Beautiful Kit! :)

Written by Zippy

For those of you who don't know it, DSSK stands for DemoScene Starter-Kit. Its main goal is to help newbies get into the scene, but it also provides resources and information for any scener.

The previous versions have laid weight on good text and information, without paying much attention to the interface. It's available from The Hornet Archive, The PC Demos Fan Club Site, and from The Homepage of The Utopians ( Take a look if you're interested. I promise a brilliant interface for version 4.

Anyhow, it was brought to my attention that someone wrote an article concerning DSSK in this issue of Hugi, and I was given a chance to respond. I don't really feel like doing that, however, I would like to share some of the reactions I've recieved regarding the previous versions. Here they go.

Psychic Symphony: "Useless kit!"

Jeremy Williams: "Terrific resource for the newbies of our time, plus a few interviews and resource lists that are worth the time of jaded elders. Zippy put quite some work into its creation - extremely well done!! I'll be adding this to the Newbie's guide in the Intro section as soon as it's cataloged on Hornet."

Darkness/Imphobia: "I think the content is nice... but to be honest I really don't like the interface. :("

Jace/The Black Lotus: "Maybe I can write some docs for it or whatever??"

Gooroo/KFMF: "The articles are what counts and they are informative. I think people would take it more seriously if the interface had a more professional look to it. [...] Anyways, good job... It's very useful."

Cyberphreak (Aniello): "Just wanna say thanks for releasing the DemoScene Starters Kit! I read your article in the final Demo News, and agree 100% with your opinions!!! There should be more people like you around and the scene would definitely be a whole lot better, thanks!"

Sagacity/Quad: "Hi there, today I've downloaded your Demoscener Starter Kit v3.0 and I really liked the content. I'm currently an active coder in Quad and I was impressed."

Psychlor: "GREAT job! I hope you continue releasing about coding/demos, because you're good at it. I especially liked the demo history, maybe in a next release a coding history (used techniques)?"

Foxxy: "Wanting to become a demo coder, I spent hours searching for any information that could help me and came across Dssk3 which I found excellent (and still am!) I admire anyone who is not only good at something, but who has a passion for it. After flicking through (3 hours) Dssk3, I came to the conclusion that you definitely have a passion for coding and decided to email you because you don't think beginners are just 'lamers'!!!"

Martin Mahs: "Yo Zippy! My name is TearDrop and........... I'm a newbie. I just wanted to tell how great your DemoScene StarterKit is! It made me realize that - hey! - I do Gfx (3D studio and DPaint II) and program a little (Turbo Pascal) and I would like to learn more, and become a DemoScener. Its too bad if the scene is really fading and its too bad that Windows is taking over good old DOS, but I wanna help change that, and so do some of my friends. So we have formed 'Eternity' (hope that name isn't already taken) and we'll be there at The Party '98. Maybe we'll see you there. Thanks anyway for the inspiration..."

Nancyboy, IONIC: "A while back, I downloaded DSSK3. It was really useful and I was getting on well using Snowman's coding tutorial."

That's all I have to say for now.

- Zippy/Hugi^The Utopians