Hungarian Scene Report

Written by d-lee

I'll now write something like a news about the Hungarian groups. Ok, let's start, make an article of it!

_astral: a demo with nice effects for ragest, and parties they made this year are cache spring and autumn. they want release a demo at jumper 1998. the sad point is that a projector (!) was stolen in autumn, so i think no more cache-s in the future. it was ever fun to be at cache. i hope they will solve their problem. cache was (?) held ten times. we want the eleventh in '99!

_astroidea: they released mutha2 at antiq 1998, and ranked second. there was a refresment in the group, some people left, some joined. but their members are working on games for different companies. one project they are making is the second part of imperium galaktica. it is planned for january-february 1999. they are still one of the leaders of the .hu scene.

_autopsy: they have made two 4kb intros yet this year, they are really nice. their graphician kyle made the second place in the pixel gfx compo at cache autumn. manka, a sweet girlie, joined this little crew after she had left exceed, as musician. their goal is now to kick some ass in the 64kb compos too, maybe at jumper 1998 in december.

_byteam: blala, the only one member, leader, coder, designer, made a coop with jabberwock/dinasty (music). they ranked with "wanda in 64 kb" second at flag 1998.

_chrome: well the very active man in the team is enok: i think he is hungary's dopest graphician. unique style, weird themes, but he never can win: third place at ragest and second place at antiq 1998. their coder net is working on a game, so i think we must wait for a while with their demo entitled: moon.

_cls: cls means code and light sourcerers, and they qre making 64kb intros as hell. sad to say that they are remakes from their other intros. they plan to release a demo in the future and gekko their main coder (16 years old freak) said, this will be not an effect remix!

_contract: another "big" group in hungary when we see just to the member- list. and there was some incoming/outkicking too. we will see what they can do with their new mates. they ranked first at ragest with "supermarket". not the best one, but it has feeling, zooley (music) and aron (coder) made really their best. they want to release a new intro at jumper 1998, i hope they will not do what cls does...

_dilemma: doing fleur in cooperation with dinasty. the second issue is on the way, i hope it will be out in some weeks. they are working on a new demo after their ragest one (deepshomewhereover) this time for jumper 1998, and will called: o x i d e. i know this because the name is from me, and some effect and design ideas as well. if it will be good they will get some of my granny's cakes! =) they are well known here on .hu parties. my groupmate deansdale eat all off at cache autumn. i was just five minutes away. =) (minimum for 7 people planned.)

_dinasty: a well designed intro "rize" and the best hungarian party antiq, this is what dfj and team made this year. well really if you want to come a party where is good atmosphere, not much quakers, familiar organisers, basketball compo and a really cheap swimmin' pool, i prefer antiq, ever end of august held, in pecs. and they want to do a demo now. good luck!

euthanasia: again a 3d story, this time for ragest, and called: spirit. two people worked on the demo: kvazar (music) and rimo (code and keyframe). they plan an advanced 3d engine, for 1999.

_exact: they have done nothing movin' this year, it seems that only their musician generic is active this year. he won the 8kb music compo at ragest [ehm. scenest-rage correctly said].

_exceed: uhh... what can i say about my team, i tell only facts ok? well we "eat" loop, and warpig (keyframe mainly) and shaman (music) joined in februar. we released pina - which means pussy in english -, at flag 1998's intro compo, riprap, our first demo, at antiq 1998 and freefall, our one year made wild demo, at evoke 1998 germany. all these productions ranked first, and we are in our best form in the "single" compos, i mean gfx and music compos. we plan a demo for tp8.

_exhumers: this small but very active group is ever fascinating me. they are doing their stuff quietly and with quality. and they fake label. kamu is on the top too! download everything from them! fapapucs (kamu - intro), necrophobia (exhumers - demo), outpost (kamu - demo). i think an exh. intro is coming for jumper! :)

_majic12: only rian (music) is active in hungary's best known and legendary team. he made some commercial project last year, but it seems that he is back in full effect! he always says, that m12 will do a demo for the next party. :) ... but don't fear.

_mandula: yeah, finally they made their first demo! and really overwhelmed the mass. a full 2d demo with jazz music, brand new effects, and much more, a must! now they are puttin' some energy and will release more and more thingies. learn these names: rod (code), hyp-x (code), and carlos (music). they are still searching for a good pixel graphician, and a keyframer.

_rhyme: a during two weeks made demo called epos ranked first at cache autumn. not bad, not bad. their new coder picard is really doing his job well, fast and correctly. their graphician is xtro, and he won the antiq 1998 pixel gfx compo. he has waited for this big moment for two years. he is enok's only concurrent if we mention: style. and trajic their musician is on "hungarian house only 3." track number 8 if i remember well. silicon br: nothing special this year yet. their coder helped us much when we were in the end phase our demo riprap. thanks again stephen!

united f: they are the surprise of the year i think, brethtaking feeling in their demo (subception) and intros (missing scenes and the final experiment)! i think slysly (music) is the hungarian groo. i'm really awaiting their next peace.

urinate: n o t h i n g since 1996. sad, but true. hanx their organiser and musician made more audio cds with atx/chrome.

Well there are more groups that made some interesting stuff this year like inquestion, black rainbow, profuse, but the truth is that I don't really know them, or they made too non-quality products in my point of view.

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