Lamer or Scener?

Written by Avalanche

The scene is getting bigger and bigger, every day. Take a look at the music scene. This is by far the biggest of all scenes. Why? Because for almost all people, music is the most attractive. But also because they don't know what a demo is, or don't want to spend time pixelling graphics. It's partly also ignorance. It happened to me once or twice when I was talking to a musician who considered himself pretty much in the scene, and when I asked him what his favourite demo was, he asked: "What is a demo?". Surely this is not the scene as we know it? The number of music groups has grown too big too be countable. And a large percentage of these groups make nothing more than the standard hardcore, and don't really do a good job at it either.

But it's not only the lame groups, it's also the real scene groups which are growing, and will soon be too big too be countable. How many of today's good music groups do you know? Or how many demogroups do you know? The scene is growing. Fortunately, we see a lot of great new sceners coming along with those who aren't so great. This is good, and will hopefully let the scene survive...

But how should we divide lamer from scener? Do we catagorize those that have attended demoparties as true sceners? No, because there are many great sceners who have never attended one. It's an impossible task to divide them. It's up to you, to decide who is lame and who is not. But don't judge too quickly. We can all see things wrong now and then. Don't call somebody a lamer just because he said some things, we all know what can happen as a result of these insults. Some people have even left the scene just because of such insults. But point is, do we let so-called sceners survive in our scene? Do we ban them from the scene? Or do we do something different, educate perhaps?

I have absolutely no idea how we should educate such a large group of people. Perhaps with, which will be the replacement for Hornet. Perhaps...

Who knows what the future will bring? A mega scene?

- Avalanche / Trinity