Written by Avalanche

With the death of Hornet, well-known groups dying out, famous sceners leaving the scene, most of you might be thinking the scene is slowly dying a painful death. Whilst the older generations are slowly making a retreat, the younger generations of sceners are making an entry. We see new demogroups being formed all the time, new online ventures such as, scene-central, and united-trackers. New sceners join, and learn. Whilst this is not all happening smoothly, it IS happening. When an important part of the scene dies, it is replaced. Rather than being at the end of the scene, we are in a transition of our scene. Not the transition from bbs'es to internet. But the transition where the older generation makes way for the newer generation.

A transition we seem to be in constantly.

If you are a member of the newer generation, don't ignore those of the older one. Learn, compete, make us drop our jaws in astonishment. You are the future of the scene, and you will be the ones who will be teaching the scene of the 21st century...

The scene is like a snake, growing a new skin.

- Avalanche / Trinity