Useless Kit!

Written by Psychic Symphony

Really. What's the point of the DemoScener Starter-Kit?

It's just a fantasy of Zippy! It serves no purpose whatsoever!

It has some definitions everyone gets bored of reading, some scene-background babble which also serves no purpose whatsoever. Younger sceners won't really bother reading that, they'll just get all stuff they can from the net! Or the first scene FTP URL they get hold of! And senior sceners won't read much since they also know all that stuff! At least they should.

Besides, when a younger scener notices such a thing exists it's already too late, he no longer has the need for it. It has no snap-shots of real quality demos, no party-reports! Nothing a new and interested person on the scene really wants to know... The feeling! There's no feeling behind that.

A real demoscener starter-kit should have the following characteristics:

a) Easy access! I.e. run on the majority of computers!

b) Awesome interface, which includes hi-quality pictures by real gfxians! Not Erika Eleniak! If you want pics of babes you go to #sex-pics!

c) Plenty of old and new tunes: To give you a taste of the music scene that's going on!

d) Examples of legendary effects: Plasmas, shadebobs, metaballs, distortions!

e) Party reports of all sorts: from the 'we drank a lot and we're kicked out' to 'no quality productions shown!' and 'I met a lot of friends and it was fun'. All different good and bad reports about good and bad parties!

f) Reviews on some milestones demos like 'Second Reality', 'Super Television' or '303'. What people said the day after they had first seen it and what they said when they heard everyone saying it ruled! These things matter.

g) Interviews with all kinds of diferent people! (This is well covered in #3.)

I have got nothing against Zippy. All problems that happened with me entering The Utopians were just a bunch of misunderstandings! If you don't believe, it's your problem. I'm just stating my opinion and I hope Zippy will understand and reply either by an article or by releasing a new and improved DSSK!

For all it's worth, we all want the same thing: A Better Scene!

- Psychic Symphony