Diskmags? What?

Written by Avalanche

Ok, most of you are probably getting sick of the constant discussion whether or not diskmags still have a function in today's scene. Or maybe you all are just get tired by Adok asking that question all the time :), but I'll still write this article with style. :)

There was a time when the only way a scener would get news about the scene, new views on scene topics, or just on weird topics, was through a diskmag. It seemed as though diskmags had a bright future. But then there came the Internet and suddenly, interest began to drop in the diskmags. Well, it sorta happened like this anyway. Most people today think that the diskmag has lost its function. It's a lot faster to get your news from online services like scene.org or scene-central. Most people refuse to download the average diskmag. And the excuse they generally use is that it takes way too much time to download the thing! Perhaps, but it also takes a LOT of time to read all those articles online, and time is money isn't it? Downloading a diskmag in general, takes a lot less time than to read all the articles you want to read online. Sure, perhaps you download some stuff you don't want to read, but at least reading the articles in a diskmag is much more stimulating than to read them in the shiny environment of the Internet. Diskmags still serve a purpose: To read high-class and not-so high-class articles in atmosphere.

Keep up the good work all you diskmag people!

- Avalanche / Trinity