Scene Spirit

Written by HoTWire

The true scene spirit is many things:

- Entertainment

- Caring about if (insert name) is a member of (insert name) or (insert name) and why they quit (insert name)

- Caring about your scene friends and not just as people who are between you and the 1st prize

- Having fun

- Caring only about winning

- Worrying if (insert number 1 groups name) is going to be competing in the same competition as you

- Group wars (everyone says they hate them, but in fact everyone loves them)

- Worrying if your friends will like your demo

- Enjoying the group your in

- Worrying if anyone will like your demo

- Worrying if you have made a good demo, if you can do it again

- Not caring if anyone actually liked your demo (as long as you did)

- Not caring about what your friends have made, just as long as they remain friends

- Enjoying demos

- Trying to explain to your real life friends what it is you actually do with your computer

- Trying harder to explain the same thing to your parents

- Explaining to your parents that if anyone asks for (insert scene name) that is in fact you

- Making many friends

- Probably making equal enemies

- Innovation

- Communication

- Friendship

However the greatest essence of true scene spirit is:

- Arguing about demos with other people :)

- HoTWire/Tesko