear
 <fear_tbl> adok, madok,-fakof :>

 <adok^hugi> minmax: i love pizza margharita
 <Demmas> i love Margharita.
 <adok^hugi> demmas: you mean your girlfriend's name is margharita?
 <Demmas> adok : no.
 <Demmas> :)

 <adok^hugi> how many non-pc gfxers are here, actually? :)
 <fear^tbl> adok, we'll, i'm a pc non-gfxer :>

 <SCEneST> [[MORPh]] I wish life had an UNDO button

 <UNR_EAL> <Choogy> are you some kind of coder?
 <UNR_EAL> <UNR_EAL> kinda yeah

 <adok^hugi> well, total disaster is diskmag, musicdisk and harddisk at one
 <distance> what's a harddisk
 <adok^hugi> ehm..
 <adok^hugi> artdisk ;)

 <salami_> seal sucks.. it's incombatible
 <FireLight> incombatible hehe
 <FireLight> why do you want to combat it :)

 #coders-topic September 1st, 20:00
 My intention is to save the planet, but my alterior motive is to get the girls

 RadXcell in his news signature:
 In a world without fences, who needs Gates...?

 <adok^hugi> hugi12 is on amber now. cool that everyone in pl is in church now,
 so the uploading speed was a bit faster than yesterday. :)
 <adok^hugi> i have created a new time-sytem for poland: before-amen-time :)
 [I  tried to upload Hugi to ftp://amber.bti.pl many times, but I always failed
 until I managed to upload it on a Sunday morning.]

 <fear_tbl> hug hug hugi :>

 <adok^hugi> cncd vs. pulse.. who will unreal vote for? :))
 [CNCD  vs. Pulse was a polls question on the PC Demos FanClub site. Unreal was
 then both member of CNCD and Pulse.]

 <MorphXYZ> Could someone tell me what exactly how to use matrix and what
 exactly it is?
 <MorphXYZ> I know only that matrix's help in the world-projection with flying
 <MorphXYZ> Any geniousses here?
 <MorphXYZ> Or just wanna be coders ? *g*
 <MorphXYZ> .. like me ;)
 <MorphXYZ> .. guess so ...
 <MorphXYZ> ... so, I leave you know, I wanna be a coder, wanna wanna da
 *** MorphXYZ has quit IRC (Connection reset by j”ysm„)

 [SQUael VERSION reply]: mIRC32 v9.41 (compatible; ViRC'97 1.0; Windows NT 5.0;
 i8088 compability mode)

 <whzGARLIC> any1 living in northern sweden of finland?
 <ArmiAway> whz, northern sweden of finland?? what are you smoking?
 <Sol_HSA> whiz, mind, northern sweeden isn't in finland.

 <Sol_HSA> Hornet arch'is going down, going down, going down, Hornet arch'is
 going down, my dear lamers.

 <cG\lSd> finland is funland

 *** [aGi] (agi@devilman.lo9.szczecin.pl) has joined #pixel
 <adok^hugi> hi agi! hagi! hugi! :))

 <adok^hugi> here, halloween is called hallovienna :)

 <ThorHaJo> I need to rotate a bitmap FAST. How would I do it in 320x240 mode?
 <ThorHaJo> (I really just need a fast rotating algorithm)
 <maLi-> try to rotate it for 360 degrees, it will be very fast

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