The Huge Hugi Newscorner - Part 3

Written by Adok

Ribbon [supplied by Remdy]

Moia stole 1000 US dollars from the LTP 2 organisation, and a trial is going on!!!

Riot - [supplied by franky/riot]

Yeah - Riot has got a completely new homepage!!

Now featuring photos (TP7, MS98,...), great design (including video-sequences), #riot IRC interface, and more! - Nyl & zap did a wonderful job!

               url:        contact:

According to loads of feedback, this is one of the BEST homepages of scene groups that exist world-wide!

General group info

Riot is the fusion of the two Austrian democrews Smashed! and Scream. It has been existing since 1997. Members:

          craw        - code
          doomsday    - gfx
          franky      - code, music
          nyl         - gfx
          sip         - gfx
          sub-zero    - code
          the squat   - code
          trickser    - code
          viper       - code
          viv         - gfx
          zap         - code, music

Rhyme - [supplied by: Picard/Rhyme, Hungarian scene page (]

Picard left Hydrogen and joined Rhyme. He won the 4k intro compo at Asm'98 with his great 4k intro Mesha. Check it out, it's one of the very best 4k intros available on PC!

The Hungarian Scenepage, which is maintained by Tajic/Rhyme, has been updated as he is back from the summer. About himself, Trajic reports there that he "has managed to get one of his tracks released under the name zonik trip on the Hungarian House Only 3 album (the title of the track is 'ruffcut').

"The CD is produced by one of Hungary's most famous houselabels: oxigen music, and is spread by bmg ariola.

"Previous albums always had very great success after releasing; it must be enough to mention tcx (just the hacker) or sonic age (delight, pink panther) who made their carreer this way. After prejurying tons of house demoworks, the final tracklisting of the album is ready; you can get your own CD at your local recordstore from September!"

The Rhyme members are:

                  Andy           -       coder
                  Cranx          -       coder
                  Picard         -       coder
                  Illegal        -       musician
                  Trajic         -       musician
                  Myrel          -       tracer
                  Xtro           -       graphician

Rolling Pixels - [supplied by: coders.ptc.*, Rolling Pixels homepage]

Manowar / Rolling Pixels writes example programs for PTC. Check them out on the ROLLING PIXELS homepage.

Current ROLLING PIXELS members: DeDa, Manowar, Fedax, and Kiara.

Suspect Development International (SDI) - [supplied by: e605/sdi]

The official suspect (sdi) page is online! Visit it now to get informed about how the crew succeeded at the Mekka demo compo and got place #6 out of 23.

The whole page is in a nice ansi-style design, which is very uncommon and looks innovative.

e605 has also got a personal homepage:

For their next party komso99 (aka neithernor 1999) sdi are searching for people to complete their team.

"You are known with the scene, you have creative ideas, you can work in a team, you can communicate with other ppl, you have time on pfingsten.99 (whitsun), you should contact me! We searching for ppl to help organising competitions (ideas for new ones?), to find some sponsores (north-Bavarian guys wanted), to help on the party (Linux-network, infotable, electricity, ...) and many more. Now you want to know what you get? Sorry, but we can only offer you free entrance and the title 'komso99 helper/organiser'."

SDI also plans a demo for Evoke. Code by tpm and maybe thar.

The current sdi members are:

                   dermona = monolog = e605
                   [ organiser, music, anscii, swapping ] = e! = ml
                   lars beier, groáziegenfeld 3, 96260 weismain,

                   [ code, design ] = mag
                   ralf beier, ostendstrasse 48, 90402 nuernberg,

                   sound runner
                   [ music, code ] = sr
                   sebastian rostalski, hirschwechsel 5 29358
                   sandlingen, germany

                   atom ant
                   [ tools, code ] = aa

                   [ anscii, vga, rip ]

                   [ member of honor ]

                   ace aruu
                   [ vga ] = ace

                   [ music, tools, code, anscii ]

                   [ music, anscii, suspect records? leader ] = zp!
                   gilbert guttmann, kastanienweg 9, 34431
                   marsberg-westheim, germany

                   [ tools, code ]

                   [ anscii, swapping ]
                   robert lischke, schwarzwurzelstr. 18, 12689 berlin,

                   [ vga, ansi ]

                   [ code ]

                   [ code ]

                   [ music, graphics ]

                   [ vga, music ]

SDI still searches for member. They need coders and vga, ansi/ascii painter. If you are interested mail e605 (

Scienide - [supplied by: Joergy/SE]

Joergy has joined this small German demogroup as coder at the end of June. Beforehand, we was active in the C64 scene. His last group was Chromance.

The Scienide homepage is still under construction.

SCREAM! [supplied by: hate/fortress/core/SCREAM!]

SCREAM! is a pretty new Polish swappers group that is here to help diskmags and groups to get their productions spread and collects votesheets. The members are:

                               aktin  - swapp
                               hate   - swapp
                               JABBAR - swapp
                               kenji  - swapp
                               melkor - swapp

At the moment SCREAM! is distro of those groups:

Byteland, Core, Dragon, Fortress, Grinders, Logrus, Mosaic, Prism!, Procreation, Swirl, Total Disaster

and those mags:

Budyn, Dragon, Fatum, Hugi, Measure, Pyjama, Tankard, Shine, Syntax Error

All in all a promising and useful group!

Septic Productions - [supplied by: MinMax/Septic, Markoff/Septic]

Issue 5 of the Slovenian English-Language diskmag Bytes of Wisdom #5 was released in the middle of August 1998. This time it features 55 KByte of articles, which is only about the third part of the size of this news section. Available at:

The interface of Bytes of Wisdom is PD now. Sourcecode available at:

In BOW #5, MinMax reports that Ex-Septic leader Markoff retired but keeps watching the scene passively. However, as Markoff has told me (Adok), this is wrong, he sill considers himself the leader of Septic until he'll found a new group some time. So what's going on? Has Septic split up into two groups?

Septic organizes the Abort '98 demo party in Slovenia and wants to make a demo till the end of the year. Contact for getting in touch with them.

Shine - [supplied by: Goofy/Amable/Shine/Replay]

Shine is the nicest mag around.

[Wow, Goofy! What a news! Are you jealous of the huge newscorner in Hugi so that you "support" it with joke news only? Anyway, Shine #3 was planned to be released at Assembly '98 but, as it is the case with about all diskmags mentioned here (except Hugi ;) ... it wasn't. But you can spot a nice picture called "diskmag in progress - shine3" at]

Shit 4 Brainz - [supplied by: S4B homepage]

News from the homepage of this Dutch group:

July 22nd, 1998

We are working on XeNToX, The Demo Runtime System, (again) for a demo competing at Bizarre'98. I will also try to update the XeNToX pages while working on XeNToX.

July 12th, 1998

Minor PROJECTS link Update, I fixed the link for 'Deluxe Takeover98 Puzzle'O'Mania'.

July 6th, 1998

PROJECTS Update, I added the main pages for XeNToX and DFS (but they don't contain any usefull information yet :).

July 5th, 1998

BIG update for the website. Please have a look around. NOTE: the projects page only contains the previous download section, because I'm waiting for some information heading my way.

The already mentioned major projects of this group are The Demo Runtime System called XeNToX and The Data File System (DFS). You can also find a lot of sourcecodes at this group's homepage.


   Handle               Realname                Imaginary Function
   Mental Profile       Wouter van den          Organiser, special
                        Eerenbeemt              'additional' codeur, also
                                                called 'manusje van alles'
   Virtual Vision       Kees Rijnen             3D Wizard (mainly
                                                3D Studio Max 2 related)
   Rad Max              Richard van Elburg      Web Wizard
   DaRiuS               Jeroen Janssen          'main' codeur

The members' personal home pages are located under: (Mental Profile) (Virtual Vision)

Shiz0phrenia [supplied by Variat/AD]

Variat joined (as a swapper), and now the group is dead. [Was that the effect of Variat's joining? ;)]

Silicon Records [supplied by ghost/sr]

There are no news about Silicon Records apart from the fact that ghost wanted to compete in MC6, but his tune was disqualified because Disney owns the copyright on the song's name.

Singularity - [supplied by Brewman/Singularity, CeePee/Singularity]

CeePee from Germany joined this mainly Austrian (Viennese) group.

On August 22nd, Brewman suggested that he wants to moderate a program about the tracking/demo scene in the Viennese radio program "Freies Radio Wien". In it, tracked music should be played, and Brewman betrays some background information about the tracking scene from time to time.

CeePee has summarized some chapters of a German book about graphic making and published the summarization on his homepage (in German language, of course...).

Brewman wants to start a game project with his new label Critical Design Studios. Some member have already been found but now the project seems to be given up again due to a controversy between the members.

Stoned Brain Records - [supplied by tF/sbr, [mc]/sbr]

After almost a half year of completly absent due to organizer-laziness that causes a group-crash we are back with fresh members and new pumpin' beats. We would be glad if you visit us under!

After Mc-F of ARI^NL joined and Toniq renamed himself to Tyree, the members are:

 The Funkwart   1st Organizer/Musican/Internet
 Tatanga        2nd Organizer/Coder          
 Syncopate      Musican                      
 Dj Screamer    Musican                      
 Tyree          Musican                      
 Mc-F           Courier/Spreader             

We're still searching for new talented musicanos! Don't hesitate to apply!

tF released a tune called "R.U.D.E." and Dj Screamer "Q-Trip".

sukKAZ -

SnifFA! wants to organize a party called ENTiTY (NTT) '98 in Worms/Germany. He is still looking for people that want to participate in organizing, and also people that are interested in attending at all. On snifFA!'s homepage, a German text file is available, containing a questionaire about what you would like the party to look like.

A German-language scene diskmag called N$ANE is planned. SnifFA! emphasizes that n$ane will definitly be released but the release date is not fixed yet.

Memberstatus of the group sukKAZ (founded by snifFA! in August 1997):

              CK-1 (coda)                -
              trAshcAn (coda)            -
              snifFA! (coda, gfx, sound) -

SnifFA! is always seraching for swap partners for scene stuff! Just e-mail him.

Furthermore, sukKAZ needs a graphician.

Supporters Club [supplied by: Dee Kay / Grinders / Alba / SC]

This Polish group is the first demoscene group for soccer fans. They released some pictures of famous soccer players.

Current members:

          dj regal   -   piotr sucharski   -   Ist organiser, music
          dee key    -   darek kirszling   -   2nd organiser, edito
          rastan     -   krzysztof wr¢bel  -   3th organiser, coder
          juve       -   tomasz cichon     -   4th organiser, music
          adek       -  adrian jastrz‘bski -   5th organiser, swapp
          bzykoo     -   pawel zdziech     -   6th organiser, txt
          karatti    -   maciej pronobis   -   7th organiser, swapp

Anyone who likes soccer can join.

Suspect Records - [supplied by: Magic van Lam / d4z]

Magic van Lam is going to join Suspect Records as musician at Evoke '98.

SUSPENd - [supplied by: rAPPID/SUSPENd, SUSPENd .NFO file]

Suspend won the 1st place at the 64k intro compo with Technet and the 2nd place at the 4k intro compo at Quast'98 with Trace your mind. Also the demos XXX and the Crazy entry Brutalstories were released at Quast.

In August '98, INSECT joined.

Furthermore, SUSPENd made a demo called Contact for Gravity '98, which, unfortunately, got the last place.


                cARSON  ...................  trader, organizer
                iNIKEP  ...................  trader, co-organizer
                bALD M  ...................  trader
                iNSECT  ...................  azki, swap
                   dAN  ...................  musician
                dRAWER  ...................  musician
                rAIDEN  ...................  musician
                mOTZEL  ...................  coder
              pOINTMAN  ...................  coder
               tOASTER  ...................  coder
                rAPPID  ...................  graphician
                  bEAR  ...................  3D graphician
                  yASI  ...................  3D graphician

Tesko - [supplied by Majic Mushroom / Tesko]

The latest Tesko releases from Dejavu are available at Majic Mushroom's homepage. Furthermore, frenzy has left because he doesn't agree with Tesko's style.

The ApocalypsE [supplied by PaP / The ApocalypsE]

The ApocalypsE is a new group consisting of two really active members, both music and code. They don't have a homepage yet due to the lack of time.

The Black Lotus [supplied by: Pain #8/98]

As Dake writes in Pain #8/98, The Black Lotus is working on Jizz3 (sequel to Stash), a 64k into for The Party 1998.

The E-Mag Network - [supplied by: various [TEN] people]

Fleur (whose next issue will also be released in September or October) might join [TEN] soon if its main editor ezah/dilemma agrees. The same applies to demojournal. Also, [TEN] is working on a chartsmag project together with another well-known diskmag.

Current members of [TEN]:

Armor of Gods, represented by Programmer and Warhawk
CFX News, represented by Civax
DefCoN, represented by ArraKiS
Hugi, represented by Adok
Pain, represented by Fred
Restless, represented by Goblin
Total Disaster, represented by Misha and HeY
Darkness/Imphobia as advisor

The Lo0p [supplied by: simon king / the lo0p et al]

Simon king left rib and tpbusterz and created a new art group together with fitzroy - the lo0p. Cleaner joined this group as an ansi-maker.

The Lost Boyz - [supplied by: Hoagie/TLB, TLB .NFO file]

Although The Lost Boyz has been around for quite a while even in its home country Austria not all people noticed it because it was very inactive due to the lack of coders.

On August 8th, 1998, the musicdisk "Genesis" was released. It was actually planned to be a demo for Assembly '98, which is the reason why it has quite a demo-like menu system, but it was not finished as a demo and so they released it as a musicdisk.

Furthermore, on August 11th, The Lost Boyz started working on an Assembly '98 party report.

The members are:

 Handle    Function         Realname               E-Mail
 Duffy     Leader; 3D-GFX   Mauracher Matthias
 Gil       Leader; 2D-GFX   Tiefengruber Gilbert
 Hoagie    Organizer; Web   Schwab Roland
 RomOut    Coding           Dalkouhi Ramin
 Niko      Muzic            Berger Nikolai
 Hork      2D-GFX           Horkavy Michal
 Drizzt    Muzic            Kellner Christoph

The machines [supplied by: Variat/AD]

The machines is a pretty new local demo group in the Polish town Gdynia. There are three persons:

 Nor       - that's 12-year-old brother of Cro/Exodus^IPC^FMC^Grds :)
 Meez      - that's 12-year-old brother of Jason/Exodus^FMC
 Belldandy - that's Variat's 12-year-old sister :)))) (swapper girl)

By the way, Nor is also a member of deranged!

Theralite - [supplied by: Will Be / Theralite]

Will Be released the following mods at Wired '98:

Water Birds - 509K
rock'n'roll, real guitars & drums
NOT SELECTED at Wired'98 multichannel compo

Le Grand Blue - 93K
cover of Eric Serra famous movie theme
1st at Wired'98 surprise music compo

Available now at his homepage.

The Unnamed Group [supplied by: Psychic Symphony / Label in demojournal #1-#3]

In demojournal #1 Psychic Symphony writes that a new demogroup, consisting of idiotboy, shock, and psychic himself has been formed. This is probably the first three-continents-wide (North America, Australia, Europe) group. In demojournal #3 this group still hasn't found a name and is therefore called "The Unnamed Group".

The Utopians - [supplied by: Zippy / Utopia / The Utopians]

The Utopians are a new organisation/group whose aim is to keep the scene alive. At the moment the members are:

 1.  Zippy/Utopia                President/organizer, coder, writer, designer
 2.  Blade                       Organizer, designer, writer, ASCII-artist
 3.  Pearl Hunter/Mirror Image   Organizer, musician, graphician (pixeler)
 4.  Sanity/Tenth Reality        Coder, writer
 5.  Parody/Razor1911 & others   Coder
 6.  Bixen/ApX                   Coder
 7.  GREco/K2 & Oblivion         Coder
 8.  PeeL/Icarian Crew           Coder
 9.  Fractal                     Demo-reviewer
 10. Vac Man/PUI                 Coder
 11. Serun                       Coder, writer
 12. SIDe/TEON                   Musician, graphician, coder
 13. Shalinor                    Coder, graphician
 14. Darwin                      Coder, graphician
 15. Fredisdead                  Coder
 16. MHz-Man                     Writer
 17. VIGNA                       Coder
 18. SyNc/Utopia                 Coder
 19. MasterBoy/LYNX              Musician, Coder
 20. Adok/Hugi                   Writer, Coder
 21. Psychic Symphony/Label      Coder
 22. Dns/Hooligan Crew           Coder

The Utopians homepage has been redesigned recently. The first Utopians newsletter should be released soon.

For more information read the article about The Utopians in this Hugi issue.

Tokyo Dawn Records - [supplies by: assign/tdr/ethos9]

Mefis has left TDR and the scene.

This famous music group has brought out a lot of new modules and a new musicdisk. Here are the several releases as described by Assign in the TDR mailinglist with all the comments:

 style: different dnb flavours
 composer: one track from every tdr member
 length: ~45min
 size: 4disks   1,3mb

 TDR enters its second year of existance with this musicdisk!


 name: deerhunt ep
 style: kahvi-step ;)
 composer: spud & veera ang / kahvi
 length: ~10min
 size: ~900k


 name: dedicated
 comment: ready to play version 2 (but twostep dnb instead of bigbeat this
          time :)
 composer: paniq
 length: 8:25
 size: ~600k


 name: got to have it
 comment: jazzy hiphop
 composer: optic
 length: 3:07
 size: ~650k


 name: shapes in motion
 comment: dnb guestrelease from rebound
 composer: kriffin
 length: 7:16
 size: ~900k


 name: find your style
 comment: paniq found his
 composer: paniq
 length: 4:04
 size: ~600k

 Paniq's guestrelease for mono ( is also definitely worth a listen.


 name: two sides ep
 comment: 2 remixes, one of aphex twin (alberto balsam), one of zake/kfmf
 composer: phorte
 length: ~10min
 size: ~900k

 Please also check out the .mp3s + .ras of my new 12". :)


 release: (a tokyo 2051 release)
 name: aural excitement remix
 comment: original by mefis (tdr#24)
 composer: tommi malinen
 length: 5:20
 size: ~600k

 Infos on my new 12" are now online at btw.


 release: (a tokyo 2051 release)
 name: from dusk till dawn
 comment: mentz first track for tdr as a member / bigbeat
 composer: mentz
 length: 8:34
 size: ~400k


 name: fluidity
 style: dope hiphop, also includes a bonustrack
 composer: optic
 length: 4:51
 size: ~600k

 Btw:  the infopage on my 12" (tdr_bbp2.htm)  has now been updated with reviews


 name: estelle
 style: triphop
 composer: mefis/assign
 length: 4:56
 size: ~200k

 Mefis' last track for Tokyo Dawn (Why is explained in the infofile of the
 release).. :(


 name: panorama
 style: mellow hiphop
 composer: velvet
 length: 2:58
 size: ~300k

 The TDR releases are now available on too, btw.


 name: me again
 style: mellow dnb
 composer: stereoman
 length: 4:51
 size: ~1500k (sorry, but it's worth it)


 name: little 8bit box ep
 style: funk/jazz
 composer: optic
 length: ~6:30
 size: ~180k


 name: disco sperm
 style: funk meets dnb
 composer: vivid/rr
 length: ~3mins
 size: ~700k

Vivid's new 12" is -definitely- worth a listen btw! Ask your local record dealer for "simon v / santorin records #2".

The members are:

 assign (organiser)       
 paniq                     /
 climax (code)            
 optic (vga)              
 nail (webpages)           /
 raymond (ftp/trading)    

Twilight Connection [supplied by: Black/Twilight]

This Slovenian group that got the 4th place at the Dutch party Takeover '98 with their demo "Gamma State" will be one year old soon. Happy birthday to this one of the most productive and internationally well-known Slovenian group!

Ultimate Arts [supplied by: wolle/deranged]

Ultimate Arts is dead. DJ GINGO (music) isn't interested in the scene any more. Wolle (code) joined deranged.

Umag [supplied by: flash/peon]

On June 15th, 1998, a fakemag called umag1.99o by some people involved in the real Umag was released. Available at:

The real second issue of the Slovak diskmag Umag (Slovak language) was released on August 18th. It has a very nice interface though only a little more than 20 articles. Available at

Underground Empire -, [supplied by: badpeon/ue, homepages)

The Underground Empire (BBS/underground group from Bavaria/Germany) released the following stuff:

 July 1998
 UE-00205.ZIP        PPE   Automatic Filesend 4 Matrix Login   Virtual Killer
 UE-00204.ZIP        PPE   Matrix Login System v1.0            Virtual Killer
 UE-00203.ZIP        Text  Wie das ICE-Unglueck passiert ist   The Mighty SCI!
 UE-00202.ZIP        DOS   EDI - der kleinste Editor der Welt  The Mighty SCI!

 August 1998
 UE-MM007.ZIP        E-Mag The Metal Megazine - Nr. 7          UE E-Mag Team
 UE-MM006.ZIP        E-Mag The Metal Megazine - Nr. 6          UE E-Mag Team


 The Mighty Sci!    President/Founder/Textwriter
 Bad Peon           Vicepresident/PPE+HTML-Coder
 Virtual Killer     PPE-Coder               
 Pirate Queen       The Metal Megazine      
 Battle Angel       The Metal Megazine      
 Cop Eater          Courier                 

The BadLands BBS (SysOp: Bad Peon) has become deranged WHQ and Hugi dist site. The total list of supported groups are now:

      Group                                     Acronym         Status
      Deranged                                  drg             WHQ
      Underground Empire                        UE              EHQ
      Dope 4 Nation                             D4N             GHQ
      Wasted Obfuscated Evolution               WOE             GHQ
      Writaz Express                            WX              Distro
      Die Datenb„cker                           DDB             Distro
      The Way to Register                       TWR             Distro
      Altar                                     A!              Distro
      Babylon                                   BAB             Distro
      Noir                                      NOIR            Distro
      Acura                                     ACR             Distro
      Suspect Development International         SDI             Distro
      Hoax Arts                                 HA              Distro
      Zero One                                  ZO              Distro
      Hugi                                      HUGI            Distro

You can reach this BBS by these phone numbers:

node1: analogue / V.34 / 28800 - +49-911-6959478
node2: ISDN / X.75 / 64000 - +49-911-6959477
node3: ISDN / X.75 / 64000 - +49-911-6959474

UniVerse - [supplied by: Programmer/UniVerse]

Armor of Gods e-mag issue #4 released! You can get it at:

Articles in English and Russian, lot of interviews. [What concerns the last point, I think Programmer confused his diskmag with Hugi #11. ;) Anyway, check out the interview of Armor of Gods #4 in this Hugi issue.]

Utopia (diskmag) [supplied by: eCLiPSe^KNiGHTS, posted to diskmags newsgroup at]

I want to tell you a few words about a new diskmag called Utopia. My group (Litchy's Concept) and I are currently working on it... We'd like to create the first 100% fun and delirium diskmag! So, if you think that you're a very funny person, or if you ever wanted to tell everybody about your neighbours, just send me your articles. :))

More seriously: I'd like to ask you all for articles... Yes, I know what you'll answer! But you can write about ANYTHING you want, as long as :

1) it's funny
2) it's "correct" (no xxx, or political shits,...)
3) there is something to do with scene or computer science

You can also send us you funny gfx!!!! Here is my e-mail address: If you wanna get more info, just contact me.

Vantage - [supplied by: Unlock/Vantage, posted to]

Unlock is going to start a swiss-group-list. Swiss people should send an email to with the subject "grouplist" with your group (+abbreviation) / what the group is doing + every member: membername/member status + [small description of your group [+ homepage] ].

As Unlock states in the country.switzerland newsgroup, in Vantage there is a kinda difficult situation at the moment. They have some internal problems and are in a huge reorganization. That's the reason why it's silent around them at the moment, but he guesses that will change quite soon.

Though they have four coders, and also enough gfxers and msxers, they have not made a demo yet because for them, it is hard to stay at home at the weekend and finish something, or at least beginning something. As their name says, they love to party, and Unlock guesses that's the reason why there isn't too much productive work yet apart from a few productive members like Genox. Some of them want to change that, but not all wants to help, which is why there are reorganizations.

There are plans and first pieces of code for a bigger project.

A problem of Vantage is that their coders aren't a really well working team because the coder with the miggest knowledge lives in Germany and uses GNU C whereas the others use Pascal.

Unlock asks if it is fun to be part of the demo scene when you can't release, when you are just some people that are in the scene but do not help the scene to be. He answers it decisively with no, which is why he wants to change the thing a little bit.

The current members are:

 Acid    - Code
 Bastel  - Code
 Genox   - Music
 Gimli   - Music
 Posh    - Code
 Sweeper - GFX
 Unique  - Code

Viruta Team - [supplied by: Viruta Team homepage]

This Spanish group won the Euskal '98 win95 demo compo. The winner demo is available at their homepage.

It requires Direct X 5.0, and its coder recommends a Pentium 200 and 16 MByte RAM to execute.

(BTW, there was only one entry! :)

Vyhen - [supplied by: flash/peon]

On July 11th, the Czech and Czech-language diskmag Vyhen #9 about both the scene and the outer world was released.

WAY-X - [supplied by: Mr.M!ke/WAY-X/HUGI, Peter Dobrovka/WAY-X, WAY-X homepage]

The WAY-X homepage was ENTIRELY redesigned and got a new URL. It looks way more professional now and gives a better overview.

At August 12th, the 14th beta version of the upcoming strategical game Path Of Mankind was released. It looks almost finished now, and the final version may already be released at the end of this year.

The next game project, the Railroad-Tycoon-clone in full 3D for Windows 95 (Hugi #11 reported about it) has made advances. A lot of new people, many non-sceners among them, have joined WAY-X to contribute in some way or other to this game. Currently the concept is designed in detail.

Here's the members list:

        Christian Berger
        Daniel Brumund (Mr.X)
        Peter Dobrovka
        Christian Drenkard (Roadrunner)
        Ralf Emark (Brunne G.)
        Leander Hanwald (Shockflash)
        Jörg Henke (Jotty)
        Patrick Holzer (KeyBrake)
        Michael Ikemann (Mr.M!ke)
        Jörn Philipp Meier
        Herbert Mckenheim
        Neil Pierantoni (TDTchef)
        Lukas Röber (FKL-Virus)
        Rene Schäffer
        Oliver Winkler
        Philipp Zabel

16 members with only 9 having a handle.

Woorlic - [supplied by: Whizzter/Woorlic]

Today we decided that we suck more than yesterday.

To be serious, the next version of the DOS extender wext (version 2.0) with its included source code will coming soon, whenever Whizzter gets the time. Check out the interview with Whizzter in this Hugi issue for more info!

X-Seed -, [supplied by: Demmas/X-Seed, X-Seed homepage]

X-Seed calls itself the best group in Slovenia. It was founded on April 26th, 1997, by Demmas, Kryos and D-Zzy and "ever since that day we've been releasing quality material, mostly music of all styles and some graphics and code".

They are constantly working on an e-mag project called "Mostly Harmless" about the Slovene demoscene, however, it's in Slovene language.

On August 21st, Skynet a coder and writer from Slovenia joined.

Demmas has released several new modules.

The members are now:

             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Xtravaganza - [supplied by: aquafresh/tesko/dolphin, posted to ukscene mailinglist]

Since aquafresh got NO response to the UK Scene magazine Xtravaganza #2, the magazine has finished.

However, it will come back sooner or later.

Zyklop - [supplied by: Yogi/Zyklop, Zyklop homepage]

Alien (also member of the PC group Crystal and the C64 group WOW) released the tune aln_ocea under the Zyklop label on August 17th. It's available on the Zyklop web-site.

Furthermore, a lot of things have happened in the Zyklop Mailorder:

The "Scene Pixel Graphics CD" has finally been released. It costs 29.- dm / us$ 16.95. Further infos about this new CD production directly made by Zyklop which covers the whole graphic scene with more than 2000 high-res fantasy, science fiction or comic and surrealistic pics and pics of animals, landscape, faces, girls, objects, and scenes, and a huge collection of logos and textures, can be found at

This CD also contains the "12 coolest" Slideshows from the best artists and crews, a "phat" collection of pixel painting programs from the scene that can be compared with Deluxe Pain and many viewers and converters for DOS, Win3.x, and Win32, a user-interface, a complete offline-version of the Internet site GFX ZONE, and more than 100 MByte of bonus-files from the scene like the latest demos, intros, musics, winmoes, and many grafitty and raytrace pictures. All pictures are in a high-resolution PCX format with converstion tools.

Zyklop has bought the very last Ultrasound Extreme sound cards from Gravis and is selling them on

Zyklop mailorder is also accepting Eurocard and Mastercard orders now. Moreover, the web-pages have been updated. The German version will be ready soon, too. And, Zyklop has founded a new label for own audio publications, clothes and various lifestyle articles, called QUERBEAT. More infos are soon to come on

Upcoming releases:

- the SCENE 98 CD won't come before the end of Summer or the beginning of Fall
- some "phat" audio stuff will be released in the near future
- a graffity cd-rom is also planned
- if ace#5 comes, Zyklop will probably distribute it

Go and check the next part!