Trebel - A New Demo Scene Archive Is Born

Written by Sking

Half a year ago the rumour was spread that the Hornet archive was about to quit. It was true. A couple of months later there was an official statement of the Hornet crew that they were stopping maintaining the Hornet archive. was the official replacement of the Hornet archive. Nothing else happened, and people were waiting for to get active. After some crap-talk some decided to get organised and set up a whole new fresh archive.

We got a discussion forum and started brainstorming. We needed FTP space and a name to get out to the public. Some urls were already taken and we decided to go for a combo of Rebel and Treble; Trebel was born.

The main goal of Trebel is to be an archive like Hornet used to be, we wanna bring the demoscene FTP mirrors around the world. Our archive will start with 9 GB of demo-scene related stuff. More importantly, we wanna bring it to you fast (immediately after a party) and probably with some rating like Hornet used to do.

Trebel talked about being a host for demogroup pages, but that's not our main priority, is doing fine as a host for several demogroups. However, another important thing will be the cooperation with the scene-central news service. Our main page will contain the headlines of the scene-central news page, so every visitor will be up-to-date about scene-news and can follow the headline to an article/background info on the scene-central page.

Trebel is just starting and is still looking for firm mirrors, but people with a small 24h connect can also be a part of the mirroring system. We are also looking for HTML guys, gfx artists, raters for the rating of releases, FTP/Linux freaks. More info and latest news can be found on a the beta page at and soon on

Wanna join the crew or support us with a mirror? Mail to

- Skin/Quad