Coding - What is this section all about?

Written by Adok

The Coding section deals with coding - what else. Its suppose is mainly to help rookies on learning coding and to extend the knowledge of advanced coders. Descriptions of basics, programming techniques, effects, and hints belong here.

Unfortunately, the coding corner of this issue is rather small. But that does not mean that the articles in it would not be worth checking out. On the contrary, I believe some of them are really good, such as the Linux Demo Coding article or the Burrows-Wheeler Transform explanation. Nevertheless I would like to see more coding articles in the next issue. If you have an interesting topic you know a lot about, why don't you write an article for Hugi? And if you have any question, problem or a topic you want to know more about, why don't you just tell us about it so that we can find someone to explain it in an article? There are actually quite a few people who would like to write coding articles but do not what topic to deal with.

Another thing: What do you think about a tutorial in democoding maths that explains the mathematical basics you need for advanced democoding? It would be very important especially for younger coders, as most high schools do not deal with all the math topics that are necessary for democoding. The tutorial could start at high-school level and gradually advance to university level. Of course, as it's a very complex topic, it is more realistic to write several articles about certain sub-topics of demomath than a large tutorial. If you want to write something about it, please contact me. It would really be great!

Now enjoy reading!

- adok^hugi