Friends on the Scene

Written by N.r.t.h.

The topic of this article came during that kind of party I've been to tonight. In France (great country mainly because of its wines!) today is the day of the "Beaujolais Nouveau". It's the release date of this yearly well-known wine here, the day when everybody is going outside to have a glass of this drink; they say they want to test it but it's all due to the fact that people like having fun! (Sometimes they fight but...) And it's great to see that the party-&-fun-spirit is not dying even in this era of money and capitalism and selfish decisions we're into!

Well, I went to a pub, to check this new drink. I surely wanted to make my own opinion about the thing. After a few drinks with some friends, two or three old guys I have known for a long time entered the pub; walking not as straight as humans should walk by the way! They were the Amiga freaks with whom I used to "code-"party when sceners' minds were thinking about how you could make a fullscreen demo or how you could add 256 colour (especially in the Atari-scene) pix in your demoscreens.

So we started talking about the "old good time", that time when the demosceners tried to break the frontiers of their computers, when alcohol and smoking were not banned of the parties (it's something I can understand, but imho it kills the scene slowly by killing friendly contacts. However, long discussions can be done here...). The guys (Tcr, Did for those of you who know them) recently organized the Return To the Source party in France. We talked about how parties have changed, in right and wrong ways, about some people of our world and their behavior.

In fact, we talked about the scene in general. I was the defender of the PC-scene there, I agreed with some of their opinions like "there are not as many good PC-demos as it should be", I said a big NO to some others, and now sitting in front of my computer, I have just an idea of what the scene may bring to us. Friendship. That's why you have to do what you're supposed to do (gfx, code, trax or whatever...) the best way you can, that's why you have to write your scene-friends mails containing sentences and true thoughts, that's why you will have fun in the scene. It's not a competition, or if there's one, it's one with friends (and maybe some direct concurrents, but always for fun!).

In a few minutes, I will fall asleep smoothly, dreaming of all that fun, all these demos, all the amazing guys spending their time, skills and reflexion on them, all the upcoming things and pleasures it will bring. Hope the scene fills your head with dreams and wishes to realize great songs, pix, piece of code, and over all demos!

- N.r.t.h./HeadCrash